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As university or college students, you may be required to take Chemistry as a general education class or for your major. Do not be worried, we shall help you boost your confidence in later courses by ensuring you have strong foundational knowledge in Chemistry. The company will ensure that you start off your semester on the right foot. We have proficient writers in all the basic Chemistry classes, such as:

Stoichiometry – We are well-positioned to handle everything Stoichiometry, including Stoichiometric Coefficients and Balancing Chemical Equations. We understand reactants and products in chemical equations and their masses, the number of moles, and also their corresponding quantitative relations.

Net Ionic Equations – We understand that molecular equations must attain a proper balance. In this regard, we shall balance ionic equations to ensure both charge and mass balance. Notably, net ionic equations will only show ions, compounds, and elements that directly participate in a chemical reaction.

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Solids, Liquids, & Solutions – Our discipline-specialized writers understand the microscopic properties of solids, liquids, and gases: a given amount of gas occupies much more volume than that of either liquid or solid. Our experts know the dependency of these properties on ionic, molecular, and atomic shapes & sizes. Besides, they understand the homogeneity of mixtures and how substances mix to form solutions.

Oxidation Numbers – Also known as oxidation state, oxidation number describes an atom’s degree of oxidation in a chemical compound. The concept also details how atoms form chemical bonds, either losing or gaining a given number of electrons to form the bond.

Organic Chemistry – Our Chemistry experts are knowledgeable in the study of reactions, composition, properties, preparation, and structure of carbon-rich compounds. Our writers understand structural formulas, covalent bonding, and the composition of organic compounds.

Molarity – Molarity is among the most commonly used units to measure concentration, and it highlights the number of moles that are contained in a litre of a given solution. We understand the concepts of molarity, molar concentration, making solutions with specific concentrations, and all the calculations in the Chemistry unit.

Kinetics & Equilibrium – We understand the reaction coordinate diagrams, equilibrium, and kinetics in chemical reactions, such as the reversible reaction covering the inter-conversion of trans-2-butene and cis-2-butene. In this regard, our writers will help you discuss the dynamic nature of chemical equilibrium, and the balance between forward & reverse (opposing) reactions.

Gases – As one of the three classical states of matter, a gas exists under standard temperature and pressure (1 atm and 273K, or STP). We shall help you cover other subtopics within Pure Gas, such as absolute zero, Kinetic Theory of Matter, Molecular View of Gas, Elemental Gases of the Periodic Table, Derived Units, and the SI Units.

Chemical Bonding (Structure & Bonding) – Trust us with your Chemical Bonding assignments. We study the forces that hold atoms together to form molecules and compounds: ionic bonds, polar and covalent bonds. Not only shall we cover bonds, such as covalent bonds, but we shall also discuss the electronegativities of atoms, similarity, and how electrons form ions. Apart from the study of bonds, our experts will also discuss intra-molecular interaction within molecules and the intermolecular forces.

Acids & bases – Scientists use factors such as PH and taste to classify substances as alkali (bases), acids, or neutral. You can be assured of excellent performance in all your Acid & Bases assignments because we have experts in the field. We understand the simple chemistry of these substances. For instance, we know that, when added to water, acidic substances ionize to produce H+ ions. These hydrogen ions do not contain electrons and are made up of protons. We understand that the logarithmic PH scale identifies acidic substances as having a PH value of less than 7 and more than 7 for basic substances (0-7 for acids, 7 for alkalis, and 7-14 for bases). We have the deepest understanding of the topic!

Basic Concepts: Atoms & Atomic Masses – While an atom is the smallest particle of any chemical element, an atomic mass unit (daltons, D) measures the average mass of an element’s atoms. Trust us with all your atomic mass assignments because we are experts in the field. We understand the periodic table and how different isotopes of an element are weighed in average: multiplying the abundance of isotopes by the mass of each isotope. We understand each element of the Periodic Table from Hydrogen1 (H) to Ununquadium 114 (Uuq), and how to sort each by their atomic masses.

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