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Insights on Meditation or Eastern Medicine from The Perspective of Quantum Theory for Healing People

Introduction Slowly and steadily, holistic healing is taking a center-stage in the Western Science, thereby institutionalizing the same. In fact, several patients are seeking new therapy forms, from their doctors and practitioners, in the Weste...Insights-on-Meditation-or-Eastern-Medicine-from-The-Perspective-of-Quantum-Theory-for-Healing-People …

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Tax Avoidance Real Estate

Discussion             Presently, there is an unresolved dispute regarding real estate billionaires who pay lower income rates than their employees. At the same time, they give advice on the...Tax-Avoidance-Real-Estate …

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Describe in Detail 5 Lines from the Oresteia

Ch. Athena, what is this home thou offerest me?   Ath. One from all sorrow free. Accept it now.   Ch. Say I accept: what privilege shall be mine?   Ath. That without thee no household shall have increase.   Ch. Canst t...Describe-in-Detail-5-Lines-from-the-Oresteia …

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