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Writing subreddits: Writers.work review reddit

Students are turning to Reddit for writing help. Academic writing subreddits is turning out to be an excellent place to browse academic niche subreddits especially if you’re an academician and faced with a task to complete an academic assignment: ...Read More

~Posted on Jul 2018

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Writing subreddits: Writers.work review reddit

Students are turning to Reddit for writing help. ...

Students are turning to Reddit for writing help. Academic writing subreddits is turning out to be an excellent place to browse academic niche subreddits especially if you’re an academician and faced with a task to complete an academic assignment: maybe an essay, a research paper, coursework, or a dissertation.

Subreddits dedicated to writing can aid any students in coming up with an acceptable academic paper, and if you need to learn more about writing, then this is the right place for you since these writing-related subreddits will help you in advancing your writing.

If you need help with your academic paper, then you can find professional academic writers listed under essay writing companies which are credible enough to write scholarly articles for you which are original, and as per the instructions you’ve provided. Before paying for any services from Reddit, you should read reviews from the various companies or independent writers, ask for sample work before getting started.


Academic writing companies date back to approximately 15 years ago when the first company was established back in the year 2004. At that time students did not know anything about essay writing websites, and they even hardly used the service since most students were scared that the company was being run by a pomposity of professors and that the pundits might be from their university. So, you can imagine ordering a paper only to realize that the person who has been assigned to work on that paper is your professor.

Academic writing companies have flooded the market as at now the year is 2019, and there are almost 3 million essay writing websites and a majority of these sites are sadly not from The USA where 98% of the clients hail from. This has caused the essay writing websites to be a cartel since there is a bad reputation going on since most of these sites from Africa and Asia especially India, Ukraine, and Kenya have started scamming innocent students off their hard earned money by failing to deliver what the client ordered and even going ahead to threaten the students.

When you think about Reddit discussion boards and academic writing subreddits, you may think about a social service which is aimed to facilitate niche marketing like services offering essay writing which provide the best value and quality worldwide, just like Yahoo Answers. But what you don’t know won’t hurt you but its best to read this piece which will raise your state of alert before you get burned by ordering academic writing services from the best-reviewed academic writing companies on academic writing subreddits. These companies  use a free marketing strategy which involves posting reviews “their own reviews” on academic writing subreddits which boast of a high DA and PA which are essentials of correctly done Search Engine Optimization (SEO) but these websites don’t just eye the marketing idea, they go ahead and spam these sites with low-value links from their desk: I mean, they review themselves by asking questions which mostly you will end up searching on the internet and answer them and not forgetting that they link back to their own companies as essay companies which are legit and high-rated.


For a genuine student looking to boost his or her grades and maybe never tried sourcing help from these academic writing companies, then the traps laid by these companies will work, and the kill will be made in a matter of minutes. This does not necessarily mean that there are no genuine companies listing their services under writing subreddits.


It’s a new semester, the start of a hectic period of writing essays, term paper projects and sourcing out for one of the best academic writing companies. This is a time of transition which is normally accompanied by extraordinary levels of motivation because every student is excited to commence attending new classes, making new friends, meeting new people. After all, you’re done working daily on that internship during summer holidays!


Of course, students will start working on essays and having to deal with deadlines you never signed up for and the direction of attaining a degree is an uphill climb and once you start the journey, you’re obliged to finish in order for you to attain your degree in whatever major you’re studying at the moment.


With some good planning and by planning I mean proper planning and strategic planning at the beginning of the semester, you can deal with the problems associated with improper planning or poor planning altogether. Getting an essay writing service that is genuine is a priority for any student in any college or university and this means proper scrutiny and in the process you avoid issues or mistakes that you made back in 2017, therefore 2018 is your year, reap the fruits of education without having to bear the pain that is tagged along with it. No need to fail submitting papers, assignments, coursework, speeches, research papers, dissertations and theses in good time because help is around the corner you just need to grasp a few tips which will aid you in your journey of vetting one of the best academic writing companies this year, by avoiding mediocre papers and avoiding scam companies altogether.



How to know legit academic writing subreddits

1.    Check out for online reviews

The first thing to do when in need to order from Academic writing companies is that you will need to perform a background check to ensure that the company you are about to hire is a legit company which is registered in the USA and nothing short of that. Companies that are not in the USA are in no way able to be taken to court regarding an issue that has led to your dissatisfaction as the client. In short, you are not protected when you order outside the USA, and no third party companies are looking out for you. For example, the BBB (Better Business Bureau) protects buyers from scrupulous sellers, and this will be discussed at a later point as you proceed.

Online reviews will ensure that the company is legit and has been operational for a period. The reviews must be legit as well and must have positive and negative reviews. Why negative reviews? Because, no one is perfect and negative reviews don’t mean that the company is bad it only means that the client was not satisfied and by letting the company know, then the company has been given a chance to improve their service, A legit company will have realistic reviews but I’m not saying that you should overlook all bad reviews because you can see a review pointing out that the company never delivered the service to the client. In case of such a review, a representative from the company should comment and offer a problem-solving comment to the client otherwise if no one has answered to that allegation, it’s a red flag!

2.    Check BBB Seal or Registration

Ensure that the company has been accredited by BBB which is the Better Business Bureau and it’s aimed at fostering principles of trust, honesty in advertising, safeguarding privacy and maintaining integrity. Once you order from an essay company registered under the BBB, then chances of being scammed are slim, and now you can get what you ordered for and get high grades because the paper is being written by a professional writer. Another reason as to why you should check out for BBB accreditation is that they offer dispute resolution mechanisms between clients and the company and this helps the client’s voice to be heard against these well-established essay companies. BBB ensures that the company registered under them is a legit company meaning they ensure that the address, telephone numbers, maps and directions, description of services and even the license is verified and all the information is true and accurate.

3.    Ensure that you have contact with your writer

Before embarking on the ordering process, ask the company support to connect you with the writer who will be working on your paper either via email or phone. Why I’m I saying this? This is to ensure that the writer working on your paper is not from countries where English is the second language; mostly abbreviated as ESL. Papers written by a person whose English is below par will only make your grades go below average because of grammar errors and wrong punctuation. If you are going to hire someone from Pakistan to write your paper I’d advise you to write the paper yourself, you are best suited for that job and trust me; you’ll save your grade. By ensuring contact with your writer, you ensure that you direct the writer on how you want the paper to be written even though the rubric says it all, ensuring that the paper has been written just the way you’re used to writing will be the best thing to reduce the chances of being caught-don’t fret, there have been zero cases reported from a decade ago, so you won’t be the first statistic.

4.    Check the company’s privacy policy

A privacy policy is meant to help you understand how the company deals with the information that you provide and what they do with that information that they collect from you. A privacy policy should explain what information the company collects for example; you should know if your credit card details are stored within the database of the company or they do not withhold any credit card information, secondly how they collect that information and the various choices the company offers including accessing information and also updating information.

5.    Check the guarantees they have to offer

Ensure that you have gone through the company’s guarantees to ensure they align with your expectations. Academic writing companies have several guarantees, and some of them are shared widely across these companies, for example, the company should guarantee plagiarism free papers, a paper free from grammatical errors, adhering to instructions by closely following the prompt provided. Guarantees also cover privacy policies and a company should guarantee that no third party will know that you ordered a paper from their specific website.

6.    Spot impostor websites


Impostor websites normally pose as someone or a company you can trust and be sure that they do not mess with this point-they ensure that they have your needs sorted out and all your fears melted down, and you have no other option left but to trust them and wire the money to their accounts. This brings us to the traits you can watch out for:


Some characteristics of an impostor company or an individual are:


a)     Con-companies are not obvious rogues


b)     It does take the right conditions to make a con (manipulative, devious and aggressive)


c)      Con artists rely on human trust 100%, and if you trust more, then you are at high danger to bear the marking from a con company/artist.  Therefore, if you trust, do so with absolute caution.


d)     Impostors know how to read your tone, and that’s why you should hang up on the phone before you expose your weakness.


e)     Get this: Cons have benefited from the advances in technology. Remember “Catch me if you can?” Frank Abagnale who came up with that piece quotes “What I did 50 years ago as a teenage boy is 4000 times easier to do today because of technology. Technology breeds crime. It always has, and always will.”


f)       Most scammers get away with it.


7.    Perform an online search: Background checks.


Online searches can be conducted on any search engine, and you can do this in the comfort of your mobile phone or desktop computer by searching ‘xxxx company scam,’ xxxx company reviews,’ and even going ahead to check if their phone number has been reported to be spam due to past experiences with users who have been scammed before. You might not get 100% results, but at least you will get something substantial from the results.


8.    Caller ID spoofing: What you ought to know.


With the heightened technology and its evolution, you may never know who is calling you and whether or not it’s a legitimate business call or just another fat scam. Automation of most businesses in their processes has been incredibly a success, and with the same threshold, scam companies have adopted the same technology to make swindling much easier and undetected. When you receive a phone call from a company purporting to sell services which you really want; take a break, hang up and think about it and if you really think it’s okay, then call a phone number from the company’s website which of course should have a BBB certificate and all security measures a site which legit should have-just don’t trust any phone number ID whether you’re using Truecaller or any other application that can tell phone ID.


9.    Double check the payment getaway they want you to use.


Legit academic writing companies will never ask you to pay using your credit card, but they will use PayPal as a third party agent who will take the money of their behalf from your credit card or MasterCard. Therefore, never give your credit card information to any company and NEVER send money via western union or even wiring:-trust me; you will never get your money back. These are among the payment methods you should avoid: Money-Pak, Reloadit, vanilla, Skrill, and any other reloadable card.


10.    Find someone to talk to.


100% of scammers want you to make a hasty decision so that you end up deciding without actually thinking of the consequences. Therefore, take time and talk to someone you trust, not your professor of course since you’re trying to cheat here. So talk to and your elder brother or elder sister and if you are an elder yourself then take time, enough time to think about it by conducting background research of the essay company by checking BBB seals and so on.


11.    Hang-up on bot calls


Most essay writing companies which are not located in the USA have bogus marketing strategies which involve email marketing; bot calls since they can’t talk proper English. If you receive a call and you notice that it’s a recorded voice, hang up since these calls are illegal and not allowed within the jurisdiction of the United States. You might be asked to press three if you want to be taken off the list but don’t press anything other than the end call button.


12.    Be cynical about free-trial deals


Most academic writing companies advertising on writing subreddits opt for bizarre marketing stratagems which include trial offers where you give your credit card information, and you can try the service for one month then you can cancel your subscription any time after the trial period has expired. You can risk if you want to but before risking the deal which I’m opposed to, read the cancellation policy and review your bank statement often.


13.    Ensure you’ve Signed up for scam alerts


Sign up for free, and readily available and updated scam alerts from government aided programs which are readily available within the USA and even go ahead to counter-check companies with Better Business Bureau better known as BBB.

14.    Ignore wire transfers

This is the best way to know if the essay writing company you are dealing with is an actual scam service. Why wire transfers? This is because services offered by the western union are impossible to trace and you can never get your money back once you wire money via this channel. Some of the wire transfer services are from Torfx Currency Transfer, Currency Solutions Currency Transfer, Virgin Money International Money Transfer, OFX Overseas Money Transfers, Lebara Money International Money Transfers, And Post Office International Payments among many more which I’ve not listed here.


15.    Is it too good to be true?


Good offers that are uncalled for and are not reasonable must be questioned and particularly proposals which are presented by an unfamiliar source or maybe an essay writing website which looks shady and by this I mean they don’t display their phone numbers, the support staff are never online, they don’t respond to email queries and are not in possession of a BBB certificate publicly posted on their website.


16.    When in doubt, dig deeper


If you tend to suspect that something isn’t right, you should research more before even communicating to the essay writing company by searching their phone numbers on public directories, check online essay writing reviews, check their social media pages, and be keen to check whether the essay writing company is registered in the USA or The U.K depending on your location.


17.    Inquire if the paper is ready for sale


Once the essay writing company support informs you that the paper is ready and that you need to make payment, out-rightly know you’re in the midst of a scam and don’t proceed with that transaction. Buying pre-written papers will not do any good other than ensure you have packed your bags and left campus indefinitely since that is outright plagiarism of the 1st degree. Pre-written papers are papers which have already been used and when they sell these papers to you, and you proceed to submit; then, be sure you’ll fail in that Turnitin.com check. Pre-written papers are not original, and they are not in-line with your prompt (they only have similarities with your topic, but they are entirely different in content)


The following will give you the tips you will need to avoid buying a feeble-minded written paper, essay or an academic paper as per your requirements.


18.    Go through the paper


Once the paper has been delivered go through the paper to ensure that it meets your expectations and most important, it follows all the requirements as per the prompt you provided. If the paper's quality does not meet your expectations, do not submit it since you’ll fail, contact the essay writing company and ask for revisions to be made. The tweaking and alterations will improve your grade.


Typically, an excellent writing service will ensure that the paper is delivered before the actual deadline. This allows time for you to review and get back to the essay writing company if you need any changes to be made (free of charge of course, as long as there are no new instructions involved)


19.    Ask for a plagiarism report


As you already know, plagiarism is the worst enemy towards any institution of higher learning, and it’s both unethical and a violation of academic integrity. Since now you know, what next? Buying sample research papers, essays and dissertations isn’t a crime to start with, as long as the person writing the paper for you does all the referencing in an professional way and before you can submit for grading, just request for a plagiarism report which you will use to check whether there were outside sources which were included and if yes, then were they adequately cited?


Remember: a plagiarism report is free since it’s a reflection of what you’ve already paid for. This will ensure you’ve passed a Turnitin.com check and you’re safe.


20.    Ask for a grammar report


You need to make sure that your paper was edited and proofread. What’s the best way to know if the editors did their work? Ask for a grammar report (should be freely issued)


This will ensure that your paper stands guarded and firm from misplaced apostrophes, vague pronoun reference, wrong word usage, sentence fragments, missing comma, and dangling modifiers.  These grammar deficiencies normally are reflected in the grade you’ll be awarded since evaluation does include a lot of aspects which include structure, organization, coherence, use of course texts, syntax and punctuation, grammar and argumentation.

Just a recap:

1.    Check out for online reviews

2.    Check BBB Seal or Registration

3.    Have contact with your writer

4.    Check the company’s privacy policy

5.    Check the guarantees

6.    Spot impostor websites

7.    Perform an online search: Background checks

8.    Caller ID spoofing: What you ought to know

9.    Double check the payment getaway they want you to use

10.    Find someone to talk to

11.    Hang-up on bot calls

12.    Be cynical about free trial offers

13.    Ensure you’ve Signed up for scam alerts

14.    Ignore wire transfers

15.     Is it too good to be true?

16.    When in doubt, dig deeper

17.    Inquire if the paper is ready for sale

18.    Go through the paper

19.    Ask for a plagiarism report

20.   Ask for a grammar report

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