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Help Writing a Book Review

'What is a book review?' -A book review is simply a report or an essay that identifies, summarizes and evaluates the ideas or themes objectively that an author has presented in a book.

When you ask us for professional help regarding a book review of any kind, we summarize the content of the book, objectively examine the author's intent in writing the book and impartially give the reviewer's opinion and whether the author achieved the intent or not. In a nutshell, writing book review essays does help in the evaluation of a book's strengths and weaknesses.

Writing a book review is an exciting undertaking for anyone who finds books interesting to read. Indeed they are interesting to read but not to everyone, and that’s why writing book reviews can be a daunting and inhibiting task to complete. Readers will always be interested in your book review based on the books you have read, and that is considering the fact that you liked the book or didn't like it. This will help other readers to know your honest thoughts and detailed opinions as far as the book is concerned, and this will help them decide which books are right for them. It should be a simple process where you get to assume your friends are asking you for an opinion concerning a specific book for them to decide whether or not they will read the book.

At times, tutors assign students academic assignments requiring them to write papers and reports on book reviews on a specified author. To be able to write an excellent book review, a student must be acquainted with the nitty-gritty's of writing a book review without which it will be difficult to meet the demands of the assignment.

However, if you have not grasped what it takes to write a good review that will earn you good marks, then help book review is the answer. We shall give you some general guidelines on what it takes to write a good book review.

Book Review Help for the Haunted-General Guidelines.

The first step is to read the book slowly and carefully to familiarize yourself with themes and, therefore, identify the author's intention and purpose of writing the book. When scrutinizing the author's scope, identify the main points that the author establishes and how they are proven.

The next step is to establish the main points of the criticism and whether the author achieved the intent of writing. You can then write an outline that incorporates your opinion based on supporting evidence from the book whether the intent was achieved, and this usually is the thesis of the review i.e., the main arguments based on an objective evaluation of the strength and weakness of the book.

After this, you can then write your review that should include a recommendation of the book to an audience if it merits.


Before giving either a positive or negative recommendation of the book based on how appropriate it was for the intended audience, you should give a summary of the book i.e., condensing the entire content of the book to provide an overview what the book is all about. The author of the book should also be scrutinized in terms of qualifications, other works covered by the same author and how the author's work compares to other books on the same subject.