PowerPoint Presentation (Slides)

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We understand that slideshows can be disastrous even to the most experienced presenters, and they may create visual distractions rather than visual aids.

Therefore, we use an array of measures to ensure your presentation is a success. For instance, we use simple and consistent design templates for your slides, with consistent backgrounds, colors, and fonts. We avoid the use of text fly-ins and other flashy transitions and use dark backgrounds with light texts because we want your presentation to be readable and enhanced.

We know that empty spaces on slides enhance them, and we also know that limiting punctuations and avoiding putting words in all caps enhance readability. Furthermore, we enhance your credibility by avoiding the overuse of sound, animations, and other special effects in your presentation.

We also understand that the use of good-quality images complements and reinforces your message to the audience. Our advice: do lots of practice before presenting, avoid reading from your slides (slides are meant for your audience), and make sure you face your audience (not the slides!)

We summarize information efficiently, termed as synthesis, and ensure that the “meat” of your presentation is well crafted as an essential section in your presentation.

We are critical when deciding information that should be used and information that ought to be junked. We never style your PowerPoint before analyzing information. What's the point of styling information that doesn’t have any key concept?

Our PowerPoint designers are meticulous when it comes to design work. They have ideas that are not random bursts of creativity.

The colors used to create your PPT are consistent, and the designers will come up with the correct pallet for your assignment, depending on what the presentation is all about.

The fonts used are the traditional fonts which are proven and never disappoint. These include – Font Squirrel – Google Fonts – Dafont – 1001 Fonts.

Sample PPT idea on how we customize your PowerPoint presentation. Illustrations are crafted digitally using Adobe Illustrator CC.

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