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One of the things I like about your work is; you just don't comment on a section and tell me concise it or rephrase it. You do it!! It was my problem with the previous editor that frustrated me greatly…I really appreciate that I can learn from [your] writing style and I can put your polished writing in the text and not worry about it over and over again. Please keep doing it!

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Brunel University London

First, I just want to say thank you guys for all the wonderful papers you guys have written for me! You all do some great work. Recently I had a paper written for me and I received and 82 on it which I’m honestly happy with considering it is one of the hardest classes I’m taking right now, and apparently the professor is an extremely tough grader.

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The University of Exeter

I am deeply grateful to our writer and MyPaperHub for their excellent professional cooperation on this book report project. I greatly valued the writer’s expertise on the subject matter at hand and the thoroughness of his character analysis and discussions. I look very much forward to working with you again.

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Boston University Graduate School of Arts and Sciences

Without your magic assistance I would undoubtedly still be floundering around in the muck. Not only did you follow through on everything, you proved to be an excellent writing service and team player. You are extremely knowledgeable, professional, and responsive. I’m confident I’m in good hands when you are on the project!

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Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania

I am deeply grateful to our writer and MyPaperHub for their excellent professional cooperation on this book report project. I greatly valued the writer’s expertise on the subject matter at hand and the thoroughness of his character analysis and discussions. I look very much forward to working with you again.

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Boston University Graduate School of Arts and Sciences

MyPaperHub was the first — and remains the only — paper writing company that I've worked with that made me want to think up additional writing projects just so that I could continue working with them. Their knowledge. expertise and professionalism is only surpassed by their genuine kindness and easygoing style. But don't get me wrong, easy-going does not mean slow and overly relaxed. When the pressure cranks up and deadlines shorten, they deliver!

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Queen's University Belfast (QUBelfast)

Everyone at MyPaperHub was an absolute pleasure to work with - professional, timely, knowledgeable, and fun! Norman was able to easily and skillfully take me from project inception to completion and help me to realize my dreams with a gorgeous end product. I would not hesitate for a moment to utilize the services My-Paper-Hub provides for future paper writing needs - they are AMAZING!

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University of Strathclyde, Glasgow (UniStrathclyde)

I have worked with MyPaperHub for about a year now. Their consistency throughout that year is remarkable. Every interaction with them has been a pleasure. The orders are always delivered in a timely fashion (early sometimes!) and the customer service is second to none.

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Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)

I certainly value MyPaperHub as a longtime partner. MyPaperHub is considered a top-notch paper writing company, and I am sure I will continue to work with them.

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University of Florida (UF)

MyPaperHub, has been a great resource for me over many years. They have consistently done high quality work for my projects which in turn has produced very satisfied results. I find Seth very personable and his entire staff. Thank you.

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Princeton University

The paper you have just delivered looks amazing! Thanks for the quick turn-around. It's reassuring to know I have a service that can work with my crazy short notice needs.

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University of Chicago

I've worked with MyPaperHub personally for 2+years on a weekly basis and I would recommend them to anyone. They take a true pride in the quality of the papers they produce and their service can not be beat.

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Amazing. Writing a detailed paper, editing, proofreading and delivery all accomplished within 2 business days! Perfect paper writing skills, excellent service! Your excellent service and product saved my grade!

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I am deeply grateful to our writer and MyPaperHub for their excellent professional cooperation on this book report project. I greatly valued the writer’s expertise on the subject matter at hand and the thoroughness of his character analysis and discussions. I look very much forward to working with you again.

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Boston University Graduate School of Arts and Sciences

Flexible Service and a Personal Approach.

What We Do to Make a Difference for Your Research Paper 🚀

Review your existing research paper instructions, including drafts provided, and see where we can power up your writing workflow.

Ensure you have a compliant research paper by strictly adhering to consistent APA format, 6th edition rule for citation formatting.

Perform error correction (revisions), spelling, and grammar checks to get to polish your text before submission.

Keep our security settings updated to protect your research paper, so you don't have to worry about a virus ruining that research paper.

Optimize your research paper by developing strategies for creating and structuring an effective PowerPoint, developing research topics, research questions, and thesis statements and incorporating grammar rules and strategies for effective research writing.

Dominate your research paper by sourcing for potential topics and by using effective and credible resources, even those behind paywalls, to get it done.

Demonstrate mastery and specialized knowledge of subject/topic and a strong grasp of how this topic is related to broader issues.

Check your draft; simplify what you have written by removing unnecessary words, sentences, and even unnecessary paragraphs.

Write six or more drafts in order to refine your paper; in the process, they clarify meaning and develop and support arguments fully.

Enhance your research paper objectives with proper in-depth research content for instructor intent and those who will review research you may consider presenting at a conference or publish in a prestigious-sounding journal.

Demonstrate a detailed, comprehensive, and accurate understanding of the field/subject/topic.

Evidence of mastery and command in making connections between introductions, conclusions, points made, and claims asserted.

Develop unambiguous clear writing and ensure that sources are accurately cited and reported.

Arguments and claims made are supported with evidence, logic, and warrants.

Report to you with a well-organized paper easy to follow/read and is void of errors(edit, proofread, organization and presentation)

Ensure your document is free from potential plagiarism issues; our elite editors use PlagScan just to be sure that the writer didn't miss any citations or use some text without permission.

If You are Feeling:
‣ Overwhelmed by how much you'll have to cover because of procrastinating proficiently.
‣ Ultimately overcome by the seemingly inveterate writer’s block.

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‣ Worried and coming to the realization that your cumulative GPA might drop.
‣ Genuinely depressed that you might end up loosing your money to scam.

Well, on the bright side, you no longer need to worry. We'll ease your nerves and help you to find some balance.
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Sample Papers
These MODEL SAMPLE papers are NOT entirely free of errors; but uniquely, they do represent OUTSTANDING student work at the University level.

Sample Research Project

"You will be required to conduct original..."


Sample Literary Analysis Paper

"Develop a literary analysis of the Hermit's Story..."


Compare & Contrast Sample Paper

"Compare and contrast Finnis with Tooley..."

More Samples
Taking Your Writing to a Professional Level.

Wondering,👀 "Can someone write my paper for me?"

Behind every great writer, there's a great editor. Trust your paper to a paper writing team which understands what it takes to write a top-notch academically viable article infused with great content because they've done it before. Along with every order, you get free editing and proofreading services.

If you are in a position where you need high-quality work produced for you, we have a competent team aligned to deliver solutions. We have the best team of writers and researchers who will craft your paper just the way your instructions demand which has resulted to building strong client relationships.

Get professional college paper writers that meet your specific needs—from quality control to project management. Instructions do matter, but due to dynamics, projects tend to change, and guidelines vary. We consider it – we adapt and adjust – while not drawing back from the fundamentals.

We work under constant deadline pressures. We can help with essay writing, complete your reports, proposals or other projects on time, or deal with emergencies such as a report that needs to be rewritten entirely, and quickly in a race against an unstretchable deadline.

By our simple ordering process, you will place an order (no sign up required) after which you will be matched with a personal expert writer who is competent and specialized in your field of study. Knowledge and experience set us apart. From extensive research to the writing process, we do it all.

If you have completed a rough draft of your paper, we can help you to put things in order by organizing your content, tightening the thesis, looking out for hiccups and ambiguities, and finally crocheting the paper to the right formatting style and tone which ensures that your scholarly prose leaps off the page!

We get it! Your time is invaluable (finite resource), and your expectations are high. We listen to you and do what we propose, unlike some paper writing consultants. We will do all the in-depth research for you, and help you avoid any unforeseen mistakes that might conspire to make your work look less than professional. Make us your on-call writing team.

We can apply our integrative ability in various disciplines including Medicine, Business, and Legal Studies among other high-level education courses to help you create a thoughtful, insightful document. In the end, you expect a paper, a report or a presentation to inform, influence or persuade your Professor or The defense team (PhD) among other academic audiences.

Your writing might be good but not great, what do we do? Hire professional research paper writers to come up with pieces of literature based on your topic of research and by dissecting numerous pieces of research; they come up with the final copy which is more professional as seen through the lenses of prospective instructors.

Your privacy is paramount to us, and your work remains your property enshrined under copyright contract. We have sufficient supplementary policies to protect your written work.

Intelligent Risk-Proof Strategies.

Wait...a legit👌, reputable research agency?

Do you find it overwhelming to keep up with preparing for finals (the current bête noire in education) while attempting to achieve a better work-life balance?
Do you feel riddled with absolute doom and utter depression when having to deal with the infinite sets of papers and toxic shifts? While there isn’t one app that can manage your life, there is some glimmer of hope since our custom paper writing service can ease your nerves & help manage your essays, academic assignments, research papers, coursework, midterm questions just to name a few, during the most stressful period of the semester!

Then you may need help from our writing community to avoid the worry of having to deal with grammar issues, spelling, sentence structure & unfitting words appended to random sentences or using scattered words which are out of context.

MyPaperHub provides packages which are both inclusive of editing of briefs and providing reports in APA, MLA, Turabian format, Chicago, ASA, and Harvard among other acceptable or common formatting styles while at the same time offering fast turnarounds for tight deadlines.

MyPaperHub stands out against the rest of the paper writing services. Why? Our unique approach uses research, and only research, to inform the paper writing process we use for every paper written.

No smoke and mirrors involved – just results. Struggling to drop a class shouldn't be an option but delegating some of these hard assignments and papers is as easy as saying ‘Do my paper for me.’ And we will answer your call- At MyPaperHub, paper writing is our bread and butter.

The waiting game is over:-

  1. Launching an order with MyPaperHub includes access to MyPaperHub order management system®, a real-time order tracking platform that puts all orders at your fingertips.

  2. We have aligned and invested in hiring a great team that has great technical knowledge that separates them from many other paper agencies.

  3. With years of experience that turned into expertise, we will offer you affordable papers which are in high-quality, well researched and free from plagiarism. Do not let the constant slog of researching and writing papers make you dislike education.

    MyPaperHub custom paper experts and researchers dive into the nitty-gritty of these specific metrics to get your grades to where you want them. We aren’t the best paper writing service for nothing.

Our term paper writing service builds smart strategies for content-hungry Professors. PaperHub leverages a wealth of performance writing skills and research to create scientifically-driven academic writing strategies. Our proprietary methodology combines the best of research and a work-force to deliver grade-impacting results with a breakneck pace. We’re quick, smart, and hungry for your success in improving your GPA.

Our writers and researchers have proven their professional qualities in their work; in that, they do rigorous research on the topic given and produce a paper that is written from scratch.

The articles are also referenced according to the requirements of the client while still paying attention to the recently recommended styles, for example, APA REFERENCING STYLE (6TH EDITION) and MLA (Modern Language Association 6th edition.

The writers are knowledgeable about the different referencing styles. We ensure that all term papers delivered are 100% filled with unique and quality content.
Our writing services cover all scopes of academic writing at all education levels, from high school to college to Ph.D. We assure you of well-researched papers that meet all your requirements including proofreading and editing which are part of the package.

Need to scale your GPA? It’s no secret that paper agencies carry a nasty reputation. To be specific, finding the best essay paper writing services isn’t as simple as it seems everyone claims to have a "secret sauce" and deliver more "A+ grades" than the next company.

In an industry where everyone looks like everyone else, how do you separate the 'Doers from from the Sayers'?

  1. While MyPaperHub might look like the last company you hired, when you take a close look under our hood you’ll see why some of the students from top-level universities in the world come to us for help with papers.

  2. We no longer use old tactics to come up with academic papers because "THEY DO NOT WORK!" but our agency sticks to new tactics which are verified and do actually work while meeting the needs of a continuously evolving and changing education system.

  3. Our intersection with technology and a workforce which aims at results allows us to pragmatically build proper academic content which reduces red unwanted correction marks by your professor.

  4. No cookie cutter plans and indeed no guessing-with us, you can raise your GPA even when it seems like an impossibility.

  5. We accept no impossibilities whatsoever; therefore, just ask our top-level strategic thinking writers "write my paper for me cheap."

Get smart help with your research essay requests.

Our services are built on five core skills; adaptability, affordability, quality, excellent research skills, ability to stick to deadlines, and efficient communication culture. Essays are an essential part of academia and begin as early as junior high. The nature and complexity of essays differ from one education level to the next. In order to complete an essay excellently, a detailed understanding of and attention to instructions is required. The professional help we provide for essays request is founded on ensuring our clients receive an excellent paper which is built on addressing all the issues presented within the instructions. Additionally, we help meet tight deadlines so our clients can focus their time and energy on other things.

Is it possible to pay someone to write my paper?

When paying for an online research paper service, there are several important things to take into consideration. Meeting deadlines is of paramount importance as academic work is required within a specified time frame. It is practically impossible to stress the importance of quality work. Adherence to instruction is of great importance as it forms the basis of grading for most academic work. Price should also be factored in since every penny counts when paying for any service. Work from an online research paper service should meet all the terms and conditions surrounding originality. During the course of having a research paper done online, the client should be provided with a communication platform that allows for constant back and forth. This is important, especially for cases where drafts are submitted at agreed intervals.

Affordable and professional help for research essays.

While there is a myriad of factors undergirding the price of a research paper, the two major factors are deadline, academic level. Customers who request for papers with tight deadlines have to pay more. Additionally, clients who require papers for higher education levels may find themselves having to part with more compared to their counterparts who request for lower academic level research papers. In online research work, cheap services are differentiated from their expensive counterparts in light of the features covered within the fee. For instance, features such a getting a plagiarism report, bibliography, unlimited revisions, an outline, and formatting may be free in a cheap service but paid for in services that are deemed expensive.

Get custom help with your research papers.

Several factors are undergirding the decision to have your paper written online by a professional service. Time is one of the main defining factors that lead people to seek the professional services of essay writers. For students who take multiple classes, have to attend both school and work, or have family responsibilities, setting aside time to work on your academic paper might prove to be too challenging a responsibility. Formatting is also one of the main factors behind seeking professional research papers. Universities' work is designed to be submitted in unique specifications ranging from file types to the use of specific font types and sizes. Due to this, students opt for the services to stay within the specific guidelines provided by their institutions.

Online professional help for research and essays.

Guaranteed confidentiality, quality & original papers at affordable rates are some of the main benefits of having your paper done by a professional essay writer. The companies that offer writing services are built on confidentiality, and work provided online is original and plagiarism free. There is great attention to detail provided in papers that have been undertaken online. Tight deadlines, especially for assignments with a considerably high number of pages, are best addressed through professional services. This is because a team of writers can be dedicated to one specific task, thus increasing the speed and expertise with which a work is handled. Additionally, professional writing services are designed with updated referencing and formatting specifications.

Common Questions Addressed in our FAQ.

All our writers are PHD prepared individuals. All the writers have vast experiences in specified fields for example for nursing orders the writers must have (nursing experience and major exposure to healthcare)

We get our articles from PubMed (for medicine orders and nursing) and whatever we can access through Google and scholarly references. We use professional sites and any relatable recent references within ten years.

We have a strict 0% plagiarism policy. All our papers are written uniquely from scratch and are properly cited. Furthermore, we use premium plagiarism checkers to scan all documents before delivery. The paper you will receive will be 100% original.

Yes, any alterations will be free of charge as long as they are in line with the initial instructions provided. No surprises regarding the price.

If you are not satisfied with the research paper, you can always ask for revisions. We offer an unlimited number of revisions on a single paper. This allows us to eliminate any possible contradiction within the paper and meet your needs. Other than that, we value your feedback and talking to us helps us improve our services.

Time is of the essence when writing a research paper. This is because, a certain amount of time is dedicated to research alone before writing the paper. The time taken to write an essay depends on several factors among them; the type of essay, and the field of study. However, you can rest assured that when you place your order, your essay will be delivered within the time agreed upon.

Yes, we can take your online exam, test, or even quizzes for midterms and final exams.

Read Full FAQ
Make your manuscript clear, straightforward & digestible.

Are you thinking about writing an undergraduate thesis without a mental breakdown? Feeling overwhelmed, don’t know where to start?

At MyPaperHub, research work is definitely our bread and butter, so we tend to stock up. A thesis and a research paper are different in such a way that a thesis is concerned with a central question or a statement of a scholarly argument, which leads to further research while a research paper is very much concerned with proving just the central argument. A thesis depends on original thinking and does put forth a proposal or a statement, whereas a research paper requires the researcher to be able to justify the central question. A thesis has more work as compared to a research paper since the researcher ought to gather specific evidence to justify the study while at the same time ensuring that both the evidence and theories put forward justify the thesis.

In efforts of boosting your thesis or research paper goals, a researcher ought to realign both methodical and technological practices with research best practices such as Thematic Research Design, methods and analysis while at the same time incorporating high-quality qualitative research to come up with an all-round excellent academic research/thesis paper. MyPaperHub team approaches research work with full-force and dive deep into nitty gritties of researching as a whole.

How do you develop a thematic framework analysis for a literature review? At its core, a comprehensive literature review is one of the single most important components of a proper thesis research paper. A systematic literature review is a search of the available literature in your specific subject or area of study or niche topic area using scholarly sources such as books and journals. It does give an overview of significant findings, the concepts, and developments in relation to a topic question that’s being researched.

Thematic Literature Review breaks down a topic into sections; a breakdown and expounding from the general to the specific and an effective and critical litmus test to determine how good you know your thesis or research topic. Talk with people beyond your research bubble; it might re-spark your enthusiasm or at least remind you that you do know your topic well. Consider getting an editor for the boring formatting parts of your thesis if that's getting you down.

There is much more to a literature review than just that. A literature review has various objectives. One of the goals is to demonstrate to the reader (your professor) that you have read and have a proper grasp of the texts and pieces of literature you have read and studied. Knowing this, you must understand the concepts and arguments so far put forward by various authors on the subject being dealt with at the moment.

The difference between good writing & poor writing is often the amount of time spent revising & editing. There are some brilliant insights and some really awfully constructed sentences, and that’s why you need to know how to structure your text, use academic writing conventions & proofread your work.

We have got you covered with our all-inclusive package that entails editing, revising, reworking, nuancing, and tightening...we love seeing words get better by writing in a logical, flowing sequence. On the flip side, it takes a lot of energy...much more than just putting words on paper and that’s why you should entrust our remarkable writers and editors with your research thesis because we keep writing, editing, working on our craft, collaborating, listening to feedback, using our detailed revising checklists to help us self evaluate, and we never, ever give up.

We edge ahead and ensure that we have referenced arguments using appropriate parenthetical notations in the body of the paper and include the bibliography at the end of the paper. We put to use course materials, peer-reviewed articles, government documents, reputable newspaper articles, socio-economic reports, and relevant Census sources. Does your Ph.D., Masters, or even undergraduate feel like a rollercoaster ride? We have strategies in place to help you find the right balance and to help you stay on track and ease your overbearing emotions.

MyPaperHub team is dedicated to identifying research areas and innovations that help in making research work more comprehensive and detailed – no shortcuts when it comes to conducting research with a particular emphasis on academic research. We seek groundbreaking solutions to complex research problems by involving interdisciplinary and cross-specialists collaborations.

We’ve got over 1000 research specialists that regularly run tests and conduct individual research, in addition to being independent research scientists. This enables us to be by far ahead of the curve when it comes to grasping and unpacking the complexities of de-implementing inappropriate research interventions.

Usually, trashing our competitors isn’t our thing, but the reality is if they don’t have our research data, then they will NOT outscore us by coming up with a particularly useful research paper as they’ve not performed decent research and written about it. You wouldn't trust a blind heart surgeon to save a loved one from an untimely demise.

Our strength is being able to cover any assigned verticals through thorough planning backed with proper research and analysis to pave the way for a substantial research strategy.

The Pirate Queen of Academic Research Papers.

It takes a dedicated team of world-class professionals.

It always sounds better getting professional researchers to help.

  • • Research Buffs Dovetailed with a Scientific Bent.
  • • Specialized Writing Enthusiasts.
  • • Scholarly Aficionados with an Academic Bent.
  • • Connoisseurs of Academic Duelling

MyPaperHub is sick and tired of research fear-mongering. We've taken the mystery out of Research writing with clear, simple, and practical strategies not driven by a widespread perception but hard facts and proven by reliable research methods.

1. Distinguishable results you can be proud of.

MyPaperHub innovative methodology leverages industry expertise and actionable Research to make your grades work for you. Measuring progress can be most difficult, if not painful. By partnering with MyPaperHub, you can get a positive return on investment as one significant benefit as you move towards your specific degree. Our research work gets your assignments and research papers in front of the right people at the right time to increase the chances that you won't miss the deadline. This will also ensure that your GPA receives a significant boost.

2. Dedicated Account Manager

Client first writing service led by a Dedicated Account Manager who value input and understands your order requirements and specific instructions. Plus, prompt updates regarding your order ETA, revision requests handled promptly. Your dedicated account manager is always on hand for you to talk to..

3. Project Management

Our team has the materials to get it done, and we're with you every step of the way throughout your ordering process as you journey with us. We send updates as per your request to let you know where we are at any given point in our writing process.

4. Fast and high-quality responses

Digestible responses from your assigned writer for those on the go and great responses for those who want the nitty-gritty about the work delivered. Every answer can be customized to show exactly what you want to know without hiding behind false references or confusing talking points.

5. Order confidentially

The duplicity of the research writing agencies is widely known. So how is MyPaperHub different? (privacy-focused) We provide a revolutionary level of order privacy and security since we understand that we're living in an era of digital feudalism. We securely encrypt everything on-device. From your data to all the email conversations and chat messages on our platform– so you can trust us to get the job done.

Exposing bad research with customized solutions
to help boost your grades.

Real-time, insightful intelligence combined with on-ground operational capabilities is the synergy that sets us apart.

Research writing services get a bad reputation as being volatile and full of guesswork. Most of these research writing sites fill in the blank just like they do with the theory of evolution without any real reliable research. Useful research findings and final results seem unattainable, and the entire process is daunting. MyPaperHub takes the unknown out of Research writing with a transparent methodology that effectively improves your grades. This ensures that you know what we're doing and why we're doing it at every step of the way throughout your academic paper writing process. MyPaperHub doesn't have a "secret recipe;" we use real experts to evaluate researchers work for the best results continually.

Research work is a revolving process;
we nail it every time.

Proven verifiable results, time and time again.

Our dynamic strategy includes consistently honing our strategies while striving to ensure we're producing exceptional research results for your academic paper.

1. Strategic Research Work

Multi-faceted research leaders who will oversee research work working together to transform your research paper or dissertation.

2. Strategic Planning

Develop and implement effective strategic initiatives, including valuable Research, to support and help your research work stand out in increasingly competitive grading standards set by grading committee members. Our style is just different from the rest.

3. Facilitation & Partnerships

Maximize the benefit of collaboration with stakeholders who will share input on your academic paper including private researchers, scholars and community organizations.