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What is art essay: "What is art?" essay

"What Is Art?" is an essay by Tolstoy in which he argues against aesthetic theories defining art in terms of the good, truth, and beauty. In summary, it is an essay about his views on what art is, how it functions and how it can b...Read More

~Posted on Jul 2018

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What is art essay:

"What Is Art?" is an essay by Tolstoy&...

"What Is Art?" is an essay by Tolstoy in which he argues against aesthetic theories defining art in terms of the good, truth, and beauty. In summary, it is an essay about his views on what art is, how it functions and how it can be used which indeed seems to be very interesting.


As in other essays, the first step of writing an art essay is brainstorming for a topic. The art essay topic should be clear and offer an overview of what the essay would be about. The second step is extensive research on the topic. Art is a complex subject and quite subjective in nature. Due to this, it is necessary to perform extensive research on the topic to capture the different aspects of the art in the narration of the essay. Writing the art essay is the next step. Essay writing requires the writer to follow specific writing rules that will ensure the points are well arranged, and there is flow in the discussion of the art essay topic. Furthermore, these rules are what make the essay understandable and hence achieve its purpose of communicating with the readers.

Structuring a “What is art?” essay

1.    The art topic selected should always be unique.

 A unique title aims to capture the attention of the reader. Art essay titles are usually about human nature, life, and the society. The title is quite fundamental in the exploration of the theme of any art. The topic should also be interesting to the writer. Having an interesting topic would ensure that the research process is easy and hence ensure that the writer can engage with the information that gets about the topic. The art essay article should also consider the scope of the art essay topic. It should not be too broad as it would be hard to find the information and ensure that it maintains relevance and focus. On the other hand, it should not be too narrow as this would make it hard to find enough information on the topic. This can be quite tasking, and hence the writer should select various topics for the art essay. The strategy for selecting an essay topic starts with doing a background topic on the subject that is being written on. The writer should then brainstorm on the concepts gotten from the research so that the topic captures all of them. With this information and some association words, a topic can then be identified.

2.    Once the topic has been identified, exploratory research should be done on the topic.

This should include an extensive study on the topic selected. Sources that can be studied include scholarly articles, books, and research from other art critics. Art critics are the best research sources for writing art essay. This is because they have been written from the perspective of an artist. Sources of these can be the internet and the library. Special care should be taken when using internet sources. This is because that some of the information might not be credible. Using credible sources is important. This includes scholarly articles, books, and websites that have been authenticated, with .org, .net, and .Gov. Websites like Wikipedia and .com websites should be avoided as the information on these websites might not be accurate.  The writer should be keen to keep a record of all the sources so that they can reference them properly in the essay.

3.    Writing the art essay is the next step.

 This involves presenting the idea that has been gotten from the research in a clear and understandable manner. The typical plan for an art essay, just as in other essays, should be an introduction, the body and then the conclusion. The introduction should present the central idea of the essay. It should give the reader an overview of the whole essay. In some situations, the introduction includes a thesis statement, as the last statement of the introduction. A thesis statement is a sentence that gives a clear view of what the art essay will be about. It gives the central idea of the paper and the judgment of the writer. The conclusion, on the other hand, gives a closing review of the whole paper. Through reading through the conclusion, the reader can discern if the thesis statement of the writer has been proved or disapproved. The body part of the essay gives points that prove or disapprove the art essay topic. The different paragraphs that make up the body always start with a topic sentence that gives an overview of what the paragraph will be talking about. Each paragraph should have a central idea, as given by the topic subject. The paragraph should then go further to explain the message, through giving specific details that develop the claim. The ideas presented should be organized in a systematic manner, with one paragraph flowing into the next smoothly.

As the works used to write the essay are not from the writer but a reproduction of other peoples’ works, it is important to reference the work. This will ensure that the work is not plagiarized and the correct sources of the information get the commendation they need for their work. There are various referencing styles that can be used, depending on the requirements if the art essay. At the end of each paper, the writer should include a bibliography, which is a list of all the references that have been used to write the essay. It is a form of acknowledgment for the sources used. In the text, in-text citations are included, (in most cases, the name of the authors, the year of publication and page number). Through the use of in-text citation, it is possible to identify the source of each idea that has been expressed in the essay. All sources should be references, articles, journals, books, publications, websites and other sources. In case the work of art used is from an unknown author, the writer should include the location of the art. As most art essays include the use of images, they should all be properly labels and described.

4.    The last step in writing an art essay is proofreading the art essay.

This will ensure that all the grammatical mistakes are corrected. Possible mistakes include grammar, wordiness, and wrong spellings, among others. Proofreading the paper ensures that the paper is free from any mistake and understandable to all readers.


How to write an art essay step-by-step

1.                  The art essay topic selected should always be unique.

2.                  Explorative research should be done on the art essay.

3.                  Writing the art essay is the next step

4.                  Proofreading the essay.


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