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Block Business Letter

John Cuba,

CEO, Cuba Airline,

Philadelphia, 234756.


April 26, 2020


Ms Asher Ace,

Chairman of the Board,

Philadelphia, 1107.


Dear Ms Asher Ace

RE: Communication Issues

The company has noted a notable decrease in the profit making in the last four months compared to the past years. This has brought it to my attention that there must be issues among the workers and the board of management on the relationship with the customers. I, therefore, sought to write this letter to inform you of my expectations about the running of this company in future and to let you know the changes that have been done. Action need to be taken immediately to take the company back to where it belong and this can’t be done without letting you know the outcomes of a meeting I held with the shareholders. I hope that you will look at this in the same perspective that we did and take it positively into action.

Most of the complaints that have been forwarded through the email and the social media platforms by the customers regard the treatment they get from the workers. You know that social media is very influencing nowadays and once a company gets to be discussed there, all will not be good. The communication language and mood that the hostesses express to the customers determines a lot because different passengers have different perspectives. Employees should not overreact nor should they let their personal matters influence the work they do. Failure to do this, they will compromise the customers, and the customers will lay their blame to the company (Collis 34). Therefore, all the workers should be briefed again on how to relate with customers to restore the greatness of the company.

In a meeting I had with the company sponsors, it was agreed that those who have been pointed out by the customers should be penalised to maintain high-quality work. The sponsors, however, are not as patient with the workers as I am and therefore they acted with anger in the determination of the punishment. Employees, whose names have been forwarded either in the social media, email or even in the complaints box, have lost their jobs as per the discussion held. The customers took a video of one of their colleague being harassed by the plane guard for a careless mistake the staff had made which made the matter worse. I believe you also saw the video and you can imagine the state of the name of this company. There could be no other form of penalty this time as the sponsors were agitated by the low-profit making that has been experienced recently. The affected are expected to clear out of the company before tomorrow.

After a lot of thinking, I think the step taken was not unfair because the company have invested a lot in training of the employees in relation with the customers. Despite investing so much in this, employees have not taken it seriously which is the main cause of the low profits (Weng 19). Customers prefer to be served politely and to be addressed in simple and clear language. Otherwise, there are very many airlines in the state, and therefore they will abandon Cuba. The employees, therefore, have to leave the premises and recruitment of new workers should take place immediately. We all believe, and I also believe you do, by doing this the company will go back to the normal state of high profits. The changes should therefore be implemented as soon as you read this please.









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