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Why is academic integrity important

You might be asking yourself: What do you mean by academic integrity and why academic integrity is so important in your own work?Academic integrity is making sure that you have written in your own words and ensuring you’ve written what professors...Read More

~Posted on Jul 2018

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Why is academic integrity important

You might be asking yourself: What do you mean by...

You might be asking yourself: What do you mean by academic integrity and why academic integrity is so important in your own work?

Academic integrity is making sure that you have written in your own words and ensuring you’ve written what professors expect by avoiding plagiarism. Mostly, academic integrity is far more important than taking the “easy route” which is, of course, referred to as plagiarism.

Why is this concept of "academic integrity" so much more important than complete education accessibility?

Education accessibility simply means that every individual student regardless of ability can experience the same thing but of course that’s not how it’s happening and some are already fighting for more accessibility and equity in education since those who can’t afford it accessibility is being denied.

Students ordering essays online for a fee

Education accessibility has resulted in the “contract cheating websites” which are interested in revolutionizing education to improve its availability, accessibility, and affordability all by the use of technology. Essay writing services have been on the rise, and even though this might sound weird, they have improved linkages, accessibility for success in college, work and general student life.


The number of online academic paper experts offering ghostwritten essays has been on the up. The reason for this is because most students procure essays or academic papers at one point of their education from professional paper writers. The clientele for these companies ranges from high school students to degree students, to those undertaking their doctorate. While some of the students that purchase articles are lazy and are looking for an easy way out of doing assignments, most of the clients for these companies are bright students from some of the best known universities looking for a little help with their assignment, either due to their complex nature or lack of time to do the assignment. Many online writing companies have majored in this market leading to steady growth in essay writing companies and freelancers who provide online paper, on order. Ordering academic papers brings various concerns. The increase in the number of students soliciting these services has led to the debate on if it is legal to procure an essay, an academic paper, or thesis paper from a professional. Other than its legality, is the process moral and ethical? The answer is a big “YES.”

Essay writing websites which allow for “effortless academic assistance” has reached near ubiquity in all USA colleges and is doing wonders for the education system. This is the case in the United Kingdom where 50,000 cases of cheating have been uncovered bringing to attention issues regarding legislation against contract cheating by using essay mills

Depending on what your definition of “academic integrity” is, it is quite normal to require outside help to achieve the grades required to graduate from high school, college or any institution of higher learning.

Essay “cheating”: How common is it?

Most college instructors lay down the law about cheating, plagiarism, and copying work only to use websites, books, lessons, PowerPoint presentations, notes, charts, and especially homework that is all created by someone else.

 For some students, these services are helpful to cover up for their laziness and inability to complete assignments at the right time. For others though, they require the service due to legitimate reasons. Teachers bombard students with assignments. Teachers fail to give them ample time to research for their work and produce works that are worth the grade required to pass the course. The older generation of students that are juggling between families, part-time work, and school, use these services to ensure that they can fulfill all their responsibilities and also achieve the best grade possible. These services are also quite beneficial for students studying in foreign countries, mostly English speaking countries, where they are expected to prove their command of written English. They cover up for their lack of fluency, though paying to have professional writers, write the essays, academic research papers and master’s thesis for them. The debate arises on the double standard of hiring someone to write a paper for you. It is quite common for top executives to hire ghostwriters to write academic papers for them. Many universities though have strict rules concerning the use of papers that have been purchased as they are against the honor code.





Why is it legal for websites to sell essays?

            Legally speaking, it is okay to hire a ghostwriter to write an academic research paper for you.  No law denies an individual the right to hire another person to produce an academic research paper for them. This service is an additional help option for students. It can be viewed as the same as having a tutor or taking extra classes to achieve the grade required. Students though are expected to know what is in the research papers before handing them over to their teachers. Most essay writing companies are quite strict on the issue of plagiarism. They ensure that copyright laws are followed and recommend to the students not to represent the work they have received as their own, as this is an infringement of copyright laws. Legal issues might arise in situations where the essay writer is not professional in their work leading to the production of work that has plagiarism. Essay writers are expected to perform keen research on the topic required and produce new material, not a replicate of the source. They are also expected to reference their sources. The legitimacy of the business is maintained when writes ensure that they do not plagiarize their work and produce original work. Plagiarism is a huge offense is schools and can lead to possible expulsion. The assurance that the work offered to students from a professional writer will be free from plagiarism is a huge motivator for these students. Most essay companies ensure that the work they provide is one hundred percent free from plagiarism. This ensures that they maintain the legitimacy of the business while helping the students achieve their desired grades. Therefore students should ensure that they do proper vetting before coming into a conclusive idea to ethically hire researchers for an academic paper.



                                               Moral and Ethical Explanation



            Speaking from a moral and ethical point of view, many individuals view the process as being unethical and immoral. Writing skills are quite important for individuals, mostly when they join the workforce. Teachers streamline the curricula to ensure that students have enough assignments that will help them develop their communication skills and hence make them better for the workforce. Through getting help from professional writers, students might misrepresent their skills as being refined, while in the real sense they are not. The papers produced portray a false image of the abilities of the students. Students should have the moral obligation to reanalyze the work produced by professional academic writers and learn from them. On the other side of the moral dilemma, is the debate on whether it would be right for a bright student to fail simply due to lack of time to complete an assignment. Through professional writing services, these students get the grades they deserve while ensuring that they have ample time to carry out their other tasks.



                                                    Final Stand         


            As can be deduced from the argument, it is necessary for students to use essay writing services. Despite the moral dilemma that the use of academic writers might lead to, in most cases it is necessary. In situations where a student has many responsibilities including education, family and, part-time jobs, they have to get a little assistance to ensure that they get the best grade possible. It is the moral obligation of the student to learn from the work produced and to use the paper, more of as a research paper, that as their work. They should ensure that the skills showcased in the paper they provide their teacher with are a true representation of their skills. The education system should also be keen on providing leeway for students to learn. Giving students’ lots of assignments will not ensure that they have learned the skills, rather through constant interaction with the students; the teacher will get a better view of the student’s skills.



Academic integrity is important, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t use our tailored services to purchase customized academic papers. What shouldn’t you do to go against the academic integrity policies?

Do not visit one of those so-called “cheating websites” and COPY ONE OF THEIR SAMPLE ESSAYS and use it as your submission in any class. 

To be clear, these websites exist for the sole purpose of academic help, and then, rather than pay for the so-called “cheating services” offered therein, you go ahead to plagiarize that website. This is truly a new level of being an irrational student, which we have encountered in the past.




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Why is academic integrity important

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Why is academic integrity important