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"Somebody please help me! I don't know what to write in my essay"- Are common words you can hear from a student who is facing essay writing problems which is a problem that comes up with organizing ideas to coming up with correct grammar, spelling and even punctuation. Overcoming essay writing problems takes patience, understanding, and also targeted help from a professional service. Writing an essay introduction should include a few aspects which include the following:

  1. Background information.
  2. This normally consist of 1 or 2 sentences in order to introduce the topic and also give the background information.

  3. Thesis statement.
  4. Introduces the main argument on which the basis is on the main essay.

  5. Scope.
  6. If the focus of the essay is narrowed, then this section can make a lot of sense since it does allow the reader understand the main focus of the essay.

Help me in Writing my Essay - Things to Keep in Mind as You write

  1. Be yourself
  2. By finding a style matching your personality and also the tone that matches your true personality. The most vital point is that you must be aware of your personality and you make sure that you get the point across once you commence communicating.

  3. Prioritize originality
  4. This is the aspect of writing or publishing content that bring new ideas and which is quite distinguishable from the rest of the content available in print or writing. Original work is usually working that does not belong to other variable parties or is not based on other people's ideas. Academic writing is a challenge, and it generally demands that a writer brings forth original work from work previously done by others in the past and by citing where the information comes from then you maintain academic integrity and also uphold the standards of your particular field of study be it medicine or computer technology.

  5. Have to show something about you.

  6. Highlight growth

  7. Demand a lot from every sentence which eventually adds up to a paragraph.

  8. Avoid using thesaurus but make sure your wording is original.

Top Hacks to Help you in Essay Writing

The art of coming up with a well-composed paper is an ideal way for college students to develop skills which are important to the study of different disciplines and careers ranging from political science to medicine. The final essay is just a tip of the iceberg, and of course, it serves as the visible outcome of considerable plan and preparations.

  1. Once you are ready to write, make sure you have gone through a few or let's say five essays and remember to write down what you find proper content, easy to remember, entertaining or unique about these essays.

  2. The organization is the stage that is most valued and important for this matter in the process of creating a well-organized essay. At this juncture, there are no shortcuts, and if you attempt to cut corners, then your final piece will not propel your ideas well, and your ability will be disabled.

  3. Once you have the topic and you have to spend a considerable amount of time to understand the topic and the questions involved then read materials which will enable you to answer the essay question appropriately. The most important sources are those who are already in the course list which your professor has provided. Opt to use the library sources are forms of additional sources.

  4. Make sure that you are selective in what you read and in this case I mean that you should not read the entire book and waste time on what is not necessary to your essay title. Therefore, using the table of contents, skim through the most important chapters of the book and get the relevant information with regards to the essay topic at hand.

  5. Reading actively should be a priority, and by this, I mean that you should be able to look out for the main ideas and arguments which have been highlighted by the author and also look out for the evidence supporting the ideas. Be critical in order to weigh options as to which source is better than the other since at times different authors can have a different opinion regarding a specific point or idea.

  6. Make sure that you have taken good notes by summarizing the main arguments and jotting them down into your own words. Make sure you have the page numbers which you have drawn the information from since you will need this information when it comes to actual writing and referencing.

  7. Preparing an outline whose primary purpose is to enable you to structure the major points in proper order for your argument. Each section of the essay should be clearly outlined in the plan. When writing down your plan, make sure you are reading your essay question over and over again in order to avoid drifting from the main points and also make sure that you heavily concentrate on the key points.

  8. In order to organize your notes in the actual preparation of the essay writing you can try to brainstorm which actually involves writing down the major keywords or points, write the main essay question on top of the page and the best answers to the questions in a sentence or two. Make sure to write small headings that you might think the information you already have falls into and under these random headings, write down the sources (which you earlier noted down) which you will be using for each section.

Guidelines for Essay Editing

  1. Loudly read out the essay loud with an erasable pencil or ball point pen. We highly recommend this method since it does allow students to find and also fix mistakes in good time.

  2. Make sure you have a reliable friend who read the essay to you while you look on the other copy.

  3. Once you have clearly read the content, make sure you have considered syntax and tone. Do away with any cliche`s and erase sentences that are redundant.

  4. Make sure you look out for content which has no main idea and do away with it.

  5. Look out for feeble verbs.

  6. Look out for passive voice.

  7. The absence if using the word 'I'

  8. Look out worldliness.

  9. Look out mixed tenses.

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Writing an essay is an essential academic skill and can be messy and often a frustrating process that most students dread to attempt but can be manageable as well to avoid the complexity altogether. Coming up with a well-formatted essay, with clear English expressions, proper structure and format can be a headache to most students who end up struggling with the writer's block.

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