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There are very few people who have made a great effect on boththe entertainment industry, and the 20th-century popular culture like Walt Elias Disney. Walt Disney had very many innovations such as the foremost cartoons that had synchronized sound, the theme park, as well as the first animated feature film (Dodie 14). Among his famous creations, Mickey Mouse stands out as a cultural icon that is recognized globally. Whereas wholesomeness along with nostalgic sentimentality were the trademarks of Disney, the factors that shaped this eccentric film mogul as well as his empire are still deep and complex. He came out to be a very successful entrepreneur who has always been an inspiration to me.

Young Walt found his entrepreneurial through drawing. With the help of pen and ink, Young Walt formed his little world of fantasy that represented people who were always happy, and the life was beautiful. World War I offered Walt Elias Disney a form of escape. He joined the Red Cross at the age of 16 after which he was sent to France. Following the end of World War I, Disney travelled to Kansas City where he landed a job in a Film Ad Co. According to Disney, “The primary products of the firm were animated advertisements, which were illustrated prior to feature films. Walt Disney had already found his passion”(90). He perfected the art of bringing his drawings into life by means of the magic of animation.

It was not until when Disney moved to Los Angeles and joined forces with his insightful and elder brother Roy that Walt started to modestly proper. Despite that, his initial creation that made a great success commercially, Oswald the Lucky Rabbit, was stolen. He had recklessly permitted copyrights of the character under a name that was not his, but through the name of his distributor. This was a mistake that he would not repeat in future (Dodie 23). During the subsequent years, would gain status for maintaining close tabs regarding his creations as well as insisting on comprehensive control.

Walt Disney, as an entrepreneur never feared to take business risks. Even though the production of animations consumed a lot of time, and was both risky as well as costly, Disney took the opportunity to invest in it. The birth of the character Mickey Mouse had moderate success. Walt Disney employed some artists and animators to roll out the Mickey Mouse films. He continued embracing the newest techniques, implementing the latest medium of Technicolor. The cartoons by Disney provided an escape to the Americans when they needed it most. In the meantime, while his short films raked in cash, Walt was planning for a big project, that is, the movie length animation in full color, as well as incorporating music into it.

Disney had a dream of creating an amusement park on the basis of his characters, but faced financial difficulty while carrying out the project. During the early 1960’s, Disney directed a sprawling entertainment empire. However, he did not see his dream materialize as a result of lung cancer that killed him in 1966 (Dodie 65).

In conclusion, the entrepreneurial spirit that Walt Disney possessed is one to be admired by many generations. Personally, Walt Disney inspires me in a great way. He represents an entrepreneur that was never fearful for taking business risks and experimenting with different ideas. He as well proved that to be a successful entrepreneur, and one has to be innovative, patient and determined. These are the characters responsible for making Disney succeed globally.

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