Business Proposals

Business Writing: need help on writing a business proposal?

The sales process is a complex one and a business proposal is a crucial document because it helps the seller give their offer to prospective sponsors more conveniently. The document helps companies secure business agreements with prospects.

Therefore, we understand that business proposals are important. We can handle both types of business proposals, solicited and unsolicited. All our business proposals contain essential elements like the title page and a table of contents.

We strive to make the document persuasive and we make sure that the executive summary section contains our convincing ‘why.’ Apart from proposing a solution, we also state the need or problem and cleverly share our (your) qualifications. Besides, we include in the document the terms conditions alongside the pricing options for ease of comprehension by prospects.

We ensure the agreement is complete by including a space for signatures (to document it)... & so much more!

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Working on reports or academic writing? Need help? Work with a professional writer, detailed, personal writing support. We strive for high quality research focused on lifelong learning.