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Discuss the factors that led to the adoption of the Constitution. What were the main problems in the Articles of Confederation that led Hamilton to call for its "revision?" What was for most people the most important change in the Constitution?

Adoption of the Constitution

            The adoption of the constitution in United States followed the declaration that the share of power would be equaled among all stated that had been created during the evolutional war. Most states in the United Sates feared that the excessive power given to the central government would exploit the people of the states. The article allowed the States to remain with their sovereignty and freedom even after formation of the central government. The constitution was to allow the States to have much power they had. The states were to be represented in the committee of delegates that was to be formed.

            It was to equalize all the States in that they would be governed in one law. The delegates would work as representatives in the courts. Through the provisions of the article, the delegate was; limited to tax collection, enforcement of law and regulation of the interstate affairs. The main roles that the delegate would perform in accordance with the article included; conducting the foreign affairs, maintaining the navy and the army and enhancement of peace and war declaration. Adoption of the constitution was predominantly rendered by the short-coming s that the article had which mainly denied the central government excessive powers over the states.

            The article of confederation had a number of weaknesses. Firstly, every state had an equal number of votes in the congress regardless of their geographical areas. The congress was limited to the power of taxation and hence could not have sufficient capital to finance its operations. The congress was denied the power to have control over the interstate commerce which was important in their operations and administration over the states. There were no another executive branches that could help in enforcement of the law that the congress made. There was no a national court system that would assist the congress in dealing with any cases of violations against the law that governed the states. Any amendment that would be done on the article required anonymous votes from the congress representatives. The states argued amongst themselves and also refused to support the national government whereby some of the states began to make agreements with the foreign governments.

            To make the article of confederation suitable for the people of all the states, various changes were made. First, it led to the formation of the federal government which had a national government that had more powers. The changes in the article gave the national government the right to tax, regulate commerce between the states and move the troops from one point to the other. There was the creation of court systems that governed the states. These courts lacked in the article of confederation as the delegates were in charge of presenting the people. He courts formed would help in the enforcement of the law in all the states equally.  Creation of the three branches of government through the changes done in the confederation article led to effective division of powers between the federal government and the state governments in the United States. The changes in the article were the basis of formation for the federal governments that were in charge of formulating the laws that would govern all the states. It was referred to as the convention that rendered to formation of the constitution.


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