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We must choose a narrow, specific topic. We can give a more in-depth treatment of a narrow topic than one that is too broad. For example, rather than examining the effect of Swype keyboards in general, we will look at the effects of Swype on certain demographics (age) or settings (workplace); or We could discuss different types of keyboards and how they all have different effects on these groups for different reasons.

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purchase a research proposal/concept paper

  • How do you prepare to write my research proposal?
  • How do you come up with a research topic?
  • How do you begin to write my research Proposal?
  • How do you find appropriate Sources to write my research proposal?
  • How many sources will you use for my paper?
  • How do you write a research proposal for college?
  • Can you illustrate how you will write my research proposal step by step?
  • When and how do you cite sources?
  • Do you have a sample proposal I can see?
  • What will be included in my research proposal?

How do you prepare to write my research proposal?

A research proposal is an essential part of a research paper. It presents why the writer chose the topic in the first place. The proposal sets the focus on the specific topic.

A research proposal assists in organizing the project by showing a clear focus on the topic. A research proposal shows that preliminary research was done, gives reasons for the chosen topic, and shows potential challenges.


A Research Proposal should be focused and concise (x typed, double-spaced pages with standard margins), so we may not be able to treat the research topic exhaustively. But, on the other hand, x pages should be enough space to show two things:

1) That we understand the reading material relevant to the research topic; this will require some reading beyond the lecture notes.

2) That we can think with the facts we have learned from our research and from the notes We have submitted.

We don’t want and won't submit to you a simple summary of research findings on the research topic given topic. We won’t come up with an opinion essay that doesn't draw on the research of the research topic. We won't do that - we can handle it professionally.

How do you come up with a research topic?

If you have a topic, we can work with that. If you do not have one, we have to research a topic of our choosing, preferably one that hasn’t been heavily studied & obviously must relate to your course of study.

Ideas for topics may come from lectures or the assigned course readings. We will select an original topic, and our writers must choose something suitable to the research topic interests – The research topic professor would want that as well. Additional ideas will come from looking for sources.

We must choose a narrow, specific topic. We can give a more in-depth treatment of a narrow topic than one that is too broad. For example, rather than examining the effect of Swype keyboards in general, we will look at the effects of Swype on certain demographics (age) or settings (workplace); or We could discuss different types of keyboards and how they all have different effects on these groups for different reasons.

How do you begin to write my research Proposal?

The proposal will be a one-page explanation of the research topic and a preliminary bibliography of sources. These must be sources that we have already located and know are appropriate for the research proposal.

Why does your professor require a bibliography at such an early date? Several good reasons. We will not be able to find a final topic until we have done some reading and thinking. Second, students who wait too long often cannot find appropriate sources for their topics because there is not adequate research related to the topic or simply because they cannot find their sources.

How do you find appropriate Sources to write my research proposal?

At MyPaperHub, we critically evaluate the sources to ensure that they are appropriate for the research proposal assignment.

Appropriate sources for a specific project can be articles, books, and multi-media material appropriate for your course. What are NOT appropriate are opinion pieces or editorials. We only use original studies from academic journals or secondary sources such as textbooks.

Here are some examples:

Searching: Textbooks for this and other courses are a good place for us to start -- both for ideas and the sources in their bibliographies. We also search computerized databases, which is also an excellent strategy.

How many sources will you use for my paper?

However, we need to do an adequate job of presenting the research topic; this will vary depending on the research topic and how we use the citations. Two used in depth can be plenty; ten cited superficially can be inadequate. Many good reports from the past have had 8-9 sources.

How do you write a research proposal for college?

The research proposal should consist of a title page, full pages of neat text, and additional reference page(s). The body of the research proposal will be very well organized, with a title, an identifiable introduction, subheadings, and a conclusion. The introduction we come up with should make your research topic and planned structure clear. The body should flow from the introduction and the conclusion from the body. The subheadings will guide the reader, make logical sense, and not exceed the standard 12pt font, double-spaced.

Regarding the writing style, we will use: we strive for clarity and brevity. One suitable method we apply is to start with a rough outline and progressively fill out the details of the research topic outline with additional points and support from research. If we develop the research proposal in this manner, we are able to see whether it's logically ordered and cohesive before and during writing. In any case, time and revision are essential to a good paper. Therefore, we will deliver your completed paper ahead of time.

Can you illustrate how you will write my research proposal step by step?

1. The Title

We make sure we have included particular keywords in your title that go hand in hand with what the research proposal is all about. The title should be relevant to the theme of your proposal.

2. Undergraduate research proposal summary

In this section, we clearly outline in summary form the aims, importance, and the expected outcome of your research to the reader. These are meant to be clear for everyone such that even the individuals who know nothing in your field can understand.

3. Research details

We ensure that we establish a solid and convincing framework for your research in this specific section. Here are the subsections we use:

a) Research questions

In this section, we make sure we have introduced the explanation of the research questions. It should generally include the hypothesis or the problem to be addressed. Also, include the primary approach to be used, including the theoretical, empirical, and rationale. The section will also point out the importance of the research, whether academically or in any other relevant field.

b) Objectives of the project

we ask ourselves what we need to know, prove it, demonstrate, and analyze it. Also, we make sure that we have listed the aims of the project sequentially and logically. The aims of the project must be brief, clear, and concise. They must be realistic and related to each other. This section provides indicators to your supervisor on how you plan to approach literature and the theories involved in your project. The supervisor also expects to see how you will collect and analyze your data and, finally, how you will deal with problems. In other words, the practicality of your proposed research. We do all this on your behalf once you buy a research proposal from MyPaperHub; we pay attention to detail!

c) Contribution to the discipline.

We make sure that we have justified the project from a literature review on the topic by discussing the written information which we think is ranked as top and most important to the research project; we demonstrate that we have grasped the research issues being covered and identify areas in the literature that the research is meant to mend. This section acts as a sign-post in which it is meant to point out the research questions, and therefore we avoid being detailed at this point

d) Theoretical Framework & Methods

we have a solid way of how we plan on doing things. Not necessarily the full details of the various methods that we will use, but we show that we have a plan. The most vital and reasonable thing to show is that we have various methods in place, and we also need to show that the research proposal is practical and will be completed in a given time frame.

We make sure that our passion regarding the subject is evident from our proposal structure and the arguments displayed within our proposal. We put in mind that the university might not have experts in the field of your specific study. Therefore, it's totally up to us to make the subject matter you have selected to work on extremely interesting to those who will read the proposal.

4. Research Plan and Timeline

This section is not mandatory within all faculties. However, in this section, we will need to outline how we are planning to complete the research within the scheduled time.

5. References

These can also be bibliographies. They should prove to your reader that you understand correctly the subject/field you are offering your research. Therefore, we make sure that we have referenced all texts properly that we will use widely for the ultimate success of your research work.

A research proposal is meant to work as an outline for the project; however, it needs to be done correctly so that you can get the approval to proceed with the research. It is the document that determines whether you are ready to do the research. Therefore, whatever we do, we put our best foot forward and try and keep some momentum here.

When and how do you cite sources?

Whenever we report any facts or findings that are not our research or common knowledge, We must cite Your research topic source. It is doubtful that we will over-cite sources. We are cautious not to lift sections of another author's text and claim it as our own. We keep in mind that it is easier to read paraphrases of ideas rather than direct quotes.

The reference page will contain only the sources We actually cited or used extensively in The research proposal. We DO NOT pad the research topic bibliography with sources that we did not incorporate. Each source will be fully cited, using APA style.

Do you have a sample proposal I can see?

Effects of E-Learning with Tablets Contingent on Children's Cognitive Development

For my research paper, YOUR PROFESSORS, GRADUATE ADVISORS, AND OTHER TXST OFFICES would like to examine the effects of exclusive e-learning on children ranging from kindergarten to sixth grade. Therefore, YOUR PROFESSORS, GRADUATE ADVISORS, AND OTHER TXST OFFICES would first like to approach my topic by looking at the relationship between e-learning and the stage of cognitive development. In doing so, YOUR PROFESSORS, GRADUATE ADVISORS, AND OTHER TXST OFFICES will show how children perceive using tablets to accomplish this task according to certain aspects of their cognitive development. Next, YOUR PROFESSORS, GRADUATE ADVISORS, AND OTHER TXST OFFICES will illustrate how specific user techniques affect children according to those perceptions. The user techniques YOUR PROFESSORS, GRADUATE ADVISORS, AND OTHER TXST OFFICES will focus on are usability, attention-getting devices and qualifiers, learning outcomes, and government regulations. YOUR PROFESSORS, GRADUATE ADVISORS, AND OTHER TXST OFFICES will then conclude by summarizing the specific effects of e-learning with tablets on children.


Liebert, R. and Sprafkin, J. The early window, 3d ed., Pergammon Press, 1986.

Faber, R., Perloff, R. & Hawkins, R.P. "Antecedents of children's comprehension of television advertising." J. of Broadcasting, 26, 1982, 575-584.

What will be included in my research proposal?

A research proposal is essential for several reasons. Below are the main reasons why an undergraduate research proposal is essential.

1. The supervisor uses an undergraduate research proposal to assess the quality and originality of a scholar's ideas.

2. The research proposal is meant to measure the student’s ability to think critically

3. The proposal is meant to make the relevance of the proposed project clear.

4. The proposal is meant to assess a student’s expertise in the area they want to conduct research.

That being said, you can expect the following when you buy a research proposal from MyPaperHub:

1. It will demonstrate that we have already begun research on a topic and are knowledgeable about it.

2. The research topic will be narrow. We will give an in-depth treatment of the research topic in X number of pages, so the more narrow and specific, the better.

3. As in the example, we give some idea of how we will organize the research proposal. For example, what are the subjects of significant sections of the research proposal?

4. The research proposal will have a free bibliography.

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