Curriculum Vitae/Bio Data

Curriculum Vitae and Portfolio

Creating the perfect Curriculum Vitae and an engaging portfolio can be daunting for many people – especially if you are at the start of your career and sitting looking at a blank sheet.

When you are looking for a new job, your CV will determine whether the hiring team considers your application or not. For instance, you may find a dream job and be convinced that you are a perfect fit.

However, the hiring team may never call you even after sending them your CV. Why? It is because your CV was not good enough and they never read it! The MyPaperHub agency will help you write a CV that is better than any of your competitors in the job application.

We have the best tips for listing your achievements, skills, and experiences to get any job. Do not worry even if you do not have a job experience yet.

Our writers will pick the best CV format for you and make sure you know when to use it. As if not enough, we shall add your contact information the right way, starting with your objectives or a summary of your personal profile.

We shall also list your key achievements and relevant work experience in accordance with the vacant position. Besides, we shall include any relevant sections that will impress the recruiter and skills that fit the job opening. Do not forget that we shall write a cover letter that complements your CV.

Ever bothered to find out how Curriculum Vitae (CV) differs from a résumé? A Curriculum Vitae is similar to a resume but for those who want to work in higher-education. So it focuses on research and education rather than specific skills.

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