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Need help on how to write a 3000 word journal and not just about to ramble with the structure and occasionally throw in a long and eloquent vocabulary word? We will dive into the nitty-gritty’s and you’ll no longer feel that 3000 word essays should be illegal💡.

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Structuring a 3000 word essay.

Stages of planning a 3000-word essay


  1. » An excellent essay is written in a simple and lucid language. It should be easy to understand and digest.
  2. » Sufficient coverage of topics.
  3. » Mention multiple dimensions of the topic.
  • • General topic
  • • Micro topic
  • • Instruction words
  1. Decide your opinion
  • • One-sided (strong)
  • • Two-sided (balanced)
  1. » Make smaller paragraphs.
  2. » Maintain effective linkage between subsequent paragraphs.


  1. » Generate main ideas (ETC- effective topic sentence)
  2. » Stretch and strengthen your main ideas with practical examples and detailed explanations.
  3. » Check the order of paragraph (for Coherence and Cohesion)

When it comes to essay writing, time management is crucial! Here's a quick tip on how to get organized!

» Deciding on the topic and the general idea about it- 5 minutes

» Structure of the essay- 10 min each

» Writing the essay- 70 minutes

» Quick overview for minor grammar mistakes and fixing if possible- 5 minutes

» Though such a water-tight arrangement is impossible during many instances, still this kind of planning helps in writing both essays in a balanced way.

  1. » At the end always try to improve the introduction and conclusion to end strongly, and tie in your argument into a coherent discussion.
  2. » Efficient and the proper use of quotes, examples, personalities, latest news, breaking news, current affairs, and life incidences.

Essential Features of an excellent Scoring Essay

Students must equally focus their attention towards essential ingredients of a good Essay – all four features are similarly essential:-

1- Structure of an essay (1-Introduction/Background 2-Body 3- Conclusion or summary)

2- Expression/flow of Ideas, containing principals of a standard essay

3- Making a good outline for the essay (the contents must be relevant to the orchestration of the write-up)

4- Grammatically correct English, good command over wide-ranged vocabulary but not just flowery English.


Tips for attempting a 3000-word essay in a day


This article intends to give a summary of all the aspirants about the basic ingredients of an essay and to answer the most asked and confusing questions that aspirants have regarding essay writing.


  1. Selection of Topic (*)


- First of all, take your time and select the topic of your essay very carefully. (Very important)

- Select those topics which are generic in nature and broader in scope.

- Take 10-15 minutes to finalize your essay.


  1. Brainstorming


- After selecting your essay, open the last page of your answer sheet (for rough work) and do brainstorming.

- Write everything that comes in your mind during brainstorming.

- Brainstorming would give you a rough roadmap to outlining. After writing rough points during the brainstorming process, merge the overlapping points and make a refined outline.

- Take 15-20 minutes for this step.


Thesis Statement


-The thesis statement must reflect your stance.



  1. Making an Outline (*)


- Write the final outline of your essay on the front page of your answer sheet.

- You must write 12 to 15 points of argumentation in your draft to write an essay of 2000-3000 words.

- The outline should be written in clear sentences.

- Take 20-30 minutes for writing your outline.



  1. Introduction


- After writing your outline, move on towards introduction. Give a glimpse of the main points of your draft in the introduction.

- The introduction should be general to specific (funnel approach), and it must elucidate your stance to the checker.

- 120 to 150 words

- 15-20 minutes


  1. Argumentative Paragraphs


- Move on towards your first point of argument in the next paragraph after completing the introduction. (The length of these paragraphs should be 130-150 words)

- Write 12 to 15 whole and argumentative paragraphs which are validating your stance in a practical way with supporting material.

- Follow the order of paragraphs as per your outline.

- 70-80 minutes


  1. Conclusion

- After writing these paragraphs, conclude your essay in the best possible way. The conclusion should be done in specific to general manner. (Anti-funnel, approach)

- It should be done in one paragraph having 80-100 words.

- 10-15 minutes.


Why a 3000-word essay needs planning


  1. a) Proper planning saves you time!


  1. b) Planning a 3000-word essay means you can write faster because you already know what you’re going to write. Without a good plan, you often halt and think about your ideas as you're writing.


  1. c) Proper planning leads to more appropriate explanations


  1. d) Planning a 3000-word essay means your essay will answer the question properly. Your writing is not likely to include unnecessary opinions and examples because you thought about your ideas in advance. This means you will score higher for Task Response.


  1. e) Good planning leads to a better structure


  1. f) Planning a 3000-word essay means you can put your ideas, explanations, and examples into a clear structure before you start to write. This means you will score higher for Coherence.


  1. g) Proper planning leads to better language


how to write 3000 word essay in a day


Trying to complete a 3000 word university essay with a couple of other assignments with an approaching deadline is never going to be easy and the consequences of ignoring these essays is definitely worse even to think of.

Professors who assign these long essays (3000 words to 5000 words) disregard a student’s mental well-being. Asking for shorter essays does not necessarily equate to being lazy. Aside from that, it demotivates other students because it’s a negative reinforcement so that students will spend sleepless nights hoping to beat the submission deadline.

Instead, they could’ve used a more positive approach like assigning shorter essays meant to be done out of class and encouraging class participation. Also, the overall grade would just be based on class participation and the take-away short essay. One positive action can literally change any student’s outlook in the course, even in their entire life perhaps.

University courses are not easy life, and this doesn’t mean we are asking for an easy pass as well. What this means is that professors could be a little compassionate and extend their kindness to students who are struggling. They have a choice in slightly alleviating student misery.

There’s hope, after all: Here's a cost effective solution for you

You do not have to stress with your 3000 word essay, hiring a custom writing service can help ease your nerves and help you in crafting a winning essay!

Here are some qualities you should look for in ghostwriting websites:

  1. » Hire an academic writer with ETHICS.
  2. » Hire an academic writing service that check for plagiarism. A service with a great reputation.
  • » The academic writing service should have this as one of their policies engraved within their terms and conditions. The content produced does not belong to them or their writers. They shouldn’t even add it to any of their portfolio. They should sign an NDA (non-disclosure agreement). The work belongs to (you); the person or organization that hired the writing service to write the academic paper on their/your behalf.


Here’s what you need to know:


» Websites that can effortlessly write a 3000 word essay for you have deeply engraved secrets that you may never find out, and especially how they are run and how you end up getting that paper which you ordered. I’d like you to take this as a drug trafficking business whereby the real owners of the business are anonymous, and the person you are likely to know is the person on the ground who is the writer and the support staff. Some companies hide the identity of the writers as well, and therefore, you only have the support staff who might not understand what you want when faced with a revision, or you need to directly talk to the writer regarding a few concerns as far as your paper is concerned.


» When you picture how a drug cartel runs its activities then you will begin to understand how the websites are run and how they operate. This knowledge helps so that when you order a paper from these websites, then you are sure you are doing the right thing and with the right company to avoid cases of scam and deferred instructions.


What more do you need to know?


  1. » They are not run by professors


When you order a paper from these websites, most students tend to ask “Will my Professor be the one writing the paper?” Well, I want to assure you that these companies have a number one enemy and that is your institution, and they will pump in thousands of dollars to protect your privacy and the privacy of your information and therefore at no time will they ever be associated with your professor. Even if you find out that your paper has been written so well and maybe your professor writes the same way or uses U.K English and the writer has used the same; don’t fret since your privacy is protected at all times and at any cost.


  1. » Your professor will never know


Most students have this question whenever they are ordering sample papers “Will my Professor ever know that I am ordering from your company?” Or “Will he know that the paper was written by you guys?” From research and from getting the best answers regarding this query, I realized that I should write about this issue since it will help a multitude of students. Your professor will never get to know when you order from these sites that write great papers for you. This is because you will never be asked for personal information regarding your institution. If by any chance they have asked you for this information, maybe your library log in details it’s simply because the writer needs to access sources that aren’t readily available online. Furthermore, after they are done writing your paper the company deleted the entire log in information from the email servers and your paper is delivered 100% protected by the company’s policies. The only red flag that should arise is that depending on which company you have ordered from these policies can be bent or compromised. I will discuss this on my next point.


  1. » Do your research well (exercise caution)


This means you have to research well before deciding which company you will use. In the recent past, I have seen reviews that make me wonder how on earth did this happen? Background research is the key to having a website deliver what has been advertised and by doing, so they fulfill the contract as specified. When you order from a website that has been operating for the past one year or less even three years, that means that their customer base is very small or even non-existent and maybe it's not operational, and there are no writers to work on your paper. By making payment to such a website you have risked 100% since you will definitely be scammed and even if you try your best to get your money back by contacting your bank the money has already been withdrawn from the sellers account, meaning you will have to wait till when the seller decides to use that account again. Mostly, it never happens since it’s a non-existent company which isn’t running and it doesn’t have writers. Therefore, check if the company has been operational, check their online reviews and also ensure they have a BBB certificate displayed on their website, also look out for Google directions of where their office is positioned and an address of course. All these things will never be displayed on a scam website. A website that has been operational for many years will never ruin a relationship with a customer since they have many clients and you never know where the new client is coming from, maybe he or she has been referred by your return/existing client.


  1. » Not all are from The USA and The UK


Most upcoming sites that write great papers for you are not US-based or the even UK. They pose to be from the US but actually what you will find out will shock you, they are based in India, a higher percentage from Kenya and other countries where English is a second language. Can you imagine how your research paper will look like when it has been written by a Pakistani? Someone who can’t even talk proper English? I do not hate, but I’m stating facts since I have Professors I know from Pakistani, and they always hate English and their students never talk English in school. Anyway, ensure that they have a US/UK phone number, ensure their location can be traced on Google maps and always look out for the certification from BBB, with that you are pretty safe from scammers and of course you can’t hide your location from BBB, you must be in the United States to acquire that because they don’t have that in the UK the equivalent of BB in the UK is the Trading Standards, run by the Local Government.


  1. » Good websites will get you results (good grades)


Good websites that write great papers for you will accomplish what you hired them to do which is ‘to get you higher grades’ since websites that have invested in professional writers, super plagiarism checkers, and grammar checkers will produce quality papers that when they have been graded will ensure that you get at least a B and an A in most cases. Spending $200 on a piece of academic writing is quite an investment for you as a student and therefore you deserve the same measure of success when that paper is graded by your professor and most new websites will only get you a plagiarized paper which will of course lead to the worst case scenario which is expulsion from University…nobody deserves that after using your hard earned money only to get a pre-written paper written by a person who doesn’t even understand tenses and articles in sentences. Poor grammar is the worst thing professors hate with a passion, and a plagiarized paper won’t be graded, no professor can grade a plagiarized paper.


  1. » Refund policy


The refund policy of most of these sites is very clear, and some of the sites which are not well managed or are not in running business can never refund your money, how can you expect a refund from a thief? It’s impossible and therefore once you fall prey to these sites then forget your money and learn from the lesson. I am trying to save you from that feeling you get after being scammed so put all these tips in mind before ordering from any of these sites that write great papers for you.


A refund policy only takes effect as per the terms and conditions outlined by the company, and I won’t go deep in discussing this because all the terms and conditions are different but a refund policy is something to be very careful about before ordering because one thing leads to the other and you find yourself begging for a refund when already you have used the paper, and the paper has been graded. Most of these sites won’t refund your money because you have already used the paper and now here you are trying to get your money back. Let’s use common sense; doesn’t that seem like defrauding the company? Well, it depends on which side you are thinking about, the company’s side and the client’s side.  From a company’s point of view, it may seem like fraud since you already used the paper and since you have your grades in line now you want your money back, and this can be very unfortunate for you since the company may opt to escalate the issue and you will have to hire a lawyer to represent you in court. As a student I can give you the best advice, when you get the paper, and you have gone through it, and you find even after multiple revisions the paper doesn’t meet your expectations, simply ask the company to refund your money and tell the supervisor that you have no intentions of using the paper in anyway whatsoever and trust me your money will be refunded almost immediately. Remember that PayPal and other credit companies an example is your card issuer does have a buyer protection and this means that you can get your money back through these channels but the question remains “have you used the paper?” if you have already used the paper and it has been graded, then tread carefully with these websites since your education might be compromised at some point.


Just a recap:


  1. » They are not run by Professors


  1. » Your Professor will never know


  1. » Do your research well


  1. » Not all are from The USA and The UK


  1. » Good websites will get you good grades


  1. » Refund policy


Students end up asking on Twitter, “SOS someone help me with this 3000 word paper” when faced with a short deadline and quite a hard paper to come up with. Great writing is the most important skill for every student enrolling for college. Most students who were international students at my time when I was at the university had a problem coming up with proper paper which is aligned to what professors in the United States of America expect from a college student.


Why you feel the need of help when writing a 3000 word paper for college


What is a college paper? I can define a college paper as a piece of writing which can total up to 21 plus pages and even though international students are the ones who face most challenges, it’s now clear that even native English speakers have an issue coming up with a proper college paper. A college paper is typically a task that is disliked by most students in college and with all said and done, I will try to make this process as simple as possible.


College writing is quite different from what most of these students have experienced during their high school education. High school paper writing is quite different since most of the writing in high school is creative writing which means that a student doesn’t have restrictions on what to write and he or she can get away with anything as far as writing is concerned since you only need to be creative and as interesting as possible to get the highest mark. College writing is different since the student needs to have a clear thesis, proper arguments underlying the thesis statement and finally evidence used to back up the arguments formulated and of course the use of credible sources which are used as provisions of information that can be verified and is genuine and can include journals, books, interviews and even publicized studies.


Most schools in the USA, let’s say for example the high school I attended ‘Poolesville High School,” most teachers there used to teach papers which were the basic types of papers the 5 paragraph papers but when all of us were done with high school, and every one of us went to different colleges and universities, but we had one thing in common  which was trouble writing college papers because there is so much to deal with when it comes to dealing with college papers especially conducting deep research on the subject matter.


Sabina Hamah is one of the international students in the University of Seattle, WA and she agrees that the language barrier is one of the most challenging things she faced when she was admitted to the reputable university. Though she also adds on to that by confirming that she has witnessed that some international students are well versed with English more than the native, US-based students who have English as their first language but what gives them an edge in writing is that they are quite used to the style of writing, the organization, direct speech, using active tense and how transitions should work and everything that involves writing more than the international students.


Conventionally, the thesis statement presents itself in the first paragraph: A thesis statement is traditionally one sentence which appears as a summary of the main argument presented in the paper. It’s normal to experience hardships when writing the first paragraph of your paper yet it’s the most vital paragraph since it commands the entire paper as far as structure and organization of ideas are concerned. The first paragraph is the voice that guides the entire paper to the conclusion, and therefore a reader will know if the paper is worth reading or not by just going through the first paragraph. This type of format is not to be applied in all types of papers because there are other types of papers which demand a different type of writing especially case studies for business, field reports in addition to other papers which need a different organization and structure.


The best method any student can use to come up with lucid prose when writing a college paper is to read, engaging in reading helps the student to boost the imagination, and this does translate into writing. Writing demands that you imagine things and when you are absolutely good at reading then your mind gets to be good at imagining and you get rich imaginations which when you kick start your writing then ideas get to flow automatically and you realize you have come up with 5,500 words yet the paper demanded only 12 pages which is 3000 words maximum and that’s when you go on and Tweet with a lot of anxiety: “Can someone please tell me WHY I wrote 5500 words for a 3000 word paper due in literally six hours? Please help I don’t know how to make it shorter.” Writing demands confidence and ideas demand the same so that you can discuss everything in detail while proving evidence which is clear and straight to the point. Reading similar topics or papers written by past students can give you an insight on how to come up with a paper which your professor will approve because a professor who has been in your campus for 20 years will have provided numerous resources which can be available at your library. These materials and examples can help you to easily understand how your professor grades papers which he or she assigns.




Writing a 3000 word college paper is a process, and a process does take time, and above all, you should let a friend read your work for critique purposes since this helps you to improve on your paper due to additional ideas coming from criticism. Writing the first draft doesn’t necessarily mean that you will submit that for grading, but a first draft is a reflection of the final paper but after great effort of editing and proofreading. It’s normal for college students to face sleepless nights in an attempt to finish up on a paper which is due in like 5 hours and you absolutely have nothing sensible to write, and you are just staring at the computer.




When you have been assigned with a 3000 word paper to write by your professor, sit and think about what you will do next. Just know that writing papers can be duck soup especially when you know what it entails to write a properly organized and structured paper.

3000 Word Essay Quick Tips



  1. » Can you tell a story? –Tell one!


  1. » Ensure that you have employed a Quote.


  1. » Ensure that you have presented a statement of fact.


  1. » Make sure that you have described the problem.


» If the ideas still are not coming, read your class materials again with these four methods in mind. Sooner or later, an idea will come.


» If you find out that you are still struggling to even come up with the first paragraph, don’t fret-it’s normal, revisit your class handout and with these tips fixed in your mind as you write and writing your 3000 word essay will be simple and manageable. 


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