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"MyPaperHub is the best company I have ever worked with...I say with because they work with you and treat you as an individual customer, not a number and this is mirrored in the custom care they give to you as a customer."

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Our expertise in the wide-range of services we offer in the industry is unmatched to any other online essay service service offering writing help for college students as we have highly skilled professionals who are dedicated to delivering outstanding hand-crafted papers that will yield excellent grades for you.

A research paper or a custom written essay ordered from our website is thoroughly researched and carefully formatted to make it unique.If you are under a strict academic deadline and are unable to write your essay on time, then you have landed on the right place. MyPaperHub is here to take care of all of your stress since we understand how challenging it can be to produce correct and appropriate custom essays or texts in research papers without having to seek help from an online custom service.

Not only can you get affordable essay help service on our website but you we also offer thesis writing assistance and unmatched research writing help ranging from an argumentative research paper to a compare and contrast piece. MyPaperHub has been providing these valuable services to customers from all over the world for some years now, and none of them have ever failed to get the value for the money that they spent on our services.

Mostly, students get to be overworked while relentlessly working to complete essays and research papers because most of them focus on the product which is just a sub-par. With so much to deal with in campus life and the general academic life, students tend to be overwhelmed by what can be termed as simple yet complex things such as non-plagiarized essay and research paper writing. With this kind of hardship which no student signed up for, the elusive “A+” grade can only be seen as a mirage to many but requesting a tailored service or by hiring a writing service to ease your mind can be deemed to be a favorable option where writers are hired to write requirement-tailored essays for money. Our company will deliver a made-to-order written essay if you request us to and with numerous excellent reviews from reputable companies we’ve written articles for and students who have successfully achieved their career goals due to our service; then, we guarantee the application of diverse essay writing skills while writing your original-crafted papers. Our view on the current education system is that, students should ultimately focus on what is relevant to them and not shudder under a barrage of irrelevant criticism that comes from the instructors who do not understand the difference between students' performance and the purpose of education in America which has radically shifted over the last decade from the core goal of preparing students for life, to the specific purpose of preparing students for college.

Our custom writing service knows how to do it right.

We are not arguing that criticism is wrong, in fact, positive criticism is a plus since it provides the students with something constructive (directions and guidance) upon which they can grow. Don’t forget “students always welcome critiques from instructors who they have confidence in his or her teaching abilities, competence, and authority.” If criticism is presented in a fair manner, with authority and conviction and from a recognizable position with expertise, then students tend to accept it. MyPaperHub is here to help you find your balance in academics and not shunning criticism on you as students, but we understand that in helping you in achieving confidence and boosting your grades, you become a better person shaped by your own focus and attitude. Helping you achieve that grade “A” without so much effort can be termed as cheating by those who support the current education system; but looking at it on another view, it’s all about shaping the education system which is crippled. Reason this way:-as we write these high-quality specialized essays for you, and you just spend 30 minutes or more going through the entire paper, you get the Q&A’s, and it’s more of a learning process since the grading system of our Universities is a mess since Professors only grade what you write on paper under their watchful eye which is an ignorant move which does not recognize the practical part which most students tend to be good at. As a company that has been in existence for a decade now, and at least facilitating over 25,000 graduate & Undergraduate students to seep into their dream careers. We are confident that the education system needs a fix, but as time goes on, we tend to see absolutely no change. Getting you the top “A+” grade is quite easy for us, but we tend to believe that the best professional custom writing service should be intertwined with the education system, the same way as you might be a pro in painting but you end up hiring a professional to do it for you therefore saving time and to achieve that perfect visual technique.

Customized papers guaranteeing a passing grade.

With our experienced team of writers who have seen generations of students come and go, we are confident that the same team of writers will make your college life to be happier as expected and also to be manageable. College life is not as easy as some of the freshmen may think, once that first assessment is due and you don’t have time to work on it, pressure builds up, and if you fail in that course, college life becomes hectic and depression might kick in realizing that you will not be graduating in the company of your comrades. We are here to help when you request us to write you a customized essay paper guaranteeing only decent grades at an unmatched affordable cost, a cost no other company, among the professional writing services in this niche will manage to charge you for a world class service. Education can be fun, but also it can be hectic especially when you realize that the job market doesn’t necessarily need that non-plagiarized essay paper you wrote in the first year, neither does it matter whether you understood what the professor taught during the afternoon session you missed that lecture but does judge you according to the overall honors you acquire from college, and the job training you learn is nothing you were taught in school (many wished they knew; unless you are a Nurse or a Doctor, but a wide variety of careers need specialized training that fits the job market). Why wait when we can get you what the education system prioritizes? Order from our custom tailored academic service today, sit back & relax, while we professionally tailor your grade with our high quality writings.

Our essays and research papers are in great demand in a multitude of countries, more new and returning clients reaching our site to achieve unique and original content to lead the ultimate A+ grade. With the increasing rate in incoming orders, we have earned thousands of international customers' trust.The purpose of our site is to provide you with a safe and secure means of purchasing essays and research papers among other academic forms of writing that our company deals with, from the convenience of your home or work-place. We offer seasonal discounts and other promotions throughout the year.

And our website will always keep you posted about the status of your order. Wondering what's going on with your order or what time your essay/paper order will be delivered? We will promptly convey an email confirming your order 30 minutes after receiving your order, and you can always know the status of your order by tracking your order or by calling our 24 hours live chat where our well-trained support staff are ready to answer all your queries.

Our mission is to set new standards of reliability, quality, and honesty in the professional writing industry.

MyPaperHub long-term goal is to become a leading player in the market by offering customer-specific content and attaining the highest possible performance quality standards.

We understand the importance of developing a positive, strong public image. Therefore, we commit to timely delivery of customer orders and composing of non-plagiarized, authentic papers.

Dear valued customer, we take into account both qualitative and quantitative aspects of your papers, and we assure you the highest possible marks/grades in your papers. In this regard, we commit to;

Please note that we have a pool of qualified writers in different disciplines, and we have paper requirements that our writers must meet. For instance;

• Follow order instructions and meet the expectations of your professors.

• Timely delivery of your papers.

• Appropriate academic language.

• Using credible and verifiable academic sources.

• Zero similarity index .

• Keep all your personal information confidential.

• Ideas taken from outside sources, and also diagrams, tables, graphs, or pictures, should be properly cited.

• Appendices, abstract, title, and reference pages are not included in the word count.

• Each single-spaced page should contain at least 550 words; each double-spaced page should contain at least 275 words.

• Papers text should either be single-spaced or double-spaced, depending on the order instructions.

• The total word count should correspond to the number of pages the customer pays for.

• All written assignments should be free of punctuation, spelling, stylistic, semantic, syntactical, and grammatical errors.

• Papers should be uploaded on time.

• Ideas should be clearly expressed and run smoothly.

• Papers’ contents must address all points in the instructions, be 100% original, and must use the appropriate structure and format mentioned in the instructions.

MyPaperHub Responsibilities.

Dear customer, you may request a revision whenever you are not satisfied with the quality of the paper. Our writers will be available to handle your revision request(s) within your defined deadline. However, you are obligated to prove that the writer(s) did not follow the order instructions.

MyPaperHub also allows you to dispute a writer’s work and get a partial or full refund. However, you will prove that the writer violated the following terms; late delivery of your paper, fake sources, high plagiarism, irregularities like wrong vocabulary choices, stylistic and grammatical mistakes, or the writer did not follow instructions.

Please also take note that;

You should thoroughly read your paper and make sure it meets your preferred quality standards before approving it. Approval would mean that you are satisfied with the paper, its content, and the format.

You are eligible for a refund if: you cancel an already placed order with the company, and your assigned writer is already working on it. However, the company shall compensate the writer depending on their progress on your paper (which you have decided to cancel).

Progressive Delivery Orders and Other Special Papers.

Please take note that you are welcome to place progressive delivery orders with us. Assignments, such as dissertations, may be delivered to you in parts.

Your assigned writer will have to wait for your approval before they proceed with the next part of the paper. In this regard, you will have enough time to assess whether the writer is meeting your supervisor’s expectations and avoid unnecessary revisions.

Copyright, Data Protection, and Confidential Information.

The copyright ownership of all the orders placed with MyPaperHub anonymously belongs to our customer. Customer’ personal data will be processed according to company internal related documents.

We do not share the personal data of our customer with our freelance writers. We guarantee the privacy of your personal data and identity.

Please contact us for any additional information, questions, clarifications, or suggestions.

Usage of the website is a sign of agreement of the following terms and conditions applied. The payment and submission of an order implies that you- ‘the client’ has read, understood and has acknowledged these terms and conditions.

Services Offered

Submission of any form of work: dissertation, coursework, term paper, essay payment or/and order, you will be purchasing the product for your own use.

The ownership and rights regarding to the product are transferred to freelance writers who do the research writing. There is no warranty, implied or expressed and also NO REFUNDS in cases where the order has not been subjected to review by the client before submission and also the order has not undergone the process of being revised. Once you have placed an order, it is our obligation to work on it as per our understanding and it is your obligation to review the order and confirm if it meets your expectations before submission. We DO NOT, ‘STRICTLY'’ refund orders that have been graded. Make sure you have reviewed the paper before you can actually submit it for grading and please be careful with your initial instructions.

  • •MyPaperHub is not a in anyway associated with academic institutions. It does not perform or contract Professors for writing or researching of any services it sells.

  • •The delivered essay/research paper etc (products ordered) must be verified by the buyer. MyPaperHub accepts no responsibility whatsoever for grades awarded by institutions.

  • •There are no returns or cancellations, on custom or made-to-order services such as custom writing based on specific instructions.

  • •Submitting a paper/essay for grading constitutes full and complete acceptance. Absolutely no claims or returns will be honored after partial or complete submission for grading.

More about the services we offer are found in the FAQ page on our website. You are obliged to go through the FAQ page in case of any more questions that you may have and you are also encouraged to read the Terms and Conditions before giving any payments or orders.

Once an order has been subjected to a revision, the deadline ought to be extended since revisions should have ample time so that the writer can align your new ideas or recommendations with the already written text. If there is a delay in delivering an order set on revision status just because the deadline was around the corner, the client will get a partial refund not exceeding $10 or a free one-page order during the next purchase. This situation can always be avoided by the client making a quick review of the paper submitted and getting back to us for a revision. You shouldn't wait for last minute to request for a revision.

Copyright & Personal Use

All the products and services being provided to you/the customer are original. Copyright of the products and services delivered are retained by and/or the partners and its affiliates. The customers’ use of the product from this website is only for personal and non-commercial use. The customer will have to agree on not to publish, transmit, modify, distribute or create other works and misuse the services, information and contents from our website without any written consent from the client in agreement to defend and be of no harm to all unauthorized uses the client may have of the services or information provided from our website. The usage of products or services provided from our website without permission will be liable to criminal and civil penalties.

Security and privacy

If you are looking for any information regarding policies on the collection, usage and storage of online information, kindly look at our Privacy Statement provided on our website. About the security of your credit card details, kindly look at our Privacy Policy page.

Links Disclaimer

We do not approve or endorse or certify or sponsor any other websites, even if this website is linked to other websites unless specifically stated. The clients linking of other website are doing so at their own risk and it is not recommended.

Strictly Zero Plagiarism

Any information and services or other materials delivered to the client are only for research purposes or references purposes. We highly discourage any participation of plagiarism and any form of fraudulent and dishonest acts. Our website firmly stands by any and all copyright laws and we won’t allow any client to indulge or perform plagiarism and break the copyright laws. Products or services delivered are discouraged from being passed on to other parties or given to anyone else for payment. You agree any material given to you is for research purposes and should must be cited accordingly and attributed to our website if it is going to be used elsewhere.

Money-Back Guarantee

There are no warranties, implied or expressed but they are refundable. Once the order has been done and handed over, we may refund you if the client is not satisfied by our work. In other situations, we may provide a refund on discretion. You can learn more about the guarantee on the FAQ page on our website.


If you submit any order or payment, you will be legally accepting the Terms provided on this website and as well as the following statements:

  • •Any material and/or information obtained from the order must be cited accordingly if it is to be used for other purposes.

  • •All materials and/or information were procured from freelancers who also have the ownership and rights to the affiliates and partners.

  • •You are agreeing that you are receiving services from this website and are paying for time and effort used for collecting, analyzing, presenting, correcting, editing and delivering of information for personal use.

  • •All writings and information obtained are given as examples to research and reference on how to write a research paper in a certain manner using proper citation styles like APA, MLA, Chicago etc.

  • •All materials and/or information obtained from our website shall not be replicated, distributed, published, transmitted or displayed without a written consent.

  • •You as the client are agreeing to destroy all information delivered or product after you have finished using the materials for your research or education purposes.

Warranty Disclaimer

You are the one responsible for the evaluation of accuracy, completeness or usefulness of the information provided with regards to the services provided on our website. You are obliged to seek advice from other professional persons in order to help you evaluate the information or other contents delivered or provided.

Limitation Of Liability

You may be required to hold or release and its subordinate staff, representatives, agents and any third-party sources of data or providers and the Company affiliates (legal team) harmless from any eminent damages. Losses, actions and claims that may arise as a result of the product provided, inclusive of and not limited to: (1) electronic, software, telephone, internet, hardware or any malfunctions of the kind; (2) inconclusive, delayed or failed computer transmissions; (3) uneventful conditions that may lead to disruption, delay or corruption of the product; (4) any losses, damages or injuries that may arise in relation to the utilization of our services; or (5) all errors associated with typing or printing in the product linked with the services we provide. Additionally, you agree to indemnify, defend and hold both the company as well as its affiliates free from any suit, claim and/or demand, inclusive of legal fees that have been made by any third party due to the utilization of our services, violation of the terms and conditions, any omitted act by you, or violation of rights offered by the third party.

No direct or indirect liability should we be held accountable for based on the damages that occur in a way that is linked with the usage of this website and the information provided. Not all states might allow the limitation of liability for damages but if you are in a state that doesn’t allow limitation of liability, then the above limitation MUST apply.


You agree to the Terms and Conditions stated above. We highly encourage and allow reviewing of the Terms and Conditions applied for they may change regularly and to keep you updated on the changes that may occur on our website

By using the website, you are agreeing to the terms of this personal data and privacy policy. If you do not agree with any term in this policy, please do not use the website.

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