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Failing a College Class Is No Big Deal - Relax

It’s been 3 years since I graduated college and I still have dreams (nightmares?) that I’m failing a class and won’t graduate. If you can answer, when was your 1st big fail? Most likely it wasn’t until after college. I don’t mean bombing tests or failing a class. I mean trying to solve a problem or complete a task that wasn’t scripted. Wish I had been taught how to fail smart & spring back hard.


And this is the problem with parents today who do not let their children fail or get hurt. They need the little bumps now to know how to deal with big bumps later.

It’s hard as a parent to watch you, kids fail. Mostly because it will take more time and hold up what parents need to get done. Speaking from experience, a school needs to be that sandbox of discovery.

From a parent’s point of view â€œI let my kids stumble and fail all the time. Life will only get harder! Sometimes I really have to hold myself back from fixing it for them.”


Do you ever feel like


1.         College is weird; I’m failing a class I paid to take

2.        College is a constant battle between my desire to nap and my fear of failing a class. I feel that naps are always the right choice.

3.        I am failing all my high school and colleges class.. I’m having such a bad mental breakdown I could die

4.        Lately, I’ve been feeling insecure about myself, sad, my face is breaking out nonstop, I’m failing my college class, and I’ve been acting like a terrible friend. I just want to move on with my life and be completely happy without any worries, is that too much to ask?

5.         High school: Okay I just need a 70% or higher to keep my B in the class I can do that. College: WELL I can't check if I have a C or if I'm failing so either I ace the final or I lose 10,000 dollars. Is there a tall minority loan

6.        If you can afford it, don’t work through college. If it’s a choice for you I will let you know the secret: there is no college experience. You’re doing nothing but go to class, working shifts, and failing classes because you don't have time to do your homework

7.         To be honest, failing a class isn’t the biggest concern I have because I know I can retake it and get a better grade, but it’s the effect it does on my GPA and how my GPA is having a high impact on my financial aid (I can’t afford college) I’m just broke and stupid

8.        I failed a class last semester for my first time in college and barely passed the other two, and this semester I'm failing my English course, but at this point, I no longer care

9.        I really need a break from academia because my mental and physical health is in shambles

10.    Completely bombed a final exam and ended up failing that class. That's a first for me, and I realized I've been treating college like a game instead of a step forward in life and probably going to pass my next few exams barely. Reality hit hard, and now I know what to do next time. For being someone who usually has the smarts to sit in class and retain information well I am not very good at using the book to look up more in-depth stuff, and that's a significant weakness. Air that with bad study habits and I am essentially setting myself up for failure and not utilizing the fact I can be super smart if I did study. The same shit happened to me this semester. First time I've failed a class. Starting to realize that this is something that needs more attention and it needs to rise up the importance list.


Even with all these in your mind, just know that there's still time and options to help your failing grades before the end of the semester. By strategizing well and making sure everything goes as planned then you will realize that the semester is long enough to save that GPA even if the situation feels hopeless with a deep dark end.

You do not have to wait until the senior year of college where you’ll be failing a class up until the last week, and that final determines your degree or depression. You can start making small changes that will ultimately change the way your grades appear on your transcript.


Also, not everything will be taught in class and some things you will have to research on your own. I can recall sitting in a classroom waiting for lab to start and there were these freshmen talking about how they were failing a class because their professor didn’t teach them how to write a lab report and I was like OHHHH BOOBOO GOOD LUCK WITH THE REST OF YOUR COLLEGE CAREER. One thing you should understand is that America doesn’t have fair & balanced education and this means that you need to do extra work to get that good grade. Whatever is taught in class might be examined but in small proportions, what your professor is aiming is to literally fail you and by testing questions indirectly “not as they were taught” then that means digging dip into research to get the missing 20% that is crucial if at all you need that “A.”

If you're just beginning college or have found yourself struggling, join us as we give you some helpful tips on what bad habits to avoid, where to go, and how to survive college. Read below to find out more information that will be helpful!


How to bounce back from failing or before failing a college class


1.    Avoid being a chronically absent student in the class (attend 80% of lectures).

2.    If you’re already in danger of failing a class, you can opt to withdraw from the class and just get a W on your transcript. I’m pretty sure that’s an option at most (all?) colleges. Because of your unwillingness to go to class, you will have set yourself behind at least a year in school, but you know now what to avoid.


3.    To keep that GPA looking good, be vigilant about group papers. You can really fail a class at the expense of other people. And I keep wondering why they keep assigning group papers. As juniors ... and in COLLEGE


4.    Even though we try to hide it, there is this feeling of internal fulfillment when you see someone fail in something that you tried before and failed. That is why the next thing many University students say after checking and failing a course is "how many students fail?” it is called Justifying once failure with other peoples failure to avoid emotional worry. Do not think of failing when you see or notice your friends failing, just learn from your own experience, and you’ll avoid having negative thoughts that could otherwise lead to failure even after doing almost everything right including attending all classes.


5.    Pick an easy major and avoid failing out quite easily. Not many people care what your GPA is if you graduated from a prestigious university.


6.    Don't go down without a fight. Speak to your teacher about extra credit so that you can avoid confrontation about failing a class.


7.    TURNING “I CAN’T” INTO “I CAN” by making sure you do the following:


a)    Ask your professor for a list of learning objectives for the unit.

b)    Practice using past assessments, quizzes, homework or labs material in a low-risk environment. All these can help you in mastering important objectives that will definitely be tested.

c)    Prepare for summative assessments by practicing questions from past unit tests. You can find the material in the library or online university portals which run on the same curriculum as your own university. For example, if you are in Florida, you can research from portals within the same geographical area. Search on Google for “State University System of Florida Libraries”

d)    After your assessment is marked, go through the questions you failed and get assessments from your friends who managed to get the questions right. This will serve as a test map to master the objectives that you didn’t accomplish to grasp initially.


8.    Power of fear: Does your fear cause you to stay at home instead of getting up and going to a class you’re afraid of failing? Does fear cause you to miss a Childish Gambino concert in fear of failing a class? Don't let the fear of failing classes keep you from going out. Keep up with your grades and avoid what can be avoided! You can always make up for lost time, but you need to actually have the discipline to do that and to always recover time lost studying without having to feel lost in life right now feeling like schools been nothing but a waste of my time.


How to recover from failing a college class


1.    My name is Tyler. I made the mistake of not taking my classes seriously and thinking I could cut corners while waiting to do every assignment at the last minute. This is my second attempt at Comp 1, and I am confident I can help alleviate your problems before they occur.


2.    Hey, everyone, I'm Madison! Last semester, my test scores dropped because when I got home, I jumped on the TV instead of studying. I thought I had plenty of time to study, or I was smart enough to pass. I learned the hard way and forced myself to focus and put my grades first.


3.    Just dropped a class to avoid failing it. I’m really getting the full college experience this year.


4.    So I've had to work my ass off to bring my grade back up. It's stressful as hell because this will be the final report before I graduate in May. If I don't get my grade back to passing, then I will not graduate. All the tests make up a majority of my average grade. Being in honors means I get more work, harder work. And I am expected to keep my average grade high to avoid being removed from the class. Not only will fail a required class impact my college applications, but it'll also be worse since it's an honors class.


Failing a college class isn't the end of the world and it may not be a disaster after all, but there are things you should be doing to avoid it and even if you’ve already failed a class  then just know that you can always bounce back even much stronger; its common sense that Professors are aware that many students will avoid working hard in a class because of the risk involved... and that’s why most professors make failing harder work than passing. It’s a no brainier that nothing bonds people together like the fear of failing a class and nothing brings a class together like the fear of failing the first exam.



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