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Customer FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

  • What preliminary information is required for my order?
  • How is quality ensured when I buy cheap essays?
  • How do I receive my purchased essay?
  • How much does it cost to buy an essay?
  • What's the order procedure once I buy an essay?

What preliminary information is required for my order?

Depending on the service requested, the writer will need supporting materials such as readings, case study that will be needed to answer questions, video links, class notes etc.

How is quality ensured when I buy cheap essays?

Quality Control

For each task, we select corresponding writers according to their individual skills. These skills are verified through training and tests which are subjected to evaluation every quarter to determine if they are fit for duty.

Your essay goes through a process of editing and re-editing. Our team zoom in on the grammar, word choice, sentence structure and more making your piece flow and read correctly.

How do I receive my purchased essay?

The essay will be delievred directly to your email address.

How much does it cost to buy an essay?

The costs are calculated according to the deadline your order has (14 days- non urgent deadline, 12 hours- urgent deadline), complexity of the order and the number of pages. These vary from project to project. Therefore, for every project you will receive an individual pricing on demand on our order form. All prices are automatically calculated - discount inclusive!

What's the order procedure once I buy an essay?

• We receive your order automatically after you have submitted a request on our order page.

• We develop a concept tailored to your individual project.

• If your project has several sections and requires to be detailed, we divide it into self-contained microjobs.

• The job is assigned to qualified writers within our network.

• Your completed essay is subjected to quality control where it is checked for plagiarism.

• The final stage is to proofread your paper (post-editing) where our team check for spelling slip ups, grammar errors, typographical errors and inconsistencies in language and layout.

• You receive the faultless document for approval.

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