Reaction Paper

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Reaction or response papers are a report of your reaction or response to materials, such as articles, books, films, or even TV shows, which you have read or watched.

In writing your reaction paper, not only shall we detail your reaction to the material(s), but we shall also give a summary of the same. Therefore, the paper shall contain two parts: the work’s summary and your reaction to it.

In the first part of your report, we shall summarize the work and ensure that:

• The summary is factual and objective.

• The reader understands all the work’s key aspects.

• Important ideas are well-illustrated through the use of direct quotations from the work.

• The paper is detailed and it contains the material’s informative summary.

• Importantly, we give the date of publication (for magazines) and identify the work’s title and the author. We shall also include the publication date and the publisher’s name in parentheses.

In the second part, we shall discuss:

• Whether we recommend the work to others and why.

• The work’s merit, such as its organization, completeness, and accuracy among others.

• Whether the work changed your perspective and increased your understanding of particular issues.

• The material’s relationship to your ideas, feelings, experiences, and your life in general.

• The work’s impact on today’s world.

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