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Coming up with a well organized essay with clear points and proper structure can be very stressful and indeed most students that I know of- be it my classmates or even close friends who are even accustomed to coming up with essays that earn them a better grade in campus at times have the problem of coming up with a completely perfect essay. Struggling students like myself opt to seek professional writing which most services offer online and depending on where you order, I can say they really help out. First of all, depending on the essay topic assigned and how customized the instructor wants the information to be relayed on paper can confuse even the brightest of students who are expert writers. Relying fully on the service the library offers can also mislead any student since there is more to research and writing where you must have the basic skills of reading and disseminating information from a particular book in order to fit a particular subject matter. For example, you can have 10 customized books ready to do your specific research essay on a particular topic but if you do not know where to read and what not to read then your written draft can be quite confusing and drifting away from the main topic. Considering all these factors that one needs to keep in mind before you can be awarded an excellent grade, I opt to hire expert writers to work on my various essays and their services are quite reliable and dependable all the time.

By Kate Griffiths

Student-University of Melbourne

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Writing a custom essay for college, is quite easy but getting the best quality can be really hard. For instance, anyone who can manage to come up with at least ten words can definitely come up with a proper sentence (e.g. “I will pay someone or an essay service to custom write my college essay for me") This sentence does not have to be actually grammatically correct with all the English jargon; it can, however; be broken but it is still defined as writing. This means that someone actually can start essay writing no matter what you are writing about, then simply ignore the perfect finished product and continue writing then you can edit and proofread later when you’re done writing. Hiring a proofreading service can help to ease the burden of making sure each and every sentence is grammatically correct.

The haze precision of a well custom written college essay which is void of mistakes and has a proper structure can sometimes lead to clumsiness when writing since you are only looking at your work and imagining how poor of a writer you are by comparing what you have written to what you probably read from somebody else’s work. Don’t imagine that when writing your first essay draft you have to be perfect and incorporate all the important literary styles involved in proper essay writing such as descriptive, narrative, and persuasive techniques. Of course, literary styles which are unique usually have a significant impact on any writing they are used on, and it’s a guarantee that readers will be impressed reading a piece of writing which has all these styles incorporated. When writing an essay for college, you as the author can be faced with multiple decisions which include words, sounds, and logical sentence structures and when faced with such a choice to make then you can opt to select a couple of literary styles that depend on their unique expression and the utilization of these choices which in turn create their custom niche. If the whole process is just too complicated for you, there is always the option of hiring a custom writing service to cater to your writing woes.

Custom Essay Writing Service hacks for starting.

This is the second step when faced with writers’ block and when you need leverage and proper dynamics in custom writing an essay. These are the ultimate survival hacks for all students, (graduate, high-school or undergraduate) and all these hacks I will provide for free- you just have to keep reading.

Write anything on paper:

This literally means that you start writing something on your computer or a piece of paper. Keep the topic you are writing on in mind so that you don’t drift too far. But write anything you know concerning what your professor has assigned. For example, if you are writing a custom essay on “Legalization of Marijuana” you can start off by saying what Marijuana is in the words you understand best. You can use the phrase you normally describe this drug in your college or home area, do not think that the word is unacceptable, but indeed these words play a vital role when carrying out research and can be included in a research proposal. So, start with one word, if you feel some few ideas are streaming in then go ahead and write these thoughts until you realize that you are not struggling anymore then you can proceed to come up with the second paragraph and soon you will understand that you have written well over a page.

Make notes

Notes, notes and notes! This is the second best hack that you will truly like after reading what I have to say as far as list making is concerned. Let’s call this list making, the best way of getting to appreciate the importance of list making is to spend some 10 minutes (or less) of your time trying to come up with favorable answers to these questions:

If you wrote a dissertation, term paper or a custom essay without having to do any kind of research or brainstorming or even note taking what could be missing from your piece of writing?

Our world class writing service has shaped students’ lives academically and is always a viable option to undergraduates who are faced with complex essay assignments. Our services are usually offered online to enable you to circumvent successfully any hurdles that will hinder you from scoring quality grades without any hassles. The present day world is riddled with a myriad of challenges that men grapple with day in, day out. The most challenging aspect is found in the life of an academician. More often than not, students will find themselves burdened with a heavy load of academic work pitted against timelines that have to be met.

Consequently, the pressure of juggling day jobs and the limited time gets the toll on them rendering academic writing an unpleasant nightmare. Of course, some courses do offer extra free time when compared to others, but as a graduate student you will have to organize yourself and have enough time to study not ignoring the deadlines which seem distant at first since workloads pile up


Once you place your order successfully, our team of competent writers will delve dip into research to gather all the possible knowledge and facts about the particular topic. The paper will then be written based on your specific instructions. Our custom essays are perfected and are written as per the instructions provided.

When the essay is ready, a group of editors and proofreaders will scrutinize the article to eliminate any possible errors and check for plagiarism. We value authenticity and always ensure our essays are not merely recycled papers that are substandard and directly picked from databases. Finally, the article will be sent to you in the form of a word document.

There are many networks on the internet that assist students in writing essays. Nevertheless, you should be careful not to fall prey to deception because not all these websites are sincere, and some sell substandard essays. We are different and always observe professionalism when writing our essays.

Our team of writers is highly qualified and possesses a wealth of experience in all forms of writing. They are passionate and always aim at aiding our customers to attain the best possible grades. Essays that we write are also sold at discounted prices to ensure reasonable pricing. We highly prioritize customer satisfaction and quality intermingled with perfection. You can sit back and relax, as we assign the finest writers to work on your essay.

List making and risks involved.

Becoming acutely abbreviated
writing down very few notes with an attempt of being brief and to the point.
Risk involved
You get back to your notes to record notes that were important but you failed to note them down.
Being overly inclusive
The fear of missing out on some important aspects of the notes, you end up being inclusive of every aspect of the notes and therefore the note taking process becomes too detailed and inclusive.
Risk involved
Your reading and note taking takes a different twist and you realize that you have a set of notes which were indeed supposed to be points. This can be frustrating since you have to decide which are the important aspects of the notes (which are relevant and which are not irrelevant)

Ways you can manage the risks involved with note listing.

You can opt to be selective in the process of note listing, and by doing this, you can manage to choose what information to read and what to ignore. Also, you can select which source of information e.g. a journal or a text book which you are going to make notes on.

Note listing in lectures can pose several challenges which include:

  1. The speed at which your lecturer is dictating is the one thing you will have to deal with since you cannot control the rate at which your professor talks. This can lead to so much pressure, and at times you might miss important notes if your speed of writing does not go in line with your lecturers’ dictating speed.
  2. There is no pausing involved since when your lecturer is dictating, then you have no option of making him or her pause so that you can finish what you were writing.
  3. You are unable to identify the most important parts of the notes until after the lecture when you go through the notes once more, and you are forced to make a final draft of notes which are the most important. This can waste a lot of valuable time especially if you are supposed to make notes on different course units or subjects.

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