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What makes a good opinion article

An opinion article, unlike persuasive writing doesn’t aim to overly persuade the reader to support the writer’s point of view but it does take a stand on a particular issue and supports it with unbiased facts, documentations, definitions, and details.

Opinion pieces are insights that make people think. While many may not agree comprehensively with your perspective at least if one analyzes your statements, they also contain bits and pieces that are arguably very true. Those little things or fragments also connect to the bigger picture.

This form of writing is used by students who are pursuing courses in Media, Communications and Journalism - BSc (Hons) and often publications will be in form of student blogs, newspapers, press releases, and student magazines.

This form of writing can however include or use a persuasive style of writing by including personal anecdotes and a few rhetorical techniques which are basically persuasive in nature.

 The topic is very important and could make a big difference between getting a really good grade and an unexceptional grade. The topic you choose needs to be interesting enough to capture the reader’s attention and to maintain it. In this case, the reader is your professor. Avoid choosing a topic that is so basic to your professor because he/she ends up feeling like they can already predict what you want to talk about or how you are going to base your argument. Remember, they have a lot of essays to go through; you, therefore, need to make your essay unique so that it stands out from the rest.

Opinion articles for students

How to write opinion articles for students: the topic.

How to write opinion articles for students
  1. 1. Choose a viewpoint that interests you (Adopt a topic that’ll be an attention grabber)


This is very important. Choosing a topic that you love gives you the motivation you require for beginning and completing the assignment. It is possible for your professor to see the emotions you poured into an essay and tell the difference between a student who wrote passionately and a student who simply did the assignment out of obligation. Of course, in any case, the passionate student will be awarded a really good grade.


You should also pick a topic that appeal to the reader’s emotion. It should be an issue that interests people and forces them to pick a side. Controversial topics are the best for this situation. Just be careful to pick a topic that has not been discussed too much so that you don’t lose the reader’s interest.


  1. 2. Pick a topic you are familiar with


You should pick a topic that you know something about and one whose background information is familiar to you. This does not significantly mean that you have to know all the information, make sure you have a clue about what you will be working on. Avoid choosing a topic which is new to you because you will end up having a load of work to do trying to make sure that you cover all angles from the very beginning. Working on a familiar topic gives you a head start when you need to research therefore saving you some precious time.


  1. 3. Choose a topic which is specific


Select a topic that can easily be narrowed to something specific. A broad topic will have too much to cover. This might make you lose focus of what it is you are writing about and giving too much unnecessary information to the reader. The reader, in this cases your professor, and then ends up getting bored because your essay does not have the specific argument to present. The topic you choose should be narrowed down to a clear and specific statement.


  1. 4. Choose a topic that is deep


There is nothing quite frustrating than picking a topic and then realizing halfway into the research process, that it does not have enough material to help you come up with a strong argument. Before settling on a topic, ensure that it has enough sources to help you come up with a strong argument. A good opinion article always has evidence to back up the claims made by the writer. In order to convince the reader to view things from your perspective, you should be able to give them solid evidence to prove that your viewpoint is the most logical.


  1. 5. Choose a topic that is arguable


Choose a topic that is debatable and that will enable you to take a controversial position. That is, you should be able to pick a side and successfully provide evidence to back your claims up. You should be able to offer counterarguments to show the reader that your views are correct. If the topic you pick does not offer the audience the opportunity to decide which side makes more sense to them, then you should probably avoid it.




  1. 6. The topic should be appropriate


As stated earlier, you should pick a topic that is controversial; however, you need to make sure that the topic is appropriate. Some topics are not appropriate for school essays since they are too sensitive. You might end up insulting your professor without knowing.


  1. 7. The topic should be on current matters


Choose to write your opinion article based on a current issue (read current news media including magazines and updated blogs in order to be updated on what has been happening). It should be based on current trends. Ensure to provide enough background information for the reader so that they don’t get lost. Do not assume that they know everything. This could cost you are a really good grade. You can check current newspapers or try watching the news to figure out which matters are affecting the world at that current moment.


  1. 8. The topic should address the problem and give a solution


The topic that you choose to work on should state the problem to the reader and offer a solution. A good opinion article sheds light on the problem at hand, shows the reader the effects of the problem and how it affects their daily lives. Along with that, the essay should offer a solution to the problem and include evidence to clearly show the reader how their lives will be affected by the solution.


The topic is just a contributor to a good opinion article. There are very many factors that you should put into consideration when you are writing your essay so that you can attain a really good grade, for example, thorough research is necessary to come up with a winning essay. The strength of your thesis statement and how you choose to structure your essay so that it can support and build on the thesis statement is also extremely important in convincing your professor to award you a good grade.


The soundest way to master the art of writing opinion articles is a lot of practice. You should also look for samples of really good opinion articles so that you can get an idea of how you are required to write yours. There’s no shortcut to this. Ask your professor to give you some hints on what you should improve in your essays and learn from your own mistakes. If you make these little efforts, you are guaranteed to see a lot of improvements in the next opinion article you will be writing.


Just a recap:


  1. 1. Choose a topic that interests you


  1. 2. Pick a topic you are familiar with


  1. 3. Choose a topic which is specific


  1. 4. Choose a topic that is deep


  1. 5. Choose a topic that is arguable


  1. 6. The topic should be appropriate


  1. 7. The topic should be on current matters


  1. 8. The topic should address the problem and give a solution


» Brainstorming questions when writing an opinion article:

» Is the topic/subject timely and significant?

» Is the story appealing and does it really matter in current times?

» How many sides does the issue at hand take?

» Does the story have any outcomes?

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