writing a pamphlet? We can help

It is easy to confuse a pamphlet with a catalogue or a brochure assignment.

The only difference is that the subject matter is different.

While brochures advertise new products, for example new applications/products, pamphlets will give further information to the readers, such as the subject’s location.

Pamphlets are small publications that tackle a single topic and are intended to be informative or educational. A one-page long pamphlet is a leaflet! We write pamphlets that are both effective in achieving their purpose and creativity.

In this regard, we:

• Define the pamphlet’s target audience and purpose

• Do thorough research on the target audience and the topic

• Focus on comprehension by ensuring the use of positive voice, active voice, and short sentences and words

• Decide on the pamphlet’s layout: small booklet, trifold, or a single-page document.

• Use images and other features to ensure our pamphlet breaks the monotony of plain text and is more expressive!

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