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Your term paper should have 4 sections:

  1. (15 pts) Introduction and Background (~1 pg). This is where you should introduce the topic of your paper. What is the question or problem you are writing about? Why is it an important question? Assume your classmates are your audience; what information will they need to understand your topic? Be sure to define key terms or concepts that were not covered in class, and try to avoid re-hashing information from class.
  2. (55pts) Review of Related Research Reports (sections 2 and 3 can be combined to some extent). Discuss the contribution of each study/paper to answering your question and what it leaves unanswered. Try to let the experimental question guide the narrative, rather than just going study-by-study. Make sure to specify what hypothesis is being addressed.
  3. (15pts) Conclusion (~1 pg). This is where you thoughtfully discuss the impact of the studies on the topic you have chosen. Have these studies furthered our understanding of the question/issue? What remains unresolved? What questions have been raised?
  4. (10pts) References. Use a standardized format for your references, such as APA publication format. Every article or book that you use should be cited. Remember: It is plagiarism to not give proper credit.

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