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The topic in sociology and the Internet appeal to me in a great way. This is attributed to the fact that the Internet has created a lot of possibilities within the contemporary society, which are worth studying in sociology. Amongst the many benefits that the Internet has given birth to is making the world be a global village. This way, people can communicate and socialize with other individuals who are thousands of miles away. The Internet has revolutionized greatly the manner in which people communicate as well as relate with one another. In a world where many individuals often do not have ample time to socialize, as well as find it difficult to meet like-minded people, the internet offers them a link to do so. This explains why issues such as Internet Dating have become so popular. The scope of people that the Internet appeals to is so large with men and women from all backgrounds, ethnicities, and all ages. It is through the Internet communities that one can get first-hand experience regarding how people interact through the numerous social platforms that are on the Internet. Ideas can be shared instantly be shared through the online platform. In general, the Internet has greatly changed the manner in which we communicate. It has compelled human beings to communicate with new confines and societies that have fewer boundaries.


The article “Using Applied Sociology to Navigate Internet Communities” is a very informative piece. This is because of how the Internet has contributed to the field of applied sociology. According to the article, the advancements that have been made in the Internet technology has contributed significantly to mass communication. In this time period, many people around the globe rely on the Internet to get information. This has resulted in a flourishing world of societies within the Internet, an issue that is very imperative in the science of sociology. These online societies are significant in the field of sociologists as they provide a wealth of information that enables sociologists to study how we interact with other people in these societies on a day-to-day basis.


The article asserts that for an individual interested in applied sociology, the most general or effective way of gathering information that relates to the behavior of a particular society is through observation. The interaction that occurs in these communities is significant in helping researchers to comprehend the norms of the societies which are found on the Internet. Web sites on the Internet such as MySpace offer individuals with the opportunity of categorizing themselves into small groups, that is, from the macro level towards meso level. As a result, the social structure of the societies on the Internet changes into more significant ones that that defines a group of people.


Another area that sociology is interested within the Internet relates to online poker, as well as the role of the government in censorship. Therefore, internet communities greatly influence the behavior of the members in it. One of the areas that catch the attention of sociologists is the manner in which communication through the Internet influences the manner in which people communicate is persons. This is an area that has been researched on by many scientists. A growing concern on the interaction that takes place on the Internet platform among many people is anonymity as well as the absence of physical interaction. The articles concludes by asserting no matter the benefits or disadvantages that human beings have derived from the internet communities, one thing that cannot be changed is the manner in which the Internet has greatly altered the manner in which we perceive a society.


The findings from this article can be imperative in terms of its application on the day-to-day life. For instance, these online communities have become an addiction to many young people, since many people are often in social platforms, and it would be significant to know what causes people to become addictive to this form of socialization. It is possible to find someone having 5,000 friends in Facebook, yet in real life, he/she has none. It is evident that, even though, the internet communities have revolutionized the way in which we socialize, there is a need to address some of the disadvantages that come with it.


In addition, the findings illustrate that one can actually build a hobby out of the internet platform. A hobby is something that one does when he or she is relaxing. As a result, moderate socializing with people on the Facebook can be healthy, as one can be able to connect with friends who are far away. This is because human beings are regarded as social beings, and they need to socialize with other people. On the downside, over-socializing on the Internet communities is not good since it eventually turns into an addiction.


In conclusion, the internet has revolutionized the manner in which individuals exchange information and ideas. As a result, this is a subject that has attracted interests from sociologists, as well as other fields. Researchers in this field ought to vary out more research on this subject so as to enlighten others on the effects that these online communities have on human beings.

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