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In the present world that we live in, there are emerging trends in matters relating to websites that you must be aware of to avoid falling into pitfalls. Though People want to patronize businesses that are honest and fair, there seems to be an increasing number of fraudulent websites that are coming up with the aim of deceiving web users and fleece cash from them.

These websites are made to appear legit and more often than not it is almost impossible to identify them since the scammers do all they can to cover their ground well even having to write fake reviews. We are here to enlighten you and offer a guideline you can use to distinguish between a legitimate website where you can order research papers online and a scam website.

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The following are some of the guidelines that can help you know whether a website is genuine or a scam:

  1. A genuine website will always have an email address associated with the domain name and therefore having a free email is not an option

  2. The language used on the website: Language use is an important consideration when you are identifying a Legit Essay Writing Services website. Usually, a genuine website will be written in the correct language following all the rules of grammar. However, in instances where there are so many grammatical mistakes and even spelling errors, then one should be careful. This is because the website may be a scam website with owners not well acquainted with the English language by attempting to pose as native English speakers.
  3. Checking the domain name of the website in Google: This is crucial if you need to verify the legitimacy of a website. A genuine websites usually has links from other websites so that when the domain name is typed in Google, these links would automatically appear. However, this is not usually the case in scam websites. So when no links appear to that website, and no other search results appear for the domain name, then it is usually a red flag that the site is a scam.
  4. What other people say about the website (Essay Writing Service Reviews.) People's experiences with the website in the past will be a critical indicator of the legitimacy of the website. When you want to know people's experience with the website, you simply type the domain name and search Essay Writing Service Reviews. Bad experiences will usually be an indicator that it might be a scam website while positive customer reviews should be an indication that the site is genuine and legitimate.
  5. Doing a Google search with the name of the company and the word scam. This will verify whether the website is a scam, or it is legitimate since Google has all the website and company that are listed as a scam. A legit site will usually have none of its page having the word scam attached to it. Therefore, Google search will be your number one friend in your quest to verify a genuine website.
  6. A genuine website will have contact information. A website that has nothing to hide will usually have an address, i.e., location, phone number and an email address for customers to contact them. A scam website, on the other hand, will have no address and in most cases they will only offer a form to fill out. Whenever you encounter such a website, then be on the lookout for it may not be a genuine one, and you may subject it to the various steps to confirm further whether it is a scam or not.
  7. The domain name of the website will also be an important indicator to verify whether the website is genuine or it is a scam. A genuine website will usually have a domain name similar to its brand name. If you see a different domain name, then it is a strong indicator that the site is a scam and should be avoided lest you risk becoming a victim of fraud. Also, a scam website will usually have been in existence for a very short period.
  8. The website should contain trust seals and certifications for example a BBB certification and also an SSL certificate. If you are looking to buy an essay online from a good reputable company, then you have the details with you to enable you have a leg up before spending your money.