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Would it shock you to realize that comments pinned under these high-ranking sites (Reddit) with regards to college entrance essay writing services are not legit leads from students who have ordered college entrance essays from these companies?

Once you are troubled by a college application essay, and you desperately need to beat the deadline and submit in good time you will likely search “Reddit College Essay” on Reddit to have a sneak peek into what other students have commented regarding their experiences with the so-called college essay help services.

What you don’t expect, is to find a college essay service representative commenting under these very reliable websites. These websites come up with forums to aid innocent students who know nothing about the college essay services and going through the comments you realize there are no legit reviews regarding any college essay services which are desperately trying to prove that they are the best when it comes to writing these pieces of academic writing.

Reddit is a very resourceful place to find suitable answers to the questions you may be having whereby, almost 89% of subjects are answered in a very proper way and by this I mean, people who have experienced something with regards to the questions are the ones responding to these questions and the same as Reddit where over the past decade these answers have provided a base of knowledge and awareness regarding different aspects of life including education, myths, and problem-solving skills which help people in their day-to-day life.

College essay services are entirely different and by this I mean, you expect to find students commenting under these questions but sadly the company that came up with the question in Reddit is the same company coming up with the answers by posting with sham accounts depicting real and genuine students. This is what I am going to discuss here since all these in-genuine acts are changing the way college essay sites are being portrayed in the society and transforming the business more or less like a pseudo-business run by masked cartels. However, college essay writing should be at the core of integrity, and honesty and without proper maintenance of these high standards of upholding these core values then the society is poorly served

Facts about the Reddit college essay help

1.    They are all from the ESL countries (Russia, Pakistan, India, Mexico, Kenya,etc)

Those agencies that come up with those reviews on Reddit are purely from the ESL countries, and this is true especially when you have the effort to check some of those companies by using whois which is an online platform which provides actual location and the name of the owner of the website. When I checked one before actually making this as my first point, the results came back showing that the user had the name “Saim Ehsan” and his location was in Lahore, Pakistan. What does this mean? It means that you can’t trust these agencies posing as American agencies yet they are from Africa, Pakistan and Bangladesh. Being an American student, (including international students or transfer students) you can’t afford to risk your grades. Risking your education by assigning a person not speaking English as his/her first language (meaning of ESL) because you expect countless Grammar mistakes, wrong punctuation, sentence structure and even plagiarism to manifest on your college essay which will only lead to expulsion from college or failing to get admission at College which is totally not worth the investment.

2.    They are all unregistered college essay agencies with the BBB

BBB is an American corporation which sole purpose is to ensure consumers trust companies which are registered under them and by using the BBB certificate on your website it ensures that clients know that they are covered, and all those companies with the BBB seal can be trusted 100%. BBB demands that those who are under its accreditation uphold trust, honesty in advertising, transparency, honor promises, be responsive in all aspects in business, protect client’s privacy and approach business transactions with integrity

All those agencies which have been reviewed under Reddit do not have any trust seal from the BBB and since Reddit can do nothing about the comments posted under them then there is no one out there looking out for you and protecting you from falling prey to a sham company posing as a legit company.

It’s not that I am unfair to these agencies but actually I am merely trying to save those unsuspecting clients who might end up falling prey to these links posted under Reddit after reading numerous confusing comments which as I said earlier on are from these agencies indirectly who use sham accounts to post what they like about themselves for SEO (search engine optimization) purposes; Why SEO?,  since Reddit serve as propelling channels because they have high domain authority and page authority unlike those college essay writing sites which have invested less and therefore cannot get that much visibility on Google.


3.    Their PayPal accounts are non-US verified

What does this mean? I happened to send money to one of the companies as a test and the results which read “The receiver of this payment is Non-U.S. – Unverified” did not amaze me in any way since I knew that you can’t have a US PayPal account verified yet you live in India or Kenya. This means if you happen to spend your money on one of these sites you are making payment to someone outside the USA. Therefore, you have obliged to take part in international business, and this means if the company does not have a USA address then in case of a refund, how will you be protected yet some of these transactions will tell you “not eligible for buyer protection”? Meaning, only make payment to a USA company where the jurisdiction of your rights is 100% protected by the Law.

4.    Fear of dealing with pre-written college essays.

Pre-written college essays mean that these companies will sell a college essay previously sold to another client in the recent past since all these topics which are used in college admissions or even assigned in college repeat themselves year in year out meaning that the company will change the subject to align to the one which you’ve specified then they will deliver the college essay. What happens next? They will provide you with a report which is only meant to confuse you since report only checks grammar errors and slight plagiarism from sources online and not the college databases. Consequently, when you submit the copy via, that’s where your problems will start and the unending nightmare of plagiarism will haunt you promising you nothing but fear and uncertainty. Your Professor will notice that your college essay was already submitted to a different University and having said that, you know what will follow and the repercussions of plagiarism due to the violation of academic integrity.



Just a recap:

1.    They are all from the ESL countries

2.    They are all unregistered companies with the BBB

3.    Their PayPal accounts are non-US verified

4.    Pre-written college essays.


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