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My philosophy of history will discuss the Gospel. Gospel shapes the historical
development of the human race, and it should be the plumb line against which all thoughts, as
well as occasions, are measured against. When the purity of the Gospel is maintained, blessings
are given, and when it is corrupted, there is suffering in the world. Jesus said that Christians were
the salt (preservers) of the earth (society). We keep the society from getting to be totally
detestable as we submit to and love the Gospel of elegance and truth.
It is in history that this truth is played out. During that period, the early church was
delighted in the teachings of the Gospel that was pure, as the missionaries/apostles told it, there
were blessings in the world (Hill & Randal 12). There was caring of the poor and sick out were
nurtured, redemption of the slaves, there was a challenge against worshipping of the emperor,
blood game was finished, and there was changing of lives as they were placed free from both
religious subjugation and sin.
The historical development of the Gospel has a pattern. There were a lot of struggles by
the early church, and at that time, the church, through the Roman Catholic, ruled the world. But
later, the church went off course and started adding the Greek philosophy to the Gospel, hence
corrupting the truth and the world were plunged into dimness (Haig 11). The philosophies of

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Aristotle, as well as Plato, covered the light of the world, who is Jesus. His light (Jesus) was
crushed by layers of religious corruption and academic gymnastics. The good news regarding the
grace of God was lost, and there was no profound power or genuine scriptural learning to
empower humankind towards becoming good. Science was squelched whereas superstition
My conception regarding the historical development of the Gospel is cyclical. Many
changes have taken place within the Gospel. Out of the darkness came people like Wycliffe,
Huss, Erasmus, as well as particularly Luther. They nobly tested the contorted and degenerate
teachings of the Catholic Church and restored reality of the Gospel of grace. Their rallying cry
was "Sola scriptura!" signifying the "scripture alone" would be able to change the world. There
was blossoming of science as well as expansion of education. Political flexibility, as well as
religious toleration, develop; as a result, and family and work would be regarded as a service
towards God (Hill & Randal 100). The force of the brotherhood would be destroyed alongside
the force of the congregation/state religious structure.
My conception of historical development in the Gospel is deterministic. The scriptures
favored the world, and however then another test introduced itself against scriptural truth. Racial
hypotheses that were contrary to the teachings of the Bible started to ascend, and men started to
accept they could subjugate each other on the grounds that darker cleaned individuals were some
piece of a sub-human race. The Enlightenment offered ascent to "investigative" bigotry. As the
Word of God lost its impact because of its subjection to the new god made by the mix of
Newtonian physical science and Christianity (deism), exploratory "truth" was no more subject to
otherworldly truth. Rather, otherworldly truth was subjected to logical truth. This prompted the
leader of the National Academy of Science going off on ethnological journeys for the ideal skull.

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It additionally prompted the avocation for southern subjection. The southern slave owners kept
their Baptist as well as Methodist confidence, yet they included the most recent science.
Scientific racial hypothesis soon vanished and was supplanted by Social Darwinism,
which would contend that the lighter races were more developed, hence they had the right, and
obligation, to lead over and look after the darker races–thus the expression "white man's trouble"
was authored. This prompted a significant part of the provincial ill-use found in the nineteenth
and twentieth hundreds of years. Cecil Rhodes, Josiah Strong, as well as Frederick Ward
Putnam, are illustrations of the individuals who advanced this perspective. It was this
government that propelled Karl Marx to concoct his perspectives on class and religion. In the
event that the Gospel had been respected and lifted up as reality, racial speculations couldn't
flourish. It took dismissal and defiance to the scriptures for men to hijack, hold hostage and ill-
use other men. The Second Great Awakening would achieve individuals with the Gospel and
urge men to live for "kindheartedness," instructing Christians to effect the world with their
convictions. Slavery resisting exertions, alongside other change developments, developed
accordingly. Indeed the mission’s development of the nineteenth century was an immediate
exertion to counter racial speculations.
In conclusion, my historical development on the Gospel is that it is the thing that can free
an individual from the burdens of the world. Nevertheless, history is not the cognizance of the
advancement of freedom. It is a record of faithfulness or unfaithfulness of the human race
towards the Gospel of both grace and truth.

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