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Writing Essays for Dummies Cheat Sheet | 4 Pro Tips

Why do students end up hiring an essay writing service? Well, a lot of students in Americans find it hard actually to write, and this raises the second question, why is writing academic assignments so hard and unbearable? For a fact, you can narr...Read More

~Posted on Jul 2018

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Writing Essays for Dummies Cheat Sheet | 4 Pro Tips

Why do students end up hiring an essay writing se...

Why do students end up hiring an essay writing service? Well, a lot of students in Americans find it hard actually to write, and this raises the second question, why is writing academic assignments so hard and unbearable? For a fact, you can narrow down the idea of writing as just coming up with random ideas and putting them down on paper. However, the main idea that makes writing an ordeal to most students is when it comes to converting ideas and researched material into a well-organized assignment which makes sense and follows all the requirements of the rubric issued by your professor. Difficulty in writing is normally depicted as having to write a whole paragraph or maybe a sentence then ending up deleting it altogether since after you have read it you realize that it doesn’t make any sense and you find it boring.

Writing an assignment is all about communicating ideas to the reader, and this means that the most vital part of writing an assignment is to know what you are going to write even before getting to start writing. You ought to understand what you need your readers to read. When writing an assignment, you need to know exactly what you need to put forward to the reader and ensuring that the points are vivid in your head and also figuring out how you will evoke emotions of the reader once you start writing.

An essay writing service normally employs qualified writers who have learned how to come up with professional assignments, and they do this by reading widely and ensuring that they have boosted their imagination. The only way and the best way to do this is by reading, and these experts have all the secrets with them.

I’m sure this might seem a little bit awkward, but before becoming a great assignment writer you have to have read widely, and reading must be your habit as well because it’s something continuous.  When you need to communicate with other people, you must be having the ideas in your mind, and not only that but the ideas must be very clear and illustrative.




Writing College Essays For Dummies

Beat that dreaded writer's block by using the ultimate incredible cheat sheet used by hired professional writers: This resource cheat sheet that will aid writing college essays for dummies.


          1.    Use of an idea map 

A good essay writing service should write your assignment based on a guide map which one of the writers who is working on your assignment has created to guide him or her. A professional assignment writer might get fresh ideas as he/she proceeds to write, but these fresh ideas shouldn’t be incorporated within the assignment without going back to the map to check if the fresh ideas make any sense when they have been intertwined within the paragraph at that stage of writing. The writer might opt to use the new idea in a different paragraph or use the fresh idea to add onto a paragraph which discussed something slightly close to that or the fresh idea serves as a consequence of an already discussed idea.


2.    Paragraph organization

An essay writing service has professional writers who come up with a proper topic sentence for every paragraph. A topic sentence clearly shows the reader what you are planning to discuss in that specific paragraph, the idea which you want to put forward. The main idea is somehow broad, and therefore it should start with a topic sentence which gives an idea of the entire paragraph, it gives an insight of what will be discussed in the paragraph. A professional assignment writer weighs all options before embarking on the process of writing. This is because, as a writer you should contemplate on how you will discuss the main idea and this can be in-form of numbering of the ideas, coming up with questions and answers which also can discuss the main idea by coming up with questions which provide insight and after the answer has been discussed it becomes comprehensible, you can opt to also come up with a way of comparing and contrasting the ideas in the main argument.

Professional writers ensure that they have interconnected ideas within paragraphs and from paragraph to paragraph by using the art of transition words which are interconnecting links which ensure that the whole body interconnects and makes sense to the reader. There are the compare and contrast paragraphs whereby two paragraphs are being compared and contrasted at the same time, and the best interlinking words to use are: conversely, on the other hand, similarly and alternatively among others which writers hired by an essay writing service understand better.


3.    Link paragraphs

A writer you have hired from an essay writing service should be able to look at the map he has for your assignment and link different paragraphs which have related ideas by use of linking words for example “with reference to, as outlined below” in order to show the reader that the idea you are talking about can further be elaborated by reading the paragraph which is within the same paper you are writing. Ensure that you have linked relevant paragraphs otherwise you will be confusing the reader, and the whole organization of your assignment might be scrambled.

4.    Sections of the essay

Assignments have different sections just like any other academic writing, for example, an essay, a research paper and so on. Therefore identify the type of assignment your hired writer from an essay writing service will be working on and ensure the following structure is adhered to avoid submitting an assignment with poor structure.


a)     Writing an introduction:

An introduction is very important since the reader will know if the assignment follows the prompt or not by just reading the introduction. An introduction should be interesting too; no one wants to read a boring assignment. A professional writer will always put this into consideration when writing. An introduction should include a general orientation of what the assignment will be discussing and it should contain a thesis which points the direction that the assignment is intending to take.


b)     Writing the body:

A writer from an essay writing service ensures that every paragraph comes up with a point which is normally linked to the outline and ultimately the thesis statement.

You can structure a paragraph in this manner:


Topic sentence: Make a point at the beginning of the paragraph

Supporting sentences: Ensure that you have provided evidence-based research backing up your main argument.

Conclusive sentence: close the paragraph by linking back to the point you made to open the paragraph and linking this to your thesis statement.

Wind up your paragraph by providing a link back to the initial point you made at the opening of the paragraph and linking it to the thesis statement.



c)      Writing the conclusion:

A conclusion can be structured as follows:


As a professional writer, ensure that you have described the vital points discussed in the paper and DO NOT includes any information that you didn’t discuss earlier on. If you should introduce any new information, then you should go ahead and discuss the idea in the body paragraph and come up with new references.

A writer from a good reputable custom Assignment Writing Service will end with a suggestion, a method to combat the problem discussed and maybe a comment which is helpful to the topic of discussion.


Just a recap:

1.    Use of an idea map

2.    Paragraph organization

3.    Link paragraphs

4.    Sections of the assignment



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Writing Essays for Dummies Cheat Sheet | 4 Pro Tips

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Writing Essays for Dummies Cheat Sheet | 4 Pro Tips