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Comparison between Donald Trump and David Cameron

Donald Trump is a United States presidential candidate while David Cameron is the sitting Prime Minister of the United Kingdom. Both politicians were born I well off and affluent families that set the stage for business in Trump’s case and a thriv...Comparison-between-Donald-Trump-and-David-Cameron …

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Independent researchers for hire

"To pay or not to pay an independent researcher to come up with original research work for me;" this is a question most researchers whether post-graduate students or corporates grapple with, especially when assigned different research papers/abstr...Independent-researchers-for-hire …

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Rutgers Admission Essay

Throughout my life, I have experienced some measured degree and length of professional success and achievements that I hold dear. I must mention that I secured work opportunity or employment in a reputable firm in the country. In all aspects and f...Rutgers-Admission-Essay …

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