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Hiring affordable ghostwriters to build academic writing empires is an on-the-rise trend in the academic world and now it is a common practice to use ghostwriters for professional writing. Ghostwriting is a legitimate academic practice and that being said, premium ghostwriters should have ethics which means that they should offer plagiarism free work and adhere to strict deadlines. Hiring executive ghostwriters doesn’t mean that you will be paying very cheap rates for an academic paper but most ghostwriting services offer mid-range pricing for a premium-quality service. We need to value writing enough to pay a living wage for it. Massive outputs (essays, dissertations, coursework etc.) are largely generated by ghostwriters with quality control.

Benefits of hiring a ghostwriter

a)     Don’t expect substandard work.

b)     Collaboration with a ghostwriter is legal meaning you don’t have to worry since your privacy is paramount.

c)      You don’t have to worry about submitting pre-written essays

d)     Your paper will be 100% original. Ghostwriters defend their reputation and by submitting original work, then they manage to retain their clientele.

e)     You will save time and money when you seek the expertise of a ghostwriter.

f)       Get high-quality academic papers (error-free) from experts.


All about academic ghostwriting


Sophie Hampton hoped to become a prominent Psychologist, and at that time, a ghostwriter’s job was nothing but a far away, glimmering light. Before joining the university to study Psychology, however, she enrolled for a short-term course in Electronic Media and Information Technology to gain essential skills which included primary and complex computing skills and also problem-solving skills as far as technology is concerned. Sophie had a passion for reading, writing and doing research.


During that time, a course in Electronic Media and Information Technology was regarded as top cream. She was quickly absorbed by the complexities of IT and eventually, what started as a side-career soon became her passion to the core and which ultimately led to her being so good in research and problem-solving skills as far as academic writing is concerned.

In current times, Sophie is one of Seattle’s leading article writers having written columns in the New York Times, the business daily, fortune magazine and what’s even more interesting? She lectured research students at the University of Washington (2000-02) where she helped students to know the depths of research in their respective fields of study and most of her students manage to defend their dissertations successfully because of the angle at which they were coached to come up with their theses. In 2003, she founded a research club which remains anonymous up-to-date because she is mostly outsourced by multinational companies and MyPaperHub being one of the companies that she works for, we are glad she shared this article with us for the public interest.

You might be very interested to know: what exactly do ghostwriters specialists do. Sophie being a specialist writer in essays, she finds the art of writing essays to be fascinating and all-together very interesting. She confirms that not even one student has ever failed to get an A after sourcing for her help.

So, what do professional ghostwriters do?



“Expert ghostwriters are research professionals who research, collect, write, document and present academic information relating to various kinds of topics as far as different courses at different academic levels,” Sophie explains.


“To do this, ghostwriters examine well-researched information derived from reliable sources such as text (from textbooks), audio and video files that may have been produced a while back but still have appropriate information that may help to understand the subject matter even better,” she adds.


An expert ghostwriter must have a co-joined understanding of the academic system, its necessities and even how specific formatting systems should be used when writing scholarly essays. A professional ghostwriter should know where to apply specific research methods, and also he or she should be able to collect, represent and cite all kinds of essay or research findings, she explains.


In the current corporate world, ghostwriters who are experts in the field of research and essay writing are superbly charged with writing essays which should be globally graded and accepted. This ensures credible sources are used and not some fixed sources, encrypting research findings to fit essay topics on various disciplines and analyzing research data and materials found in different texts which are credible and are written based on original research.


Sophie is a senior member of the International Society of Research Masters and Examiners (ISRME) and the International Association of Essay Specialists (IAES). She holds an MA in Global Computing and Informatics Engineering which is more or less like an MA in Computer Engineering with a specialty in coding and programming form The MIT and a Bachelor in Information technology from the Chicago University.

According to her, essay writing and research studies do complement each other.

Findings from research papers which may vary in length (10-30 pages) can be used by a professional ghostwriter in essay assignments involving basic prompts or even complex ones as long as the writer uses original research, cites appropriately and of course; ensure that grammar and pronunciation are attended to. 



“Students seeking professional essay writing help have been trendy in recent times. Today, essay writing websites have doubled from the last decade whereby only 2-5 companies existed. In the last five years, ghostwriters have been freshly recruited by top essay writing companies. Lack of professional ghostwriters and research experts could be likened to an educational disaster,” she says, arguing that expertise in essays and academic forms of writing has never been more crucial to students.


Sophie makes a living from the fees paid to come up with professional educational essays and any form of research work at the corporate level.


 â€œResearch into complex espionage where a research topic for instance or an essay topic is to be written using a certain format and strict instructions constitute nearly the entire pool of daily jobs that ghostwriters handle,” she explains, adding that her job is full of intrigues.

“I’m involved in sometimes very complex assignments, some involving statistical interpretation of complex data and dealing with highly sophisticated and unavailable information which should be sourced from journals dating back ages ago, not to mention closely examined by very senior professors once the client has submitted his/her work for grading.”


The Huffington Post, New York Times and a series of high-end magazines are some of the high-profile magazines where Sophie has lent her expertise as far as educational research writing is concerned. She has written multiple educational blogs as well, and she gives insight as to how students should manage to write better essays and conduct better research.


Whereas her clientele is mostly commercial magazine companies and students undertaking their dissertations in-need of outsourcing research materials and information, top universities rope her in their quest to research on specific subjects and disciplines.

In the current education system which demands that a student must score an A to be successful in life (modern-day stereotype), ghostwriters come in handy, she explains.

“This involves digging deep into the library journals and textbooks to come up with reliable sources of information. After having all the research materials that surround the subject area, then an expert writer analyses the vital information that will suit the subject and which will fully satisfy the requirements of the prompt provided. Whether the subject matter is complex or basic, a professional ghostwriter can construct important facts of information that relate exclusively to the topic of study,” she says. She adds,

“Essay writing often involves presenting an argument and the art of communicating effectively. Furthermore, this type of writing needs someone who is uniquely persuasive and can communicate in a cleat manner to purely focus on taking the message to the proper place/audience.”


Various emerging issues in essay writing include plagiarism, essay scam artists and the use of the spinning software.  Spinning text, she explains a complicated process that involves transforming someone else’s work into your work without having to plagiarize. Though this, in itself is a serious offense as far as academic writing is concerned, and it should be severely dealt with.


'Spunware' is a type of essay writing “malware” as I may term it since its spreading very fast just as a virus does. It prevents limits or disrupts a student from achieving the desired grade after such an essay is graded. Though it’s free software, the automatic essay spinner rewrites typically original text into unreadable text which when scrutinized by a professional will make no sense.

Once you hire a ghostwriter, who isn’t qualified, then expect a lot of problems and to start with; expect a half-baked essay whose content has been spun from original articles which are readily available online. A spun essay has typically cooked sources which aren’t real and if you try to submit such an essay, then “war unto you” because you will fail with flying colors.

Whereas it is a relatively new industry in the USA, skills essay writing, she says, are now the most sought after within the academic sector especially Master’s & Ph.D. students who do not have time and ‘cant juggle a balance between work and job schedules.

She explains,


“Tiptop talent is scarce and even though mobility among highly-skilled ghostwriter specialists is high. Organizations are unable to keep their experts without having to incur heavy retention costs – once you lose your key expert ghostwriter, you risk losing large clientele,” she says.


A degree course in English and Literature Studies is required for practice. Most local experts, including Sophie, however, trained abroad in top UK-Varsities to learn both American English and British English which helps in achieving a global edge when writing for diverse clients with differentiated instructions.


Ghostwriter contract and fees


Accomplished essay writing experts earn between $1,200 and $3,500 for a 40-hour workweek, she says.


With numerous “self-proclaimed” essay writing experts taking over the industry by the horns, regulation is paramount to preserve quality in the profession, she observes.


“To be flexible and work on various disciplines then you need to read a lot and ensure that you are a certified professional marketer (CPM) at the minimum. I have various certifications including MediaBistro Certificate which comprises of 9 certifications each with a specific course and a certification from the medical Writing Certification Commission offered by the American Medical Writers Association (AMWA),” she says.




Adequate resources, she says, should be owned by ghostwriters who are devoted to producing quality papers free from plagiarism and with proper sentence structure and grammar. Essay writing companies should be able to construct a defensive architecture and to increase situational awareness in America before it is too late. This is because numerous fake sites have come up boasting to have professional ghostwriters but once you fall victim to these sites, then you’ll be at high danger of losing your hard earned money, failing your assignments, being suspended or expelled due to plagiarism charged which as you already know is a serious academic offense.




Besides literacy, what does one need to flourish as an expert ghostwriter?


 Before applying to be a professional ghostwriter, credible companies ask for a clearance certificate from the authorities to ascertain that you do not have any criminal record. Credibility is an important aspect since you’ll occasionally work with clients who value their privacy and wouldn’t want their institutions to know that they are outsourcing professional ghostwriters. Organizational skills is paramount since you will have to deal with lots of PDF’s when writing, lots of books which you’ve been referred to by multiple clients: these skills will help you to observe patterns and correlations to arrive at conclusive deductions. Ghostwriters must be objective to ensure that conclusions aren’t based on preconceptions but are based on facts.

What are your tools of trade?


These include a super-fast computer, plagiarism checkers especially Turnitin, grammar checkers and all these vary depending on the job. The most common tools are,, file viewers, file analysis tools, Microsoft Word, screen viewer, Google Docs, and Evernote.


How is the job market for academic expert ghostwriters?

It’s quite favorable, a ghostwriter should possess editing and proofreading skills, and this enables a writer to deliver top-notch work without having to outsource a professional proofreader and editor. In current times, there is a shortfall of expert ghostwriters, and that’s why fraudulent websites are out there hiring Indian and other non-US/UK writers who know nothing about formatting styles and only spin content which can, of course, jeopardize your career.

According to estimates, the profession of prolific ghostwriters is expected to hump by more than 48 percent between 2018 and 2025 due to rapidly increasing University Courses and the enrollment rate of universities and colleges within the USA and the U.K which represent a global perspective.

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