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Essay Writing: Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions


Types of papers we can write.

Our company, MyPaperHub writes all types of academic papers. These papers range from essays, research papers, thesis, and dissertation papers and are written by professional writers. We deal with papers off all levels starting from high school level to university level. So whether you are a High School academician or pursuing your Doctorate in University, we are capable of handling your academic paper.

Qualifications of writers we employ.

Our writers at MyPaperHub are highly qualified possessing Degrees and Master levels in their various areas of specialization. Apart from the academic qualifications, our writers also have a natural talent in writing intertwined with the fact that they have a passion for writing. This makes them prolific writers who always specialize in particular fields to ensure that only premium academic papers of the highest possible quality are produced.

What our writing process entail.

Our writing process is simple and straight-forward. Once we receive your order, it is forwarded to the research department. This department is tasked with the fact-finding mission which means that they will dig deeper to come up with facts about the specified topic. After conducting thorough research, the department will forward the facts for compiling to the writing department that will write the paper, according to your specifications. The written paper will be forwarded to the editing department who will edit it to ensure it meets the standards and the quality we have set as a company. All possible errors will be corrected at this stage, and then the paper will be ready for delivery.

How long it takes to complete an order.

Our company is known for its convenience since we always complete all your orders before the deadline to give you a good time to revise the paper before you submit it. This is because we have a policy of respecting time.

You can order a paper to be delivered within the following timelines:

  • 3 hours
  • 6 hours
  • 8 hours
  • 24 hours
  • 48 hours
  • 3 days
  • 4-6 days
  • 7-10 days
  • 11-14 days

How you will know that your order is ready.

Once we have finished working on your order, we will send you a notification and attached will be your order in Word format through your email to let you know that we have completed your order. This is done to warrant that you are aware of the progress in good time, revise the paper and respond appropriately, i.e., whether it needs correction, or it was written to your satisfaction.

What information should I provide the writer with ?

For the academic paper you are ordering to be customized, i.e., to be written based on your instructions and specifications, the writer should have all the information to ensure that the academic paper is written according to your instructions. You, therefore, have to provide the writer with all possible information.

Details and instructions to be provided.

Always remember that the more precise you are, the better result you will receive. You can always mention your expectations concerning the paper - for example, the format and extra details that your rubric indicates.

Advantages of our writing service.

Our writing service has the habit of producing high-quality papers at a reasonable price that are within the reach of your pocket. We also produce academic papers that are authentic and customized. Our other advantage is that our papers are written by experienced expert writers who always focus on quality. You can always track your order online, direct communication with the writer working on your order, customer support via email, phone or chat, secure payment, billing, and guaranteed privacy.

Differentiating us from other companies?

MyPaperHub is a very different company when compared to other essay writing companies because unlike other companies; we do not sell pre-written papers that are recycled from databases. Our papers are scrupulously written from scratch and very authentic, since always value creativity and originality. We are stiffened by the best professional writers in the industry and the latest technology to make the writing process flexible and perfect. Numerous contented clients keep coming to us repeatedly.

Confidentiality and privacy in delivering our services.

Our company MyPaperHub has a privacy policy that protects the confidentiality of our customer. This means we can not reveal any information about the customer to a third party. This protects the privacy of our esteemed customers. Your privacy is paramount to us.

Placing an order with our company.

It is simple. All you have to do is fill our order form, make the payment and then submit your order. After this, you sit back and let us work on your order within the set deadline.

Our refund policy.

We have a refund guarantee in instances where the paper was not written according to your instructions, all the money you paid for the order will be returned to you. We shall also fully return your payment back in case the academic paper was plagiarized. To benefit from this policy, always launch your complaint as soon as your order is submitted.

Within a 14-day period from the day of order delivery, you can request free alterations to be executed by the writer until your initial directions are met.

Criteria used to select a writer who will work on a specific paper.

Once we receive your order, we will take a look at the topics specified in the question and then choose an expert in that field of study backed up with years of experience and positive reviews from our customers to handle the assignment. We usually prefer experts to ensure the paper is handled by professions in that field to ensure a premium quality is maintained.

Maintaining contact with your writer during the process of working on your order.

During the process of writing your academic paper, our writers are always available throughout (day and night), and you can contact them through live chat or email to track the process of your order. You can also give your specifications to ensure the paper is customized. This ensures we give you full support, and you direct us to write your paper just the way you want it. Email us with your order number and order topic and you will be in contact with your writer.