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Essay hacks may come in handy especially to most college students who begin writing essays when the due date is soon and the professor is unable to accommodate any requests for deadline extension. This is a bad idea since as the due date approaches, tension is at its peak, and hell breaks loose when you realize you need to write an essay within an hour, proofread and edit then later submit the essay when it’s almost the 11th hour that’s when you end up asking your friends ‘I need help writing an analysis essay’. Academic essays require proper planning, and that is why Professors can assign essays two weeks or even a month or two before the exact deadline.


When you have two weeks to work on an essay, then you should have the full advantage by your side, and you should immediately start researching on different things to write and indeed, to come up with the background information needed to finalize your essay. You will need time to write the essay, proofread and edit the essay and hand in the completed essay in good time to have the advantage of being awarded full credit for the essay.


Running out of time when writing an essay is a normal thing that occurs, and this is due to improper planning and poor time management. This happens, and you shouldn’t blame yourself since it’s something that can be altered and you will realize that writing essays will be something manageable and fun.


How to write better essays


  1. » Come up with a topic and a title


The main thing is to come up with an effective topic and a title. Firstly, you must understand the functions of a title which include: prediction of content, catching the reader’s attention, it reflects the tone as far as the writing is concerned, and finally, it does contain keywords that are easily searchable


A good title takes time to develop since if you fail to come up with a proper title, then everything will fall as you proceed to establish your essay and you will realize you’re losing track in your writing.


  1. » Choose the principal idea, or thesis, of your essay.


A thesis for an essay is quite important and plays a vital role as well since it ensures that the reader has an idea regarding the essay and the discussions that as concerned with the essay. A thesis statement will bring forth the ideas of the essays direct to the reader, and that is why a thesis statement should be strong and to the point. It shouldn’t be complicated and always remember that coming up with a well-stated thesis statement does ensure that the topic is effective and this grasps the attention of the reader. A thesis statement determines the destiny of your essay, and it does portray the effort put in by the writer in coming up with the topic and the resulting outline of the essay.


  1. » Outline your essay into introductory, body and summary paragraphs:


Introductory Paragraph


  • Hook: Most people think that writing is something that only those with a born talent can ever do well.


  • Thesis: Proper writing takes practice


  • Links to the main ideas to be developed in the essay: Relentless practice and not giving up gives rise to the art of writing.


1st Body Paragraph


  • » Main idea: Practice leads to proper writing skills


  • » Support: Writing without prior practice and experience + example


  • » Support: Writing with prior practice and experience and interest + example statistic


  • The Conclusion


2nd Body Paragraph


  • » Main idea: Prior writing experience has changed how writers bring forth their ideas in writing.


  • » Support: Prior writing experience enables writers to be more experienced and therefore becoming more creative and at the same time avoiding spelling mistakes and other grammatical errors


  • » Support: Writing when you have experienced makes it easy to come up with different topics, and as a writer, you are comfortable to write literary about anything that comes your way.


  • The Conclusion


3rd Body Paragraph


  • » Main idea: Writing experience has changed how writers spend their time writing.


  • » Support: Writers with the least experience tend to take more time coming up with a specific material, and this might affect the rate at which they develop specific content material or a specific type of writing which they have been assigned.


  • » Support: Proper writing experience ensures that a writer can write more articles and without anything being compromised for example the quality and the degree of creativeness.


  • » The Conclusion


The Concluding Paragraph


  • » Review of main ideas of each paragraph


  • » Restatement of thesis: Proper writing takes practice


  • » Concluding thought: Writing will continue to demand practice and self-motivation.


How to get better at writing essays

  1. » You need to start on a high note by using a question and most specifically a rhetoric one. This is within the introductory paragraph and the interesting sentence is defined as the hook which tends to capture the attention of the reader.


  1. » Next you have to come up with the thesis statement. This is everything when it comes to shaping the destiny of your essay.


  1. » Proceed to introduce the body paragraphs which you will link straight from the introduction. This ensures that the whole essay is connected


  1. » As you proceed with the body paragraphs, ensure that the main point is stated in the start of the body paragraphs. Ensure you have used examples as illustrations to support the main idea in each paragraph


  1. » Introduce the summary paragraph which only restates the central ideas of the body paragraphs


  1. » The last sentence generally restates the thesis of the essay which as discussed earlier on, builds the foundation of the entire essay.


  1. » The final statement: This can predict anything discussed and backed up in the essay body paragraphs with proper illustrations. At this stage, avoid introducing any new ideas.


How to write a really good essay

  1. » Come up with a topic and a title.


  1. » Choose the central idea, or thesis, of your essay.


  1. » Outline your essay into introductory, body and summary paragraphs.


How to improve my essay

Asking: “I would like to learn how to improve my writing skills and how to properly structure information about a specific topic within an essay.”

Answer: Hiring an essay writing service to write that essay for you can be the best way to improve and enhance your English writing skills onwards and upwards!

Need an article, a speech, a research paper, or an academic essay to boost your GPA? Consider hiring a ghostwriter to get the work done within the time-frame you need and by doing this you improve your writing from a different perspective by making sure you’ve read over the essay.


» The perfect essay from essay writing services


What is an essay writing service?


This is an entrenched company which its only reason for being established is to aid students in coming up with well-written essays, research papers, speeches, thesis, dissertations among other forms of academic writing.  A reliable service not only writes essays for students but its policies are in strict adherence to stipulated deadlines and closely follow the requirements of the student.

A reliable service has several characteristics which I will outline below but first things first. Let me start by saying that a good essay writing service will work to the advantage of the student but a mediocre service will only cause more harm than good to the student since there are so many errors an essay service without proper management can do to affect the education of a student. For example, a non-reliable essay service will employ unprofessional writers, maybe use the same writers to edit the work which is still unethical sine as a company a writer and an editor are two different people with different job descriptions.

A mediocre company will also use free plagiarism checkers which are freely available online which means you don’t get premium reports about grammar and plagiarism. All these can jeopardize your education as a student, and things can even get worse when you have been summoned to the office of the dean only to answer to a plagiarism case often classified under academic misconduct often punished by expulsion from the institution of Higher learning.


Affordable essay writing services hacks


  1. » Expert writers


Ensure the cheap service offering company does disclose to you exactly who will be working on your paper. You can do this by asking the client support to provide you with the email of the writer who will be assigned to work on your paper or otherwise a phone number which will enable you to discuss with your writer regarding the assignment details. Having to keep contact with your writer enables you to explain to the writer exactly how you want the writer to handle your assignment. But many may ask “then what is the reason for paying them if I have to keep following up with the writer?” I must say that it’s not a must but when you get to explain to the writer first-hand how your lecturer wants the paper to be then it reduces chances of revisions and hence there is little or no wastage of time.


  1. » Unlimited revisions

Essay companies even though some may be cheap, they need to have unlimited revisions for their clients which means that a client is free to request for revisions once the writer has delivered the final paper. Chances are that there are a few things that you want to be fixed; not to mean that the paper isn’t properly written, but to ensure that the format which your Professor specifies has been used. For example, my professor back in campus knew the way every student presented their work, and therefore it could have caused me my degree to buy a cheap essay only to submit in a different format and score an A, a grade which I never scored when writing papers by myself. Of course, don’t do anything that might end up raising eyebrows and lead to questioning by the faculty dean.


  1. » Grammar report and plagiarism reports


A cheap service should ensure that you get what you need to get along with your order at no extra cost. This means you should be provided with a grammar report and a plagiarism report both which should be attached along with your order and therefore prove that the paper delivered is free from plagiarism and grammar errors. This also proves that the paper went under serious scrutiny before it was delivered and this means a professional proofreader and editor managed to go through the paper as advertised on most cheap essay writing sites. As you know by now, Professors don’t like to grade papers which are full of grammar errors, in fact, they rarely even read the entire paper to the end and what does this mean? You will receive a grade which will sadden you since it will be a fat D and nothing more and when your paper is found to be copied from online databases or a pre-written paper submitted to a different university, then that means that you will have to face the academic integrity committee at your university. That is a very serious issue.

  1. » No additional costs

Cheap services are simply affordable, and that means at no stage in writing the paper should the company ask for additional money from the client. Most essay companies which pose as cheap and affordable companies attract a multitude of clients only for them to be asked to pay $50 extra per page after ordering from the company. This is quite wrong since its holding the client ransom and if the client fails to pay then the company disappears with the first amount that you initially paid on the grounds that you failed to honor their terms and the contract is, therefore, null and void. These cases mostly occur when dealing with companies outside the USA but posing to be USA companies. Kenya and India have the most recorded cases as per statistics of high scam rates recorded for students who tried to buy cheap essays from companies that don’t even exist.


  1. » No contracts


Companies offering cheap services which are already registered in the USA have one thing in common, there are no contracts with the company, and there is no sign-up. This helps the client to remain anonymous and safe within the companies’ policies as far as privacy is concerned. When you are asked to sign in then you leave your details with the company, and most of these countries outside the USA will ask for sign up, and even worse others will ask for credit card information. Do not provide all these since they do not tell you in their privacy policy how they intend to use that information you have provided.  A good and affordable essay company will ask you to place an order anonymously, and they won’t store any of your information especially credit card information in their database.


  1. » Look for quality and value


You should know that cost and competency in the essay writing industry is king and cost shouldn’t be the only factor you look out for in a service which will write an essay for you, and you should also ensure that the company of your picking is competent in its dealings. If your essay is written only to find out it never followed the prompt you will be disappointed much, and you will have lost your money for a piece of digital paper that you can’t risk submitting.


  1. » Do your homework


You need to be patient since you need the best, for the best service to write your essay and since you do not want a half-baked essay; take your time and do your research well. Come up with a few services which you will analyze once more to come up with the best of them all which is competent and is levelheaded priced; the cost of an essay is free on most websites, and you can check the pricing without even contacting support or anyone for a quote. Ensure you have asked questions which should be well answered in their FAQ section.


Be on the alert of essay services that:


  1. » Want to write your essay as part of a package discount. This can be for example writing without referencing, writing your essay without focusing on third party material, for example, watching a movie in case of a movie review, audio listening and even going through multiple readings in case you have the sources from a book which should strictly be used when writing your paper.


  1. » Do not have a working phone number and insists that there is a discount if you order immediately and the discount only applies if you order now. Avoid such a company, run and hide!


  1. » Sell essay writing services on Twitter and Facebook. These companies do not rank well on Alexa rankings and even Google ranking which is the most vital ranking search engine. If you have found the company using third-party methods such as Fiverr, Twitter bots, Facebook spam messages ignore, don’t proceed with the deal, it won’t be worth it, it’s a bad sign and a sign of essay scam looming.


  1. » Don’t have a Better Business Bureau BBB seal and isn’t secured by use of SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) certificate displayed before the URL of the page. The SSL is meant for your safety as you browse its meant to establish a secure connection between a web server and a typical browser. (Green padlock before the URL)-check a company’s identification and credentials by use of these security badges.


  1. » Commence writing your essay even before you provide the sources and you haven’t made payment yet. Some tell their clients “we will work on your essay, you can pay after its done” trust me that they will try and get as many details as possible from you and at the end they will threaten you, and you will pay for an essay which is plagiarized and doesn’t have anything to do with what you professor assigned. Just ignore the company and proceed to do your research at this stage, don’t give them any relevant information. Listen to what they have to tell you and look out for the bad signs.


  1. » Claim to have worked on that specific topic, and the client got an ‘A,’ and they tell you that they can do the same for you if only you order the essay immediately. This means that you will buy a pre-written essay which has already been submitted by another student via you know what that means don’t you?


  1. » Claims to be endorsed by State Department of Education or any other government authority agency. This is awkward since essay writing services is a backdoor industry which should remain secret and better yet, no government agency can endorse any company. This is just common sense, and The Government can’t do that.


Good cooperation between you and the essay service will help you with your school work, and you will reap the gains in the long-term. However, you must select the service that is honest in their dealings since education is no joke in the USA and you might get expelled just because you were caught cheating. A good essay writing company which is at the same time affordable will ensure that your privacy is protected, your confidentiality is upheld, and you always get what you paid for. There are no shortcuts while vetting a cheap essay service and the seeds you sow now, will soon take root.


Service hacks and tips for top essay writing

  1. » Expert writers
  2. » Unlimited revisions
  3. » Grammar report and plagiarism reports
  4. » No additional costs
  5. » No contracts
  6. » Look for quality and value
  7. » Do your homework
  8. » Package discount
  9. » Working phone number
  10. » Services on Twitter and Facebook
  11. » A Better Business Bureau BBB seal and isn’t secured by use of SSL
  12. » Commence writing your essay even before you provide the sources
  13. » Claim to have worked on that specific topic
  14. » Claims to be endorsed by State Department of Education

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