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Southern China Sea Crisis Resolution

Conflict refers to an open clash between two opposing individuals or groups. It could also mean a state of opposition between ideas, persons or interest. One notable example of conflict is that of the east and south-east sea of China. The conflict...Southern-China-Sea-Crisis-Resolution …

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It May Not Work in Politics

Congressional EthicsMs. Maxine Waters was in 2010 charged with violation of three congressional ethic. One of the charges was the violation of the Code of Ethics for Government Service. The second charge was that she had violated a house rule. The...It-May-Not-Work-in-Politics …

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Life and Contributions of Leonardo Fibonacci

Leonardo Pisano which translates to Leonardo of Pisa in English is the original name of Leonardo Fibonacci who was born around 1170 and died after 1240 (perhaps in 1250). Fibonacci was Leonardo Pisano’s nickname. He is also known as Leonardo Pisan...Life-and-Contributions-of-Leonardo-Fibonacci …

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