Spoken Word Poetry: Inspiration and Examples for Aspiring Poets

Honing Your Spoken Word Poetry Performance with Our Expert Writers

Our ‘poetic’ writers know that the performance of spoken word poetry must be memorable. The dramatic monologue of the poetry must attain emotional delivery that will last in the minds of a poet’s audience.

Nevertheless, we know that the key focus of any spoken word poetry is its presentation and sound. Therefore, we use various approaches to ensure that your live audience will be thrilled.

For instance, we write poems that will allow you to share your views and powerfully express yourself before the live audience. Our word-based performance art will be easy to memorize and perform. We believe that good performance involves eye contact with viewers, enunciation, facial expression, and other important gestures.

Techniques Used to Enhance the Lyrical Quality of Our Spoken Word Poetry

Overall, we give our work lyrical quality and rhyme schemes that emphasize an image and rhythmic presentation through:

• The selection of passionate topics – We aim to generate a lot of emotions and feelings towards our desired topic.

• Clearly-cut out gateway lines – Each of our works contain a thesis to ensure the poem’s first line prepares viewers for the subject matter.

• Clever wordplay, repetition, and sensory details – We emphasize images through repetition and clever use of sounds, feelings, and a mix of pictures. We also want your audience to experience smell, taste, feeling, sound, and sight!

• Wrapping up – Our writers ensure that each piece ends with an image. We shall leave your audience lingering with feelings, thoughts, and learned lessons!

If You're Looking to Create Spoken Word Poetry, Check Out This Example Video

The video below showcases a talented spoken word poet and can serve as a great reference for those looking to hone their own spoken word skills. If you're looking for inspiration on how to create your own spoken word poetry, check out this example video of performance poetry.

Sensory Details

We rev up our sensory details with poetry. We add more detail to give reader a picture in his/her mind. We explore sensory details to help our reader visualize.

Repetition and Wordplay

We employ poetic devices, wordplay, alliteration and repetition of sounds and themes to create both a pleasing sound and impactful piece of writing; it’s about the balance between the two.

Make it Sound Good

We fully express your ideas the way that you want. We help in journaling to reach the emotional center of your piece, and then going in to add the rhetoric, imagery, and other frills.