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The Fourth of July (Independence Day)

The Fourth of July is a federal holiday commonly known as Independence Day that has been commemorated in the United States since 1941. However, the tradition of Independence Day celebration dates back to the 18th century (240 years ago) and the Am...The-Fourth-of-July-(Independence-Day) …

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Argentina and the Vulture Funds

Role played by legal clauses like the collective action clause and the pari passu in sovereign debt issuances Anytime a default on payments takes place, what follows is the debtor entering into talks with the creditors to restructure the debt ...Argentina-and-the-Vulture-Funds …

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The Impact of the internet and social media on Young People

Young people spend a lot of hours daily in browsing the Internet as well as using social media sites. Examples of activities that young people do online include checking emails, the social network site, or watching music videos in YouTube. The mo...The-Impact-of-the-internet-and-social-media-on-Young-People …

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