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Heather Sawyer

Expertise: Essay Writing and Editing.

Department: English/Comparative Literature.

Success Rate:100%

Orders Completed: 5,568

Customer Reviews: 5,568

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Sheldon Buckle

Expertise: Essay Writing Expert.

Department: English & Linguistics.

Success Rate: 100%

Orders Completed: 4,896

Customer Reviews: 4,890

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Julie Kirby

Expertise: College Essay Expert.

Department: Academic Legal Writing.

Success Rate: 97%

Orders Completed: 4,721

Customer Reviews: 4,721

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Gary S. Gordon

Expertise: Essay Writing and editing.

Department: Business Management.

Success Rate: 98%

Orders Completed: 3,966

Customer Reviews: 3,928

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Danielle Smith

Expertise: Academic Essay Writer

Department: Public Health & Nursing.

Success Rate: 100%

Orders Completed: 3,659

Customer Reviews: 3,648

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Scott Creasey

Expertise: Advanced Essay Writing.

Department: Computer Programming.

Success Rate: 95%

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Verifiable Client Reviews
  • One of the things I like about your work is; you just don't comment on a section and tell me concise it or rephrase it. You do it!! It was my problem with the previous editor that frustrated me greatly…I really appreciate that I can learn from [your] writing style and I can put your polished writing in the text and not worry about it over and over again. Please keep doing it!

    • Kristie Reilly
      Brunel University London
  • I continue to be quite pleased with the quality of writing work accomplished by Sandra and coordinated with the team at MyPaperHub! The unusual style and formatting preferences of my instructor would have driven me crazy without Sandra’s clear-headed and patient assistance.

    • Andrew R. Bond
      The University of Exeter
  • I am deeply grateful to our writer and MyPaperHub for their excellent professional cooperation on this Essay project. I greatly valued the writer’s expertise on the subject matter at hand and the thoroughness of his character analysis and discussions. I look very much forward to working with you again.

    • Amanda Karlsson
      Boston University Graduate School of Arts and Sciences
  • Without your magic assistance I would undoubtedly still be floundering around in the muck. Not only did you follow through on everything, you proved to be an excellent,legit writing service and team player. You are extremely knowledgeable, professional, and responsive. I’m confident I’m in good hands when you are on the project! ”

    • Neil C. Murray
      Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania
  • MyPaperHub was the first — and remains the only — legitimate paper writing company that I've worked with that made me want to think up additional writing projects just so that I could continue working with them. Their knowledge. expertise and professionalism is only surpassed by their genuine kindness and easygoing style. But don't get me wrong. easygoing does not mean slow and overly relaxed. When the pressure cranks up and deadlines shorten. they deliver

    • Suzanne Faulkner
      Queen's University Belfast (QUBelfast)
  • Everyone at MyPaperHub was an absolute pleasure to work with - professional timely, legitimate, and fun! Norman was able to easily and skillfully take me from project inception to completion and help me to realize my dreams with a gorgeous end product. I would not hesitate for a moment to utilize the services My-Paper-Hub provides for future paper writing needs - they are AMAZING!

    • Sarah Gillies
      University of Strathclyde, Glasgow (UniStrathclyde)
  • I have worked with MyPaperHub for about a year now. Their consistency and credibility throughout that year is remarkable. Every interaction with them has been a pleasure. The orders are always delivered in a timely fashion (early sometimes!) and the customer service is second to none.

    • Kelly Drawdy
      Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)
  • I certainly value MyPaperHub as a longtime partner. MyPaperHub is considered a top notch paper writing company and I am sure I will continue to work with them.

    • Bruce Floyd
      University of Florida (UF)
  • MyPaperHub , has been a great resource for me over many years. They have consistently done high quality work for my projects which in turn has produced very satisfied results. I find Seth very personable and his entire staff. Thank you.

    • Michael Saade
      Princeton University
  • The paper you have just delivered looks amazing! Thanks for the quick turn-around. it's reassuring to know I have a service that can work with my crazy short notice needs.

    • Lisa Leggett
      University of Chicago
  • I've worked with MyPaperHub personally for 2+years on a weekly basis and I would recommend them to anyone. They take a true pride in the quality of the papers they produce and their service can not be beat.

    • Courtney Westmoreland
      Rice University
  • One of the best things about MyPaperHub is that you can send them a job and know that it will be done right and on time, every-time.

    • John Sutherland
      Dartmouth College
  • MyPaperHub has always fulfilled my paper writing requests promptly and accurately. I would recommend them to anyone.

    • Kurtis Orlando
      University of Miami
  • The staff was very friendly when I contacted them the first time. They also showed professionalism when they took my order.

    • Joanne Rosenberg
      University of California--San Diego
  • Thank you all so much for you magician work today! Beyond AMAZING!!! The level of customer service is off the charts!

    • Barbara Bond Richards
      University of Wisconsin--Madison
  • You all always work with me to meet my deadlines and are very flexible while also being professional. Great team to work with!

    • Rich West
      Ohio State University--Columbus
  • You consistently exceed my expectations! Always a pleasure to work with you!

    • Julianna Marie
  • MyPaperHub is my one stop online paper shop. The quality of work is superior and I would recommend them to anyone who needs to buy a paper.

    • Suzanne Doll
      The George Washington University
  • Amazing. Writing a detailed paper, editing, proofreading and delivery all accomplished within 2 business days! Perfect paper writing skills, excellent service! Your excellent service and product saved my grade!

    • Alvin Farmer
      Fordham University
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Sample Research Project

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Sample Literary Analysis Paper

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Compare & Contrast Sample Paper

"Compare and contrast Finnis with Tooley..."

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Free editing and proofreading services.

Behind every great writer, there's a great editor. Trust your paper to a paper writing team which understands what it takes to write a top-notch academically viable article infused with great content because they've done it before. Along with every order, you get free editing and proofreading services.

Personal Approach.

If you are in a position where you need high-quality work produced for you, we are the right team to get you there. We have the best team of writers and researchers who will craft your paper just the way your instructions demand which has resulted to building strong client relationships.

Flexible Service and a Personal Approach

Get professional college paper writers that meet your specific needs—from quality control to project management. Instructions do matter, but due to dynamics, projects tend to change, and guidelines vary. We consider it – we adapt and adjust – while not drawing back from the fundamentals.

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We work under constant deadline pressures. We can help with Essay editing, complete your reports, proposals or other projects on time, or deal with emergencies such as a report that needs to be rewritten entirely, and quickly in a race against an 'un-stretchable' deadline.

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By our simple ordering process, you will place an order (no sign up required) after which you will be matched with a personal writer who is competent in your field of study.Knowledge and experience set us apart.

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If you have completed a rough draft of your paper, we can help you to put things in order by organizing your content, tightening the thesis, looking out for hiccups and ambiguities, and finally crocheting the paper to the right formatting style and tone which ensures that your scholarly prose leaps off the page!

Apply arcane and specialized knowledge.

We can apply our integrative ability in various disciplines including Medicine, Business, and Legal Studies among other high-level education courses to help you create a thoughtful, insightful document. In the end, you expect a paper, a report or a presentation to inform, influence or persuade your Professor or The defense team (Ph.D.) among other academic audiences.

Taking Your Writing to a Professional Level

Your writing might be good but not great, what do we do? Hire professional research paper writers to come up with pieces of literature based on your topic of research and by dissecting numerous pieces of research; they come up with the final copy which is more professional as seen through the lenses of prospective instructors.


Your privacy is paramount to us, and your work remains your property enshrined under copyright contract. We have sufficient supplementary policies to protect your written work.

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Do you have a hard time proofreading and editing your papers and delivering them on time? Do you lack enough time to work on that essay project due to a heap of assignments and obligations? If yes, then you're at the right place. University students looking for assistance with proofreading and editing their essay papers can rely on our paper writing and editing services for excellent papers.

Why you need online essay proofreading and editing help

Writing a clean and error-free essay is not an easy task, and may end up being both daunting and tedious. You spend months working hard trying to create unique essay articles throughout the whole duration of your academic program. Furthermore, once you're done writing the projects, you are faced with another crucial challenge of proofreading and editing and editing your paper. Even though you may have the necessary editing and proofreading and editing skills, you may still find it hard to complete the task due to time constraints. Additionally, you may be having lots of tasks and obligations to work on. Such scenarios may end up impacting your academic performance.

While writing essay projects may be tough and demanding, most university programs will never offer elaborate training to ensure students find it easy to work on such projects. Consequently, most are left to maneuver their way throughout the project by themselves. This is one of the key contributors to deteriorating academic performances. Such students usually end up getting a poor score if they fail to work on the task or fail the course due to poorly written essay papers. Fortunately, reliable essay writing, proofreading and editing specialists like us are here to help you with all your essay project needs. This way, you can have enough time to focus on learning while working on other bits of your studies.

While looking for any academic writing assistance, it's only natural to seek the services of the most reliable service provider. Reputable writing agencies like ours are the best idea since we strive to ensure our academic writing services remain personalized, thereby surpassing any common expectations. Our able team of paper proofreaders works with you as your advocate, and they'll work deeply, precisely, and intelligently to keep your essay paper flawless. Be it a regular nursing essay, dissertation, or report; you can still rely on our passionate expert proofreaders. They guarantee you peace of mind knowing that your papers will come with the correct citations, outline levels, paragraphing, and pagination.

Our professional editors go through a detailed vetting process, and most of them are full-time language and academic writing specialists with different academic and practice qualifications. Notably, we have editing and writing experts covering over 40 subjects and can work on papers for different academic levels from Ph.D., Masters, Graduate, undergraduate, and high school. We also have a support team that works 24/7 to address the queries, needs, and requirements of our clientele.

Benefits of hiring our essay editing service in USA & UK and how you can place your order.

There are numerous advantages that you'll enjoy by choosing us as your ideal UK essay proofreading and editing service provider. These include:

  1. Expert assistance:-Our expert proofreaders have vast experiences in offering excellent essay proofreading and editing service UK. The team is composed of editors with MBA, Ph.D., and MA in different scientific fields. Therefore, you can rest assured that your paper is handled by a professional.
  2. Security and confidentiality:-Making us your ideal UK essay proofreading and editing service provider is a sure way of ensuring your personal information and material are safe. Notably, every client material is treated with utmost respect and the documents are held in strict confidentiality. Therefore, clients can rest assured that none of their information is released to third parties.
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Guarantees of our academic essay editing service

The guarantees below explain why we are the best essay proofreading and editing service provider:

  1. Money back guarantee:- We refund your money on the rare occasions when the submitted paper doesn't match your requirements.
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  4. Original content:- Every paper goes through a mandatory plagiarism check, ensuring we deliver 100 percent original work.
  5. Revision guarantee:- The piece will be revised for free to match your recommendations within two weeks.
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  1. I don't regret hiring this academic essay proofreading and editing service provider. In fact, the decision turned out to be the game changer in my education. It was not possible for me to edit my entire medicine project and submit it to the professor on time since I had to keep up with my family and work obligations. I significantly benefited from trusting my paper with a team of editors who were knowledgeable in my field of study and the specific requirements of such kind of papers. Through their assistance, I was able to find time to work on other issues and still submit my paper on time. Thanks guys.
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