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Do good essay writing services indeed exist? That's the main question that most people probably ask themselves whenever faced with the option of hiring an essay writer online. Pursuing my second Ph.D. in legal studies and having been one of the highest performing students back in University where I relied entirely on one of the best essay writing companies in America - MyPaperHub. I was not entirely confident that hiring the cheapest writing service out there on the internet was really legal or illegal, I, however, decided to use the service in spite of any theories that were out there concerning plagiarism and all the gossip that surrounds the legality of essay-writing companies helping out students to indeed graduate with honors. After a successful completion of my college Undergraduate and later on my Masters level in Law, I am now writing a thesis regarding the most controversial topic in the field of law where also I am closely examining the existing constitutional and legal system in England, Scotland, and Wales through the prism of its treatment of services which offer help in coming up with an essay and the general academic balance that at the moment fully or partially relies on the services offered by the good reliable services. I have made recommendations regarding the same services in a way that their output can be crocheted together to be part of the current system of education which ideally is falling apart.

By Philip MacDonald(PhD)

Post Graduate Law Student-Charleston School of Law

Qualities of an excellent essay writing service

What is a good essay writing service? In a brief definition, it is a service that meets all the expectations of a client in need of academic writing services in an excellent fashion. These services are legal and not prohibited by any university or county laws but the writer must ensure that the academic essay is well cited giving all the credit to the source.

Some of the ways an essay service can earn customers' smiles are:
  1. Delivering excellent customer care service should be among the#1 company values
  2. Honest and dependable: Not only should the company think of short-term goals-customers are for life.
  3. Prompt and efficient since time is a valuable aspect for all customers.
  4. Knowledgeable about the specifics of a particular course of specialization.
  5. Serving each client at a personal level (personalized attention).
  6. Be quick to notify the client of any unforeseen delays and service failures.
  7. Provide genuine solutions to clients problems.
  8. Courteous and respectful staff.
  9. Provide feedback in a timely fashion and if delays occur, have straight-forward solutions that help avoid future reoccurrences.
  10. Ensure confidentiality is paramount while maintaining the highest quality standards.
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    Our cheap Essay Writing, editing and proofreading Service is getting increasingly popular especially in hard applied disciplines such as Mechanical engineering, civil engineering, computer science and legal studies. Law is a tricky career since some law teachers don’t write for publications in the first place and this tends to make law a horror story where students spend the whole day and night in the library since there is a lot of reading to do. This implies that your mentor may not be familiar with the rules of writing in the first place. More often than not, the writing assignments can, therefore, end up being a punishment for the law college-students rather than an opportunity to improve their skills. Honestly, writing should never be graded or at least multiple revisions should be allowed for law students to improve their written paper. However, since their writing is only graded without even informing of the mistakes that they have made, it becomes increasingly difficult for law university students to succeed at writing an impeccable paper.

    Have to write my essay and submit online: - Asking yourself such questions? What are the initial things to do, and how can you get started? Below are some of the recommendations we have made and they will help you to kick start your law assignment.

    Superior Essay Services for College

    University essays on a regular basis demand that we be perfect and outstanding but the human mind is programmed to like simplicity and therefore if we find a hard one, one which is hard to digest, we filter it and get one easy to digest word and for many writers, getting to begin an essay is always the hard part. What writers having such problems can opt to do is to work on free writing and they can start with writing down points which relate to the essay as they also relate to you.

    The moment you have enough ideas which concern the essay, then you can select one of the points to be a starting point of your essay but it ought to be the easiest one which can be easily explained. By now you have written what is important about this point, and then you can refer to your essay outline and point out another sub-topic which you can easily write about.

    You will continue this way until you realize that you have thoroughly covered all the points on your list. If you opt to write down all these points by hand on a piece of paper probably, then leave out enough space that will enable you to make necessary changes once you realize that you need to add or remove something. You might be faced with points which are hard to write about but mostly you might be having a verbal explanation to this points- what do you do? Try to verbalize these points and you can even utter them loud as you scribble down the main points and just a paragraph of the explanation which might not hold facts but once you have the points ready then you can go deep into research and find more about what you wanted to write about. Indeed, you can realize that your 5 shallow points have turned out to be 3 pages of facts and nicely organized examples which will surely earn you points.

    With all these points we can try to make a summary as we cite those points which you should prioritize to make your essay writing easy and interesting before going ahead to hire a writing service to do this for you.

    Most Reliable Essay Writing and Editing Service

    Hitting rock bottom whilst writing an essay can be caused by numerous things which to say but a few can be due to having anxiety issues which can be caused by the fear of producing or submitting sub-part work which can lead to poor grades, issue of lacking self-confidence in writing “some people have accepted the fact that they think they are poor writers” having this low self-esteem in writing can be a major lead to being faced by the writers’ block and any college-student faced by this hiccup can end up opting to hire services from reliable writers who come up with a well written essay. Students in university and college levels of education normally do this just to be safe and at least be guaranteed of a better grade.

    Though writers’ block has been witnessed not only in writers who do not have any clue in writing, but also it has been found to affect even able writers who have been well known to write nice pieces of literary works. The best clue is choosing to use free writing whose purpose is to change what seems like a non-motion in writing to at least moving a few sentences from zero word count. This super awesome technique works better than any other technique since it relieves some stress of someone and gives the writer a stepping stone where ideas can start flowing. When saying this, it doesn’t mean that you have to write anything that relates 100% to the essay topic at hand but it means that you can find secondary things to write and later as you flow with the essay primary content will follow in and you can make necessary changes as you go on writing.

    You do not have to start with any major points, bear in mind that the paper is not being graded as you write but after a few days or a week and you should realize that you have a lot of time to make changes and to edit the entire essay as you organize your points in an order which related to your rubric.

    National Rankings | Best Law Essay Writing Service

    Law-students in colleges find it difficult to keep up with their numerous assignments and having to read as they spend most of their time in the library reading on what law is and many statutes that keep increasing. The art of managing your studies takes a lot of time and one ends up quite exhausted leaving some task pending. The inevitable long nights of work in law school are pretty much as your assignments have to be done within the given deadline.

    In order to meet this deadline, students tend to do their assignments with a lot of pressure and end up flopping by the end of the semester. Managing your work as a student in college can be pretty difficult as most of the time is spent on academics leaving very little or no time for a social life. Self-imposing a schedule that can suit your academics is an excellent idea which can help manage your studies plus the numerous assignments that come along.

    Certain topics in law can be so similar for example tort law and contract law but entirely different as you continue as they deal with different types of human actions; it can be difficult to understand one topic at a time till you have covered the next one as some topics are intertwined.

    Essay Writing Tips for College & University

    In order to come up with a high quality essay you will need to have the knowledge of:

    1. Getting to figure out the specific piece of work as detailed by the title.
    2. Research online more on the relevant books and journal materials which you will need to read.
    3. Go through the research materials and make sure they are suitable.
    4. Put aside the most relevant reference materials which you will need to refer to in your essay.
    5. Come up with a powerful argument and this will ultimately lead you into arriving at a well-supported conclusion.
    Avoid drifting too far from the title.

    The easiest way to come up with a well-written essay is to know what exactly the essay is about; you have to listen to what the title of the essay is saying to your instincts. The title provides guidance and therefore the title becomes the most valuable part of a successful & well-written essay.

    Brainstorming Ideas.

    Brainstorming helps any college student with an intention of writing an essay to minimize the idea of a writers’ block. Just write all your initial ideas on paper before you can go ahead to write your drafts. You can opt to start writing down these idea the moment an essay has been assigned in class then you will have ample time to brainstorm. Later you can review the points then you can do some research and in-depth reading to grasp more ideas and have a well-organized piece of work at the end as you conclude writing your essay.

    What can’t be condoned is that the acceptable style of writing is very different for the law-students as compared to any other line of study. Perhaps you are good at writing a scientific research paper or probably a blog, but when it comes to law, you are not quite able to grasp the style of writing that is widely appreciated among the community. But not to worry, when you ask us Write My Essay online since our service has a wide variety of experienced writers specializing in the field of law and other disciplines. Our writers are not only aware of the fundamentals of law essay writing but are also familiar with every little detail which enables them to write your essay specifically up to your requirements. So what else could you likely ask for?