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The following grade pattern, established by MyPaperHub will be used by all writers when writing any of your academic papers. This is in line with a survey which was done on 55 campuses in the USA, and therefore we came up with a standard grading rubric which our writers use. This might not apply to students in the U.K and Australia, but we are confident that once we stick to this grading rubric, you will impress your Professors.


NB. We DO NOT guarantee grades since it’s not within our muscle to award grades. Our responsibility is to come up with a quality paper that will impress your instructors by following all the instructions and paying attention to those areas that are vital when awarding grades and above all, avoid any form of plagiarism since we understand that plagiarism can cost you everything you’ve worked hard for. This will be discussed below:









93 – 100


90 – 92


87 – 89


83 – 86


80 – 82


77 – 79


73 – 76


70 – 72


67 – 69


63 – 66


60 – 62


below 60



A 93 – 100; A- 90 – 92; B+ 87 – 89; B 83 – 86; B- 80 – 82; C+ 77 – 79; C 73 – 76; C- 70 – 72;D+ 67 – 69; D 63 – 66 D- 60 – 62; F below 60





No institution tolerates ‘cheating’-well known as academic dishonesty. We strongly encourage you to review your specific university’s plagiarism policies to be sure you’re on the right path. As a company, we define academic dishonesty as an attempt by a student to submit work that wasn't being adequately referenced and therefore not his/her original work, i.e., plagiarism. We counteract this by ensuring that we deliver essays and research papers among other forms of academic papers that are 100% independent work from our writers who have signed confidentiality and non-disclosure agreements ensuring that you enjoy full privacy when ordering. Plagiarism also can be in the form of technology which includes instant messaging, text messaging or the use of a camera and other hidden devices-all this DO NOT limit you to the usage of an essay writing service but strictly know what you are getting into since most companies might get you in trouble. This means that using an essay service is right and not illegal.








A=     A grade A paper is graded on the basis of quality. The article should be written clearly in Standardized English with minor or no errors at all as far as syntax and spelling are concerned. The paper should relate to the specific topic and the course as well. Moreover, the paper should have clear and elaborate explanations and meet the page/length requirement. An A grade paper must be in-line with the instructions provided and pay attention to detail for example: If your pundit requires you to use specific articles which were published between the year 2008 to 2018 then that should be the right thing to do and ensure the paper is appropriately referenced (APA or MLA) at the end of the paper.

B=    A grade B paper must also be written in Standard English, and some allowance is given for spellings and grammar errors. However, the topic must be appropriate to the course and should be tangentially related to the course itself. The journals used shouldn’t strictly be connected to the chosen theme of discussion, but the writer should ensure that the paper is composed of clear and well-illustrated, elaborated explanations. The page length should be as instructed and the writer should ensure that he/she uses articles between the years 2008-2018 or as otherwise specified. Paying attention to the formatting style shouldn’t be ignored, and therefore the writer should adequately reference the paper using MLA, APA or as defined.


C=    A grade C paper usually is not written in Standard English and has errors which include grammar and spelling. The paper is generally vague and doesn’t go in-line with the course though it’s tangentially related to the course. The journals used do not refer to the topic of discussion, and therefore the discussion is unclear with a few elaborations and explanations. The writer might not have met the page requirement through the articles used were published between the stipulated years which might be between 2008 and 2018. The paper is adequately referenced.


D=     A grade D paper is incomprehensible and difficult to read. This major setback is due to the countless errors which relate to grammar and spelling. The topic isn’t related to the course at all and the articles used do not connect to the class as well. Journals used are not associated whatsoever with the topic of discussion or the topic either. There are few vague explanations and illustrations, and the paper doesn’t meet the page requirement. Furthermore, the articles used might not be within the specified time of publication for examples articles published before 2008, having been given a range between 2008 and 2018. The paper is not correctly referenced and therefore doesn’t meet the requirements provided.


    F=       A student fails to hand in the paper within the right time. Even though some Professors accept late submission, this means that you will not be awarded the full mark and 88% of students who prefer the late submission end up failing since marks are deducted unfairly depending on the Professor.

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