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Searching for a reliable writing service? Remember that learning how scams, cheats, and cons work doesn't mean you'll put them into practice. What it DOES mean is you'll be better equipped to recognize them being used on you and avoid the trap before it closes.

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How often do you use online academic writing services reviews to make buying decisions? 

Most students do leave feedback on online review sites which a very quick and easy way for you to make a difference in a specific company and how it provides services for you and in the hope of helping the public to make informed decisions when buying academic papers online.


Lesson here: Investigate before clicking. Google the name of the website, in this case; if it is legit, it'll already have reviews on it; It should show up clearly in your Google search as a legit company. If you get non-professional URL's, it's fake. Also, look at social media. They should have a social media presence talking about their product. If not, it's fake. Be careful out there. 


Just having a reviews section is great. This is a legit company. So many pages don’t have reviews and that should be a red flag when buying anything online. Also beware of companies that have fake reviews making it seem like their company is legit.


What can you do to help?

Our users are backbone of our company - Help us make the platform more legit and dependable. Whenever you come across any Review which you think have been copied or is not legit please make sure to Report It. This will help us clean the Spam in a much faster way.

Academic writing services reviews are the best way to understand whether the company you are dealing with is legit. These reviews exist because, at one point, another student needed help, and they sort the company’s assistance. Therefore, academic writing services reviews are the best way to determine whether you can rely on a specific online company or not. Academic writing services reviews can be found online. All you need is to type ‘reviews for company ‘A,’” and all the reviews for the company ‘A’ are available to you. There are, however, different sources for academic writing services reviews. Some of them include REDDIT, TRUSTPILOT, YELP, SITEJABBER, and GOOGLE REVIEWS and all these are web-based platforms for students to find trustworthy online essay writing businesses and avoid scams.


Top essay writing services reviews

The pressure of college can easily get to you, especially if you have a lot of assignments to do. Sometimes you might even forget to keep track of all the assignments due, and as time passes, you realize that you have very little to no time to complete your assignment. A quick way out of this might be hiring an online writing agency. But how do you distinguish a legitimate agency from a thousand of them that exist on the internet? This article will highlight some of the best academic writing service reviews on Reddit. We will further look at how you can identify a scam site from a legitimate one by just looking at the website.

Scam sites on Reddit and the internet in general

Reddit is one of the most popular review sites that give opinions on almost every subject. Here are some of the sites that have received negative academic writing services reviews on the website;

•    AbrahamEssays

•    DoMyHomework

•    EssayCrate

•    PaperMarket

•    PrescottPapers

•    ThePaperBay

•    HomeworkHelp

•    HomeworkDoer

•    PrincetonEssays

These sites have a reputation for producing the worst essays on the internet; however, they are not confined in essay writing. Other services offered by these sites include dissertations, term papers, book reviews, movie reviews, speeches, and much more. What’s common about these companies is that they produce plagiarized content even though they have aggressive marketing strategies.

Why is Reddit the ultimate place to find a legit essay writing site?

Unlike most online forums, Reddit is a social platform that allows individuals to express their opinions on every subject there is out there. Reddit gives a voice to people in need to express their opinion on a matter and, for this case, best and worst essay writing agencies. What makes Reddit the perfect place to get honest academic writing services reviews is the fact that it is a platform open to anyone, and the opinion given there is unfiltered.

This is not like any other platform that has a legal obligation to protect against infringement of anyone’s rights. Reddit was established by two college graduates in 2005 with a straightforward idea. This was to let people have a say on what is worth following instead of allowing a few minorities to decide on what everyone thinks. The platform is based on one philosophy, which is to make people determine what is worth through a vote, and what emerges on top is the one worth following.

The site allows its users to post simple comments and even share their links hence a source of relevant information on any topic. What makes Reddit a perfect source of data on the legitimate sites for essay writing services is the fact that the academic writing services reviews posted there are from real people who have experienced the services. Any topic posted as a subreddit e.g., /r/academics gets quite several contributors who vote for or against the proposed idea. Unlike getting reviews from a company’s website, academic writing services reviews from Reddit are hard to fake because there is no control over who gets to vote for or against an agency.

How to avoid getting scammed by fake essay writing agencies

As already seen above, there are a thousand online academic writing agencies, and it is quite challenging to identify legit from scam agencies. Even without checking for reviews of an agency on Reddit or any other reviewing website, there are some things that you can check before you dive deep into working with an agency. Here are the few things on a website you ought to check out even before looking for academic writing services reviews about the agency.

1.    The domain name of the website

Most scammers will purchase a domain name just to use for a while, then after scamming enough people, bring down the website. Therefore, they do not invest in a long-lasting domain name. Most scammers will have their web URL ending with .org or .net. Also, scam websites will have a domain name that references a well-known writing agency, but upon opening the website, it leads you to a totally different website offering the same services. You should not dare to contract these kinds of agencies.

2.    Too good to be true services

Most scam writing agencies will offer unbelievable low prices for delivering an assignment. Be wary of these kinds of agencies because, upon payment, they disappear without a trace. They may not be interested in taking a lot of money from you, but imagine how much money they can make from scamming a total of 100 individuals like you. In most cases even, an agency’s website will be up for just a short while, enough to scam a few people and may not also be around long enough to catch the attention of people and get reviewed on Reddit or any other site.

3.    Mode of payment and payment policy

Legit websites will guarantee that if you are not satisfied with their services, you can get your money back. Most scam agencies will not offer that. Other than that, they may also ask you to pay through money transfer from your bank. This should be the number one red flag. Paying via PayPal, credit, or debit card can assure you money back, but the direct transfer will not guarantee that.

4.    Secured or not secured website

A secured website ensures that any personal information you share on the website cannot be accessed by a third party. You might be asking how you identify a secured website from unsecured. Well, a secured website will usually have a URL that starts with HTTPS:// instead of HTTP:// and will often have a green padlock just before the URL. It takes a lot for a website to be secured; therefore, a scam agency will not invest in securing their website.

While these are just a few of the red flags to look out for on a website, they are not the only ones hence the importance of checking out academic writing services reviews of an agency. It is better to pay a lot of money to a widely known legitimate agency than lose to an agency that offered you cheaper services. 

Academic writing services reviews for MyPaperHub

MyPaperHub has been at your service for over ten years. As a result, we have acquired thousands of clients who have only good things to say. Our company provides custom writing services that are entirely legitimate. Our clients trust us based on our professional competence and integrity qualities that underpin our reputation. We uphold that reputation. We guarantee a full reimbursement of your cash if anything goes wrong. Fictitious writing businesses claim that they are established (situated) in either the United States of America or The United Kingdom, but they cannot support their factual location claims. A legit company should have a map showing its exact location where the company is based (this is quite evident when you check a Google map located at the website footer page). You can check our academic writing services reviews on SITEJABBER Official Site. Our clients rate us as the best essay writing company in the market, especially for the American market, but we strive to offer our services to other continents and those in need of our excellent service.

We offer only 100% genuine and non-plagiarized papers. Papers offered by other companies are plagiarized pre-written, putting in jeopardy your career and University/College degrees. Placing an order with us saves you the hustle of writing your essay and also falling prey to the worst reviewed essay writing companies which can be termed as scam companies. As seen earlier, there are primary identifiers that can help you to identify Scam sites. Knowing them will help you stay safe with your transactions online.

We only provide custom written papers, which solely belong to you and cannot be sold or used by anybody else. Once we deliver your paper, we transfer all copyrights of the paper to you, and you retain them. Other companies resell papers. Consequently, plagiarism can easily be detected by your Instructor/Professor.

You are aware of the full price of your order before ordering. No extra charges are imposed. We even offer a 25% discount. Other companies impose additional hidden fees, which can significantly raise the cumulative price.

We strictly contract proficient and skilled Native-English speaking writers. Other companies hire writers from all over the globe to work on their orders, yet the education system these foreign authors undertake is quite different. Therefore, their papers are full of grammar mistakes, spelling errors, and misused words, with unmatched accuracy.

Customer service agents are the primary link between a business that they work for and the customers looking for a particular service. They are the direct point of contact, and it is their job to help clients, answer their questions, and to provide aid. We have a steadfast Round The Clock Customer Support, and you can reach us through various channels any time (day/night) via live chat, email, or phone call. It is always really hard to contact most companies. Their chat operators or live support are often offline, so you will not get an immediate answer regarding your order.

You can always have direct contact with a writer, who will answer all your questions and satisfy all the order requirements. You can also know the status of your order from your writer and request him/her for free/unlimited revisions. When it comes to other companies, you cannot have any slight idea of whether your writer will meet your expectations or not, because you cannot contact him/her.

As a company, there are things we will do, and there are those that we will not do.

Things we will do:

•    Delivering excellent customer care service.

•    Be honest and dependable at all times.

•    Prompt and efficient since time is a valuable aspect for all customers.

•    Knowledgeable about the specifics of a particular course of the specialization.

•    Serving each client at a personal level (personalized attention).

•    Be quick to notify the client of any unforeseen delays and service failures.

•    Provide genuine solutions to clients’ problems.

•    Be courteous and respectful.

•    Provide feedback in a timely fashion, and if delays occur, have straight-forward solutions that help avoid future reoccurrences.

•    Ensure confidentiality is paramount while maintaining the highest quality standards.

Things we will NOT do:

•    We STRICTLY Do not offer Copy and paste the content that is partially or entirely plagiarized.

•    We STRICTLY Do not offer Reused papers that will not pass any plagiarism test.

•    Poor grammar by ESL (English as a Second Language) online writers.

•    We DO NOT issue late paper deliveries making you miss your urgent deadlines.

•    We DO NOT format any paper poorly making you lose points once your paper has been graded since bad formatting affects readability and content

Additional means to identify a legitimate site other than academic writing services reviews

Other than academic writing service reviews, you can be able to identify a legitimate company through the following:

•    A genuine website will always have an email address associated with the domain name and therefore having a free email is not an option

•    The language used on the website: Language use is an important consideration when you are identifying a Legit Essay Writing Services website. Usually, an official website will be written in the correct language following all the rules of grammar. However, in instances where there are so many grammatical mistakes and even spelling errors, then one should be careful. This is because the website may be a scam website with owners not well acquainted with the English language by attempting to pose as native English speakers.

•    Checking the domain name of the website in Google: This is crucial if you need to verify the legitimacy of a website. A genuine website usually has links from other websites so that when the domain name is typed in Google, these links would automatically appear. However, this is not usually the case in scam websites. So when no links appear to that website, and no other search results appear for the domain name, then it is usually a red flag that the site is a scam.

•    Doing a Google search with the name of the company and the word scam. This will verify whether the website is a scam, or it is legitimate since Google has all the website and company that are listed as a scam. A legit site will usually have none of its pages having the word scam attached to it. Therefore, Google search will be your number one friend in your quest to verify a good website.

•    A good website will have contact information. A website that has nothing to hide will usually have an address, i.e., location, phone number, and an email address for customers to contact them. A scam website, on the other hand, will have no address, and in most cases, they will only offer a form to fill out. Whenever you encounter such a website, then be on the lookout for it may not be a genuine one, and you may subject it to the various steps to confirm further whether it is a scam or not.

•    The domain name of the website will also be an essential indicator to verify whether the site is genuine or it is a scam. A trustworthy website will usually have a domain name similar to its brand name. If you see a different domain name, then it is a reliable indicator that the site is a scam and should be avoided lest you risk becoming a victim of fraud. Also, a scam website will usually have been in existence for a short period.

•    The website should contain trust seals and certifications, for example, a BBB certification and also an SSL certificate. If you are looking to buy an essay online from a good reputable company, then you have the details with you to enable you to have a leg up before spending your money.

As already mentioned, academic writing services reviews help you determine whether you can trust a company. Our academic writing services reviews speak for themselves; therefore, contact us today if you have an assignment or if you just need to enquire about our services.

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