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Preparing your thesis? Your thesis is a big decision maker in whether you pass or not. Make sure you write it well. A lot of people rush their thesis writing and that is a big mistake. If you spent 3/4 years on your PhD project I am sure a little extra time to write your thesis is worth it.

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A thesis is a comprehensive research paper written by a student at the undergraduate/graduate level. The research paper is usually written in consultation with a faculty adviser. Unlike most research papers that require an individual to do the entire research and submit the paper all at once, a thesis is submitted in small chunks, usually by chapter, and one can only be permitted to proceed to the next chapter after the faculty adviser has approved the current one. If you've been scratching your head, asking yourself, "How many pages or words should a thesis/dissertation "literature review" be?" Well, typically, a thesis contains a minimum of 60 pages and a maximum of 120 pages. Therefore, any number in between is acceptable. So, how long does it take to write a thesis? A complete dissertation takes somewhere between 6 and 8 months to complete, depending on the candidate’s ability to follow the faculty advisor’s directions.

A new way to guide students how to write a thesis in a better way.

1.    Know what to expect in a thesis

Research work is an essential aspect of undergraduate/graduate education, and it's usually a combination of undergraduate/graduate work. The process of writing a thesis requires numerous input from various people, including a senior Advisor and an Advisory Committee. These are the people involved in shaping the trajectory of a student’s thesis.

A thesis project is the outcome of independently conducted work, which ultimately represents customized research work and critical analysis. Therefore, the final work should demonstrate the following from the scholar concerning the particular field of study:

•    Ability and understanding of vital ongoing work in the field

•    The ability to pan research actions

•    Ability to conduct planned research actions

•    Knowledge to analyze research results

•    Knowledge to finalize a written description of the work in the form of a well –written, adequately formatted and perfectly organized thesis

•    Expertise to complete a thesis with a high possibility of having it being presented in professional meetings or being published in academic periodicals.

2.    Demonstrate the purpose of the thesis

The purpose of a thesis is usually the documentation of a scholar’s activity in a formal structure that gives a leveled appearance to work completed at the university level. A thesis structure is intended to demonstrate the understanding of a scholar’s work to people who do not have any knowledge with the work presented, but indeed those people are acquainted with the professional writing from a general perspective. Furthermore, a thesis is helpful with the assistance of manuscript preparation from the student’s scholarly work.

3.    Decide on the content type of your thesis

There are two categories of a thesis which are: qualitative and quantitative, and these two categories fit in all undergraduate/graduate works. Both types differ in structure and formatting.

a)    Qualitative or Creative Thesis

This type of thesis is a cumulative effort of work done by scholars in a descriptive, exploratory, analytical, or let’s say a creative way. This type of thesis is encompassed by undergraduate/graduates in departments of arts and humanities.

Content for this type of thesis can vary depending on the discipline, the advisor, or the committee. The subjects allocated different chapters may all be brought together in a statement that is a prefatory statement or an introduction as well that does precede by the actual pieces which are creative and should be included in the thesis. Within the thesis, the writer should attempt to avoid bringing forward a simple miscellany but rather try to organize the creative materials as per some aesthetic principle. This may involve sequencing works and therefore create some thematic continuousness as well as a sense of commencement, central, and conclusion.

b)     Quantitative thesis

This type of thesis contains data and pieces of information brought up by devices such as chain reaction, microscopes, and stopwatches, among other scientific methods that are recorded numerically on some scale. Examples include:

•    Testing temperatures of different substances to determine aspects of conduction

•    Measuring the effects of ethanol in rabbits

•    Comparing different training terrains about athlete performance

4.    Decide on the timeline and come up with a plan of action

As already mentioned, a thesis may take somewhere between 6 and 8 months, therefore as the researcher; you need to set a timeline for which you are supposed to accomplish a particular milestone in your thesis. This way, you will be able to track your progress and know when you are falling behind.

5.    Find an advisor and a Committee

You ought to get a faculty member who is willing to be your thesis advisor, and even though they’re not supposed to advise you, but they can do so if you have demonstrated to have excellent knowledge regarding the thesis you’re working on. Your committee should consist of 3 members of the faculty, and your advisor is your main contact person. Always give room or time for the faculty members to read your thesis since you don’t expect a person to read 50 to 80 pages of written work within two days. 

Following the guide above will guarantee a better-written thesis. When unsure of how to proceed, always consult with your faculty advisor.

Next time your undergraduate/PhD supervisor says that your writing is 'terrible', remember that it's subjective. Even best-selling books get 1-star reviews on Amazon. Ask for constructive feedback and, if you can't get it from them, get it elsewhere (e.g. co-supervisors). Sometimes you need to be told that your writing is terrible, it's all in the delivery and the personality of the person dishing out the critique; but not everyone has the confidence or ability to do that. I have talked to people who are stuck because small faculty etc. So sometimes they just need to get through it with other support.

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Tips when buying thesis papers for sale

1. Check the privacy policy section

One of the things to look out for if you are considering buying a thesis paper online is the privacy policy. You will probably be providing some private information, and you need to be sure that it will be kept private and confidential. You also wouldn’t want your professor to find out that you bought your thesis from a dissertation writing service. If you are not sure about anything in their privacy policy, contact them, and ask any questions that you have in mind.

2. Originality

An outstanding writing service sells theses, which are original and plagiarism-free. Be very wary when it comes to this. Some dishonest and greedy companies sell the same theses to different clients. The unsuspecting students then end up submitting the theses and facing serious consequences or even worse, expulsion. Before purchasing a thesis, contact the writing service and ask whether they offer a free plagiarism report. If they do not, move on and look for one that does.

3. Check online company reviews

Another factor that should guide you is the reviews. Conduct some research online and check what people are saying about the writing service you are interested in. Good reviews mean the service is good. If there are any bad ones, assess whether they are valid or not.

4. Proper communication and assurance

Smooth communication between you and the person handling your thesis is very important. You can easily communicate with a writer and give additional instructions. The writer could also have some questions regarding the thesis; it is therefore very crucial to have an easy and fast way of communicating with the writer or writing service. Competent websites have a live chat feature, where you fill out your details, and you are immediately connected to a customer care rep or the writer handling your thesis. This saves a lot of time, especially if the thesis is urgent.

5. Check out the pricing

A good thesis writing service will charge a reasonable amount of money to write your thesis and, at the same time, ensure that the quality is not compromised. It takes a lot of time and effort to come up with a good paper that will earn you a good grade. It is, therefore, very suspicious when you find a service that offers you a quality thesis for a very low price. The theses are either recycled, or the website is trying to swindle you, never to be heard of again. You should, therefore, be very careful and, at the same time, watch out for transparency in pricing.

Ensure that the price they quote for you is the full charge for the thesis and that there are no additional or hidden costs. It would be very frustrating for you to pay a certain price only to be informed later that there is an additional charge which was not quoted.

6. Guarantee Policies

Guaranteed thesis papers for sale might be a bit expensive up front--but that guarantee is exactly what you're paying for.

Read through the website’s guarantee policies and check whether they have a way of protecting their clients. A money-back guarantee protects you in case the service does not meet your standards, or they fail to send your thesis on time. If either of these happens, they should offer you a full refund because the mistake is on their side.

They should also guarantee that they offer multiple revisions on purchased theses. Some written materials may not meet your standards and may have to be revised several times until they look satisfying to you. It is, therefore, very important to ensure that a writing service has this feature; after all, you want to pay for something worth it.

Your responsibility in this step is to ensure that you receive a thesis that meets all your standards. This is very important because you could end up getting a really bad grade simply because you assumed that the writer got everything right, and you, therefore, did not bother to read through your thesis. The blame will fall entirely on you, and you cannot ask for a refund, especially after submitting the thesis.

Another thing you should check in the guarantees policy is whether they can deliver your thesis within the time you have specified. This is very important because you need to hand in your thesis on time. Ensure that you ask whether they can handle short deadlines because it might be useful in the future.

7. Writing level & skills

Knowing the level of writing expertise before buying thesis papers is very crucial. You need to ensure that the writing service can write your thesis according to your level of education. Assigning your PhD research to a website that only handles college-level theses will have grave consequences; this is because they don’t have the qualifications needed to handle that level of advanced writing. Be very careful. If they have not specified this on their website, you should contact their customer care rep and ask.

Ensure that they are also familiar with the various writing formats. That is MLA, APA, etc. You will miss out on a good grade if you submit a thesis that does not adhere to the specified writing format.

A competent writing service is also able to handle all forms of theses thrown at them. Be it argumentative theses, administrative case studies, investigative theses, just to name a few; they can do thesis tasks and come up with compelling discussions on your research, including its significance and relevance.

These are just some of the things you should look out for if you decide to buy thesis papers for sale. As long as you are careful when choosing a writing service, everything should work out smoothly. Always ensure that you work closely with the writing service to make sure that they are doing the right thing. The majority of students are dissatisfied simply because they place an order and forget about it. Once they receive their paper, they submit the thesis without going through it with the assumption that the writer got everything right. This is very wrong. Take it upon yourself to check that what you paid for is perfect. If you successfully adapt to this, you will never have any issue with websites offering theses for sale.

Tips to write your PHD thesis

If, by any chance, you decide to handle the thesis paper by yourself without having to purchase thesis papers for sale, there are a couple of things you need to consider to come up with a great paper.

• There is a lot of writing and researching involved. In college, you will have to do a lot of writing, which means you will usually have some sort of writing assignment in almost every class you are taking, and every college assignment will focus on different things that you need to grasp. Writing all these thesis papers and other sorts of writing can be quite intimidating, but it doesn’t have to be that way. With practice, you get better, and things become easier.

• Having clear topics for your thesis papers is the one thing that will always propel you into being a pro writer. It is quite practical that if your foundation is not good enough, then the building will be weak and might end up collapsing at the end. Having a strong and interesting topic goes a long way in propelling you to getting the good grades you desire. An interesting topic also lays a foundation for proper research, and as a result, you achieve the proper outcome.

• Organizing your paper as the writer means that you have a clear thesis structure that is firm, and this will help you in staying in-line with the topic at hand. Writing lengthy papers needs a clear and fixed plan, which helps the writer to balance within the topic itself.

• When researching, look for the thesis statement before diving deep into reading a source you might think will be of use. Reading the thesis statement after the topic will give you a clear idea of what the paper is all about. This will save you a lot of time that might have been lost when reading the source only to realize that it does not serve your research.

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