Proctored Exams

we take your online proctored exams (Hornolock, Pearson and Onvue)

Proctored exams (Honorlock, etc.) use proctoring software to monitor a candidate’s computer’s audio, video, webcam, and desktop. Usually, proctor exam takers must observe some rules:

• Be in possession and submitting approved ID verification photos before taking a graded proctored exam

• Installing the proctoring software on their computer.

• Taking a webcam ID photo and face photo at the start of the exam.

• Following edX’s requirements and rules during the exam.

However, at MyPaperHub, we can go the extra mile and help you take your online timed proctored video exam. We take advantage of available technologies to:

• Remotely logging in from our computers to access the questions and provide you with answers through screen sharing to our computers.

• Manipulate the webcam. Take note that we can always help you to access augmented reality glasses, invisible smartwatches, or even micro Bluetooth-powered earbuds that may appear normal, visually transparent, and practically undetectable by the webcam or the monitoring software.

• Access our future app services. The company is developing mobile apps that work in a similar fashion as Brainly or Cymath that will help you solve complex exam questions in real-time. You will get real-person answers as well as automated recommended answers on our app.

• Access our third-party assistance from our pool of trained writers. Notably, we can make arrangements to impersonate you and rig your ID. For instance, we may create school IDs and driver’s licenses that can easily be authenticated virtually.

Overly, we are best positioned to handle your extra academic and other kinds of load.

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