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Analytical essays are a type of academic writing that require students to analyze and interpret a particular topic or text. The main purpose of an analytical essay is to break down the text into smaller parts and examine them closely to gain a deeper understanding of the text. When writing an analytical essay, there are certain guidelines that students should follow in order to produce a high-quality essay.

Writing an analytical essay is a complicated task for many students. It does not only require strong writing skills but also a deep understanding of the subject matter. First and foremost, when choosing a topic for an analytical essay, it is important to establish specific points of analysis. This means identifying the main themes, ideas, or arguments that are present in the text and determining how they relate to each other. Once the writer has established these points of analysis, they can begin to locate sources that will support their argument.

When locating sources, it is important to avoid using a source that will simply provide the analysis of the text for the writer. The purpose of the source is to support their argument, not the other way around. Statistical or factual data can be used to strengthen their argument, while anecdotes can engage the reader and highlight one of their main points. Biographical information can also be useful in making a connection to the text. It is important to take advantage of the resources provided by the instructor and the library to help locate sources. Developing key words can also help in the search for sources.

Once the writer has chosen their topic and located sources, they can begin to write their essay. The essay format includes an opening section where the text is described with enough detail for the reader to understand what is involved. The writer should also identify the main themes, ideas, or arguments that they will explore in the essay and make them clear to the reader.

The essay should then provide a discussion of the various points of analysis using evidence from the text and sources to support their argument. Each point of analysis should be discussed in a separate paragraph, and the writer should clearly explain how the evidence supports their argument. It is important to avoid making unsupported claims or using evidence that does not relate directly to the point being made.

When writing an analytical essay, it is also important to use appropriate citation methods. The writer must cite any sources, including the text, when used, whether they are quoting or not. Abbreviated citations can be used for the text. Outside sources should be cited using a standard citation system like MLA. The writer should avoid quotation and instead paraphrase or summarize, and provide a citation when doing so.

Finally, the writer should address their own position in relation to the analysis, using the first person and clearly laying out a clear argument for their position. The position should address the analysis sufficiently, and the sentence containing the position should be clear to the reader.

To write a successful analytical essay, the writer must craft a strong thesis statement that answers a HOW or WHY question about the subject being analyzed. A solid thesis statement presents a clear perspective on the topic and makes a case that needs demonstrating. On the other hand, a weak thesis statement either makes no case or is a statement that doesn't require proving. A vague thesis statement with broad nouns, weak verbs, and adjectives will not guide the writer or the reader to a deeper comprehension of the topic. Instead, a strong thesis statement should use specific nouns, active verbs, and assertive predictions to clearly state the writer's argument and provide a direction for the essay.

In conclusion, writing an analytical essay requires careful planning and organization. Students should choose a topic that allows them to establish specific points of analysis and locate sources that will support their argument. The essay should be well-cited and provide a clear discussion of each point of analysis. By following these guidelines, students can produce high-quality analytical essays that demonstrate their understanding of the text and their ability to analyze and interpret it.

What should an analysis paper look like?

When writing an analytical essay, it's important to follow a clear structure that includes an introduction, three body paragraphs, and a conclusion. To ensure a strong argument, your thesis statement and body paragraphs should outline at least three key points that support your analysis. As you develop your essay, make sure to list all of your main points to help maintain a logical and organized structure.

Below is an example of an analytical essay that features a clear structure, including an introduction, three body paragraphs, and a conclusion. The essay presents a well-developed thesis statement that is supported by the body paragraphs, each of which focuses on at least three key points. To maintain a logical and organized structure, the author also lists the main points they will be discussing in each of the body paragraphs.

Justification of Authoritarian as an Effective Leadership Style

Leadership is a crucial factor that affects the failure or success of any organization, religious movement, country and the society as a whole. It is becoming quite difficult for any single person to have all the skills and abilities to lead the nation competently in today's society. Various leadership styles have worked in the past societies among them being authoritarian leadership transformational style, the shared ruled leadership, and many others. Authoritarian leadership requires the subordinates to do as they are told without question. It is characterized by a clear boundary set between the leaders and subjects, keeping the subordinates in line through threats and punishment rather than softer approaches (Germano). This paper will try to explain why the authoritarian leadership style is the best and most effective in getting this done through identifying how it has been used in the past and determine the impact it has left in the society.

Authoritarian Leadership Style and its Characteristics

As stated earlier, the authoritarian leadership style gives the leader absolute power to control the subjects. The ruler chooses fear over love by the subordinates as through fear people can accomplish things because they would not want to get on the wrong side of the leader. The leader, therefore, may end up being ruthless like some of the most notable leaders in history including Adolf Hitler from Germany, Saddam Hussein from Iraq and Kim Jong-un from North Korea who is still the ruler. The logic behind the ruling is that the end justifies the means in that as long as there is something good at the end of an action then it would be worthwhile no matter the cost. Authoritarianism in almost every case disregards the ethical perspective of an action. The logic presents itself in the book The Prince by Machiavelli. In many situations where the leadership has been used the results are attained almost immediately as people are ruled by fear and few people find the courage to oppose the leaders ("Authoritarian Leadership Explained").

Effectiveness of the Authoritarian System

The effectiveness of the authoritarian system can be understood through real examples. A good illustration is the compulsive education law of Georgia. The law requires children between the age of six and sixteen to attend school and failure to do so would cost the parties involved. The law dictates the penalties for failure to be fines and or imprisonment. Parents have the option to enroll the children in public, private and homeschooling institutions. Also, for the homeschooling option, the state dictates the curriculum and the requirements of the children. Among them being; having a regular attendance record and receiving the education comparable to the one offered but the public schools in the state. A child found not attending to any of the three options may be placed in the custody of an officer provided by the state. If it is not the parent's fault and that of the child, he/she may be subjected to juvenile court processing. The strict law was effective as the literacy levels in Georgia increased. The number of school going children studying is also high compared to other states that do not have strict laws ("Georgia Compulsory Education Laws - Findlaw").

Another authoritarian example is in taxation laws. Every citizen in this country is required to file and pay taxes at the end of every financial year. It is something that every citizen who earns money knows, and if they fail do so they know the consequences. Paying taxes is a concept that nobody bothers questioning yet if someone were to be told to choose between using the money or paying the tax, they would opt to use the money without a doubt. It is a form of ruling that has been in existence since the ancient times only that the use of taxes has changed from paying the rulers to helping develop the country and grow its economy.

The leaders who desire to have complete power in making decision use the authoritative leadership approach. In most cases, the leaders use the style when expressing their ideas to the people he/she is leading. The style is however not recommended as the leader may be seen as bossy and may lead to resistance and the head may fail to inspire. The ultimate results may be reduced commitment from the people being led. John F. Kennedy is among the many leaders who used the style. Kennedy, however, used an approach that portrayed cheerfulness and optimism which inspired the American people. John F. Kennedy was able to engage different generations in America through communicating his philosophy of hope ( Staff). Some people found it difficult to relate to his ideas of upcoming future, but his inspiration led American to become the first human beings to land on the moon although he was not around to see this happen. Authoritarianism assures the followers that a leader knows what exactly he/she is talking about therefore leads people to by his/her idea.

Lastly, the effectiveness of authoritarianism is practical as it is the only method of leadership applicable when making a decision that needs an immediate response. It is because of this that military uses authoritarianism as its primary method when undertaking many of its activities. The leader is expected to make orders that are followed by the subordinates without question. In the end, the method is effective as it gets things done. How effective a leadership style is, depends on the goal. Authoritarian leadership gets things done but in most cases disregards ethics and human rights. It is effective in that the aim is achieved. Other leaderships are always open to having back and forth conversations which slow the commencement of any project, with authoritarianism nothing of the sort happens, therefore, an ideal way of being effective.

Professional Analysis Paper Writing Services for All Topics and Disciplines

We pay keen attention to your analysis paper because we know that analytical essays provide you with a way of sharing personal insights about historical events, scientific studies, or works of literature.

Analysis papers also analyze topics on philosophy, politics, current events, music, art, among other areas. Hold on, we know that your professors use analysis papers to test your comprehension of different topics, writing skills, and how well you can think and write. In this regard, we have got you covered!

We shall prove that you can educate your fellow citizens on advanced topics and matters of advanced knowledge, such as architecture and economics. How shall we deliver, you ask?

We will:

• Anchor our entire analytical essay around one point of view (singular thesis statement)

• Engage the reader: We shall start our introduction with a hook, such as a bold statement, or a rhetorical question, and end it in a thesis statement

• Organize the essay’s body and carefully divide it into paragraphs that delve into interesting topics

• Ensure that all main body paragraphs begin with clearly crafted topic sentences

• Fill the main body of the paper with a mixture of analysis and substance. We shall populate your paper with evidence! How else shall we convince your audience without textual evidence, endnotes, and footnotes?

• Increase the paper’s arguments’ strength by acknowledging different points of view. Why not provide space for critical perspectives and contrasting opinions?

• Give you a good grade by summarizing your analysis well and giving a satisfying experience to your reading audience.

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We always tweak it a bit so it's more fitting but it's a nice base formatting but it will depend on your professor's super specific paper formatting of citations and we will write a solid paper with the specified format.

There are specific rules for how many sentences each paragraph should have and everything that our writers ought to follow; it depends on the college, and sometimes individual instructors.

Can you work on a specific style guide or format?

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Yes we do, response papers included.

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Please place an order at our order page and provide us with information about the book at the description part of filling the order details. E.g. “What’s it title? Who authored it? “

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We provide high quality papers. We always follow a client’s instructions. We do not plagiarize. Our grammar is high quality, and we format papers according to recognized academic standards. However, in the rare event that you won’t be satisfied with the delivered paper’s quality, please do not approve the order. Instead, you can set the paper on revision, or if the quality is very unsatisfactory, you can ask for a refund as per our Money Back Guarantee Policy.

Our expert writers will always give their absolute all by providing great arguments, supporting a main position with materials from the chapters you’ve provided and even when your professor can be very tough with an unfair grading policy; opinions will be defended very well.

I’m I regarded as a cheat for using this service?

The company is focused on providing its clients with samples of what they should deliver – not actual papers for academic classes. In the event a client uses papers from the company as their final submissions, that is outright cheating and a violation of the policies governing interactions between the company and its clients. The company expects that papers delivered to clients will be used as a guide through which the clients will submit their papers. The company upholds legal and ethical standards, which are in light of the expectations and stipulations of educational institutions.

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Kindly use the price calculator on our website to determine the price of your paper. The good thing with filling the order form is that you get an automated 25% discount.

Where can I find a discount code?

I'm afraid we aren't running any at the minute. However, the 25% discount is all we can give at the moment. If we give a further discount, we won’t be able to get a quality, qualified writer to work on your order.

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Some of the payment options include Apple pay, Visa, PayPal, Payoneer, and wire transfers. Other payment options are available.

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We refund orders under several instances:

• Duplicate orders - More than one.

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Please note that a standard page is double spaced, and consists of 275 words. If you require a paper whose spacing is 1.5 lines, you will have to fill out 1.5 pages for each page needed. For instance, if you need 2 pages with a spacing of 1.5 lines, you’ll need to place a 3-page order, i.e., 2×1.5=3.

If my paper needs to be 3 full pages plus works cited page, am I listing the number of pages as 3 or 4?

3 pages. We provide a free works cited page for every paper.

What is specialized ? I am trying to see the difference between that an bachelor.

Specialized included subjects such as engineering, nursing, computer science, IT, etc... once you've selected the subject, then the study level will be automatic if it's a specialized subject.

Can you provide Thesis tutor service?

We only write from scratch. We do not offer step-by-step guidance. However, you can communicate with your PhD-level writer via email just to make sure that the thesis represents what you want and how you want the final piece to turn out. Most of our clients prefer us writing for them the entire project, it saves time, and you still enjoy the freedom to control how the thesis is written.

But my university examiner will easily catch me. Usually, they know our writing styles? I want to use my words.

The writer assigned to work on your project will strictly follow your writing style. You simply need to attach some of your past projects. You can also rewrite the entire thesis upon receiving it. The whole text will be 100% original, and you can opt to reword the entire thing to suit your words of choice.

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