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Purchasing a custom written piece of an academic writing is undeniably a rite of passage for college students in American institutions. Custom-made pieces of writings categorically can be in form of an essay, a research methodology paper, a thesis or even a reflective writing. But how much can college students afford? In recent years, a lot of college students bought from services which offer original pieces of writing and many people still feel as if they should still spend more. Personally thinking, many things are more stressful than ordering the best paper that you can barely afford. How can you make sure you don’t be part of that fate? Well, here’s what you need to consider before getting to purchase a piece of writing based on your own specified instructions online based on positive reviews posted anonymously by employees from company reviews for 649,000+ companies-Glassdoor.

By Gray Gardner

Research Associate- University of Pennsylvania

Affordable Custom Writing services

How much should you pay for any type of original work in any academic field which can be in form of a research paper or maybe a dissertation written for you or maybe by a reputable company which offers original college papers ? You may get an expository essay written from Reddit for as small a fee like $5 or as large a fee as $200. The question is - which price is fair when ordering for these highly demanded custom-made writings? To learn the right charge for an essay writing service, you need to pay attention to the adage - you get what you pay for before you request a paper writing company; to write your custom paper.

When you opt for a professional writer from an essay writing company to help you in writing your essay, you pay for his/her competence. When you pay a professional essay writing company a sum as scanty as $5 for an essay (written by ESL writers), you cannot expect their writer’s expertise to be similar to that of a company charging $200 (written by Native English-speaking writers) for the same.

You need to pay a reasonable fee to ensure that the job is done properly. The ultimate objective is to get an essay/research paper that can guarantee a good grade. Nevertheless, this is often not as easy as it sounds, especially after the recent education standards set. The grading is fiercely competitive, and a run-of-the-mill essay will be awarded a failing grade and probably a student might end up retaking the course unit.

The Process - How Custom Writing Works.

How Custom Writing Works

The process a professional paper writer uses indicates whether you will end up with the best grade or just a mediocre one. A qualified writer knows how to do his research in order to come up with an excellent paper. Here are the logical steps involved in the process in which a good online service which provides students with original papers works and just like an Olympic marathoner. Meaning that you should have a positive attitude and aim for the gold medal as far as writing a well-formed research paper. You should aim for the A+ and nothing short of that. That is the first step needed to write the best A+ specific, instruction-based type of writing ranging from a basic essay to a complicated thesis statement when working on a dissertation.


You find the best company which is specific to instructions or requirements that you provide. Of course you will find such a site online with positive reviews on Reddit or maybe Yahoo search and fill out an online order form. The first step, in most cases, involves an order purchase. However, the objective differs from different writing services. While an excellent writing service requires it to find out basic information about your assignment, an essay factory uses it as the sole source of information to embellish an essay template as per the instructions you have provided.


You are linked-up with a professional writer. A competent Essay/Thesis writing service has some professional writers who specialize in different types of academic assignments. After you fill out the online order form, they find a suitable writer with the appropriate skills to work on your essay/research paper/dissertation. Most services will match you to a highly rated writer who of course has a long experience writing such papers. A writer experienced enough to write 50 pages of a thesis will have an easy time working on any thesis with the same page length and this is advantageous since the thesis will be delivered in good time and also chances of making gross errors are very slim compared to an inexperienced writer who is writing a thesis for the second time.


The writer consults you for any clarifications before he/she can commence working on your order via email or ‘call’ which will help the writer to find out minute details about your expectations and specific instructions. You can opt to send the files in PDF format, word or even pictures of specific parts of a book that you need the writer to cite and source out information to ‘write your paper.’


The writer prepares your custom written paper. Only after the professional writer has a clear and accurate idea of your assignment, he/she can create a valid document. This involves the creation of a custom-essay from scratch, with original content and clear ideas. An appropriate text is not only about what it says but also how it says.


You and the writer work together to perfect the essay. The essay document may not be perfect at this step. You may require adjustments and modifications to the content or the format. The writer must discuss the changes you think are necessary for the document and complete them as per your requirements. For example, you may need a single-spaced document, bold topics, double spaced, etc. Most genuine companies offer free and unlimited revisions until the customer is fully satisfied.

Your Level of Study In Your Academic Discipline.

Now that you have comprehended about how a legit essay writing service will work, the question remains the same - How Much Should You Pay for academic papers which are original and not scrapped? ? Apart from the expertise available from an essay writing service, another factor also affects the cost of your essay - the level at which you are in your studies.

For a college and school level student, i.e., The essay should not be based on complicated ideas and the use of jargon. It is a simple essay that has a smooth flow of ideas and proper formatting void of spelling mistakes and wrong punctuation.

This type of essays have the least instructions, and less research is required to avoid being off-topic, and therefore, more affordable than other types, writing these requires specific skills. The lack of using complicated words and phrases must not become the highlight; instead, the focus must be on the essay topic.

For a Bachelor and Master level essay, The writer needs to do a lot of research (proper and in-depth research), discuss the details and cite a lot of sources before he/she can put them down on paper.

These types of services where hand-crafting original essays and research papers are generally more expensive than those for school and college level students. The reason for this is the writer (who is a Ph.D. level writer and hence competent) needs to spend considerable time to research more on the provided topic and specifically tailored instructions before he/she can complete the task.

For a Ph.D. and specialized level student (Nursing, Engineering, Law, etc.), the essay/dissertation must portray the skills and competencies that make the student an invaluable expert in the particular niche. For this reason, the professional paper writer must be competent and specialize in this type of writing. Writing a Ph.D. thesis is not a joke simply because pursuing a Ph.D. program is not simply a continuation of your undergraduate course, its finding and developing an original research in your area of specialization. In short, it’s adding new ideas which are original to the field of knowledge. A writer working on a Ph.D. thesis is fully aware that at the end of the Ph.D. studies he or she will be judged by how well he or she carried out the research in the area of expertise and not how well he/she performed in the courses. By saying this, you now understand that as long as you maintain the minimum GPA, then you shouldn’t sweat because of grades but by how well you will perform in your research project. Therefore you might be interested in writing your thesis by yourself, and you’re thinking “Well, I like studying this topic and the associated research, and I am going to do my independent research and write my thesis as soon as I can.” But are you certain that you won’t end up burning out before you even finish your Ph. D since most people end up trudging through their specific programs? We can help you through this and ensure that you don’t end up stressing out and we will give you a leg up on the research development and everything else that entails finishing your Ph. D studies successfully.

Why is it very difficult to write a thesis? This kind of writing prompts hiring a thesis writing agency as it is the most difficult and of course expensive amongst all because this skill of writing is never taught by any Professor- you simply have to learn by yourself and hack it successfully. Most Ph.D applicants do not have a slight idea of what lies beyond the mere act of applying for a Ph. D as they can easily maneuver the theory part, the practical part proves to be an uphill climb for most students. As a writer, you need to feel confident in the construction of this piece of writing since most Professors usually provide vague instructions and unclear requirements and this can be a stumbling block for most students since writing a well-formed thesis without specific instructions can prove to be a hard nut to crack.

‘You can’t expect students to write a good thesis based on vague requirements.’

A writer working on any form of original piece of writing must, therefore, have in-depth knowledge of the particular field along with appropriate writing skills to support him or her in the successful completion of the thesis. This is the broad perspective on how professional custom writing should be undertaken by a knowledgeable, vetted writer.