Infographics (Infographics Data, Charts, Graphs, Statistics Shown as Visual Graphic)

help you with (data, dataviz, infographics etc)

Infographic consists of visual representation of data or information, such as diagrams and charts. Infographics aim to make information interesting and easy to read, and they appeal to people of all walks of life.
However, we know that a good Infographic should be:

• Ordered in a way that readers are guided by simple cues and paths (the sequence should be flow)

• Graphic-Infographic should have 800 words or fewer since images and graphics tell the story.

• Focused-An infographic should have one single message.

Our writers/designers can execute all 8 types of infographics: the map, data viz, versus comparison, number love, the list, the timeline, the flowchart, and also the visual article.

Our team professional writers use many tips to create effective infographics and even posters. For instance, we use fonts that are: easy to read, consistent with the text, headers, & titles, and adjusted (left justify text).

We also use color to: make things stand out, direct the audience through the story, and connect our categories, sections, and ideas. However, we are careful to ensure that we aim for simplicity, we use readable colors, and we stick to a color scheme of 2-3 colors. Similarly, we chose the desired size to ensure the infographic is large enough to read, applies to objects & text, suggests relevance & importance, and helps connect sections and ideas to make things stand out.

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