Manuscript Review

review manuscrips for peer review.

Reviewing manuscripts (pieces of music, document, or even a book not printed, but written by hand) is not a hard task. Assuming that you receive a review invitation, the work’s abstract usually accompanies the review request to help you accept or turn down the request.

Gladly, MyPaperHub agency can comfortably handle your manuscript review assignments and report on the outcomes (analysis of merits)! We can do both informal and formal review contexts. An informal review report structure only creates room for the reviewer’s merits and their analysis.

On the contrary, formal structures usually have a questionnaire that asks specific questions. Accordingly, the formal context demands that we use a scorecard to rate various attributes of the manuscript. Relax…we can take on any reporting format and compile confidential comments to editors or authors.

How do we attain the review?

During the first read-through, we use the skimming technique to help our writers get a sense of whether to accept or reject the paper and form an initial impression. We take notes when skimming and we use specific questions to inform the review:

• Are figures and tables in the paper superfluous or they add value and aid in understanding?

• Does the author have a substantial case to agree/disagree with the current academic consensus?

• Are the author’s arguments and evidence consistent in the conclusion?

• Is the paper easy to read and clear? Is it well written?

• How does the author’s topic compare to others in the subject area? Does it add to the knowledge or is the topic original?

• Is the research interesting and relevant…?

While on it, we save time by flagging major problems early on. For instance, major flaws in information may include a lack of strong argument and confirmatory data that adds value to the field, contradictory data, unclear data tables, or insufficient data.

Therefore, our decision, such as rejection after the first reading will be well informed. However, our staff will do a second read-through to check issues like grammar, punctuation, language, among others.

We do thorough manuscript reviews because we want your manuscripts to get thorough peer review which is an academic golden rule.

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