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Anyone know how to get around Course Hero blurs?

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Course Hero Unblurred Without Having to Buy a Subscription

The first thing that comes to mind when you are handed an assignment is to search for the answers on the internet. Things get even better when your search results to the exact question with solutions. The problem is, only a part of the answer is visible. The better half of the solution is blurred. This is a situation that you mostly get with Course Hero and Chegg websites. So how do you unlock the rest of the solution? Below are a few of the ways on how to unblur Course Hero solution to your question and simplifying the most tedious task in the life of a student. However, before getting into that let's understand what exactly is Course Hero and what it offers.

What is Course Hero

Course Hero is a platform specially made for tutors and students. The website was initially created for students to share their learning materials in the form of flashcards, course materials, and educational videos. With advancement, however, the platform has added features where tutors can sign up for free accounts and help students in the process. In return, the tutors get to earn a few dollars or unlock more resources for personal use. The platform avails two types of membership for students. There is the basic membership and the premier membership. So what is the difference between the two?

Difference between basic and premier memberships

Like almost every other platform, the basic membership is free; all you have to do is sign up for an account. Premier membership, however, requires you to pay a certain amount of money after signing up for the account. Course Hero has availed three payment plans for this membership. The first of these is the annual plan where you pay $9.95 per month. The second plan is called the quarterly plan where you are required to pay $19.95 per month for three months. Lastly, there is a monthly plan where you pay $39.95 every month. These payments can be made using PayPal, debit card, or credit card. The payment on your card or PayPal account is automated; therefore, if you need to cancel a subscription, you need to do so before your current subscription is over.

Apart from the payment option, there is a difference in the features offered by each. For example, with the basic membership, you only get to view or download thirty (30) documents per month. You also have an opportunity to ask questions to tutors at any time of the day, and you will always get your answer. Nevertheless, you will have to pay a fee for each question answered. Besides, some of the resources you get might not be fully accessible. Premier membership, on the other hand, lifts all the restrictions in the basic membership. With this membership, you get thirty unlocks which you get full access to and can be able to download. You also get forty tutor questions. Lastly, the premier membership allows you to get assistance 24/7. However, Course Hero offers a way around this. You do not have to pay for the premier membership but still, get full access to the solution for your questions. So, how do you unblur Course Hero resources without having to pay a dime?

Ways on how to unblur Course Hero solutions without having to pay.

1. Email verification

When you open a Course Hero account, you will need to verify the email for which you have used to sign up for the account. When you verify the account, you get a chance to ask two questions for free.

2. Upload original learning resources

As already mentioned, Course Hero depends on the contribution of everyone using the platform. Therefore, anytime you upload resources that will be useful to other people, you get unlocks for a number of documents. This way you do not spend any money, but you still get what you need for your studies. There exist different plans in sharing your study resources. When you share ten documents, for example, you get 5 unlocks which in other words means you get to open five different documents available on the platform. Alternatively, you can get three (3) tutor questions where you get to ask three questions and get the solutions for free.

3. Review and rate resources

Feedback for any platform is everything. It is the only way for the owners to know if they are making an impact on the platform. Course Hero enables you to review resources provided by other users, and in return, you get rewarded with document unlocks. The same goes for rating. If you rate a certain number of documents, you get a number of document unlocks. The good thing about this program is that it weeds out documents that are not useful leaving the most relevant. In addition, rating and reviewing content enables other learners looking for the same content to get it faster. For every five documents or questions you rate, you get one free document. The same goes for reviewing, if you review five documents, you get one free document. In addition, you become more knowledgeable with every document you read in the process.

4. Create a quiz

There is no better way to understand material than reading and trying to formulate questions that you will come to answer later. This way, you will be able to assess your understanding of the material. What if you could use these quizzes to earn yourself more unlocks? Course Hero gives you the opportunity to do so; all you have to do is use a document you already unlocked to create a quiz then upload it and wait for approval. Once, the Course Hero support team has gone through the quiz and approved it; you get three unlocks available one hour after you upload the quiz. However, this offer is only available for the very first time you upload a quiz; therefore, not a sustainable method.

5. Referrals

If you find the platform useful, you may want to refer it to several of your friends. When you refer friends to the website or the application with the same name, and they end up signing up for it or downloading it, you get eight tutor questions from each of them. In addition, your friends get 20% off if they decide to use the premier membership.

6. Indirect earnings

You can still earn unlocks even without lifting a finger. All you need to do is post high-demand resources. Anytime the resources you have provided gets unlocked, you earn unlocks. This goes hand in hand with the content being reviewed or rated. Anytime five of your resources get unlocked, reviewed, or rated; you earn one unlock. All you have to do is provide solutions to high demand questions. An example of these high demand solutions is case studies. Most case studies are unlike other custom papers; they require specific solutions which are hard to find. Solutions to these questions are always on high demand; therefore, if you have some of the solutions, they would be an excellent opportunity for you to earn unlocks.

7. Third-party loyalty and rewards websites.

Swag bucks is one of the loyalty and rewards websites which you could use to sign up and get a premier Course Hero account for free. Like any other account, you will have to sign up for the Swagbucks account with this link. You will be obligated to provide an email address and a password for the account. A confirmation email will be sent to the address. In order to verify the email address, you will need to click on the link provided in the email sent to you. Once you are done, several tasks will pop up and once you are done, a link to your new Course Hero account will be sent. You will then be able to use the link to login to you free to use premier Course Hero account. You can open as many Course Hero accounts as you wish, as long as you follow these simple steps.

8. Browse incognito

Browsing incognito is also referred to as private browsing. This is the mode that allows you to browse without recording your search history. There are several ways to browse incognito which include:

i. Using google chrome incognito mode.

To use Google chrome incognito, you need to first access Google chrome on your device. On the top right corner of the browser, there are three dots. Click on the three dots and you will see the New Incognito Tab option to open. For a smart phone, this is the second option and the third on PCs and desktops. You can also use the simplified option. While still on your chrome browser, press Ctrl + Shift + N keys on your keyboard at the same time. This will immediately get you to the incognito browsing mode.

ii. Using VPNs to disable cookies.

VPNs mask your cookies, and therefore if you're doing this for privacy reasons then don't do it since it's a huge misconception to think that VPNs serve as security walls when browsing but you can instead disable JavaScript and cookies.

Browsing incognito allows you to access unlimited course hero previews. Although incognito mode may not protect you, it certainly comes in handy when you are crunched for time and in desperate need of course hero solutions.

9. Using plugins and extensions

There are various extensions and plugins available to help you get around the blur blocking the solution available in Course Hero. Among the plugins and extensions include UnblurCH plugin, Scrap blur plugin, and CHDL extension. All you need to do is install one of them, and you are good to go.

10. Clear browsing history

When you begin to wonder when course hero is going to start being an actual hero and let students view more than 3 times a month for free, then this point is targeting you since its actually very easy you just need to clear your search history after viewing 3 times, and it will let you view more solutions.

11. Meet your Support.

Course hero organizes various events advertised on Facebook. These are events that help you interact with course hero representatives and are a good way to get free unlocks on various solutions, practice questions as well as free study notes, flash cards, and tutor help. Do not miss the opportunity to network, all you need is to attend the event and you might just get all the solutions you need for free.

Course Hero is one of the most useful platforms available to learners. Apart from availing over 20 million resources in all fields of study, it enables students to interact with tutor whereby getting assistance in understanding difficult concepts in their research. The platform provides practical ways of studying where you can study using flashcards, videos, and take quizzes available. In addition, the platform avails scholarships in the form of cash which start from $1,000 to as high as $10,000. Now that you know how to unblur Course Hero, there is nothing standing between you and the most incredible resources for academic purpose available on the internet. You do not have to dig deeper holes into your financial pockets, take advantage of any of the methods that suit you and get the best out of the Course Hero platform.

The common questions asked about course hero

Below are some of the frequently asked questions about Course Hero that may also be asking yourself:

1. Can I get solutions to problems that have not been previously solved?

Course Hero is a pool of solutions. However, this doesn't mean that they are solutions to every imaginable question. You might be out looking for a solution that has not yet been provided. When this happens to you, all you need to do is ask the question on the Homework help section. Once you submit the question, wait for a reply with the solution in the next 15 minutes to 2 hours. If you do not have questions on your account, the credit will be charged on your credit card. There may not be solutions for your questions on the platform, but there are tutors always available to provide solutions.

2. How do I avoid plagiarism with solutions provided in Course Hero?

If you have used Course Hero to search for solutions and most especially case study solutions, then you understand that it is easy to find yourself in a plagiarism plunge. It is, however, easy to avoid this through paraphrasing. Whenever you find a solution to a question, read through the solution provided, make sure you understand the concept. From there, compose an answer of your own based on what you understood from reading the solution provided.

3. How do I view a document that I have unlocked in its entirety?

As you already know, there are various ways of unlocking documents on Course Hero. Some of them may not directly lead to your unlocked document, so you have to maneuver around in order to get your document. Once you locate your document under My Library, click on it and it will open up in its entirety. The process of opening the document is not as complicated as unlocking it. However, if you follow the steps explained in here, you will not have much trouble getting around Course Hero.

4. Can I download an unlocked document for future reference?

In most cases, when you unlock a document, you only use it once and forget about it. However, in cases where you want to keep the solution, you can always download it and keep it for future reference. All you've got to do is log-in to your account and go to My Library on the navigation panel on the left. From there, click on My Unlocks to view all the documents you have unlocked previously. When you identify the document, you want to download, click on it, and you will have a full view of the document. On the document, there is a download icon. Click on it to download it, and it will be saved on your personal computer.

5. What do I do when I try to open a document, but it shows an error stating it's damaged?

Whenever you run into trouble when trying to open or download a document, contact the customer support on Contact Us icon and they will be sure to get back to you in the shortest time possible. Make sure to specify the problem you are facing and provide the URL to the document you are trying to open.

Reasons to use course hero

After understanding how to use course hero, you may still not be convinced of why course hero is an essential part of your studies. Below are some of the reasons why course hero is an integral part of your life as a student.

1. You may have missed a class. Circumstances happen, and you end up missing classes. In these situations, you need to catch up with the rest, and this is where course hero comes in. Course hero classifies various documents according to subjects as well as the level of study. You may also find documents by searching under the various schools in the database. You do not have to struggle to get notes on a missed lesson, all you need to do is access a course hero account, and you will have all the time within no time.

2. Looking to study for an exam. Course is a platform for more than just queries. The platform contains practice tests for any subject you can think of. Practice tests are an essential part of the revision process as they allow you to gauge your understanding of the subject. Other than that, they are the fastest way of remembering things as you study for a nearing test.

3. Need help with writing an essay. Writing block is a real thing, and you get stuck for a long time before you can find writing prompts. By visiting course hero, you get an opportunity to browse through all the content available. It is through this that you develop ideas on what to write about. Do not let yourself get stuck while there is inspiration waiting for you on course hero.

4. Need to decide on picking a major. When selecting what subject to major on, there are several factors you need to consider. Some of them include your interest and the complexity of the subject. Choosing these subjects can be quite challenging since you have not been exposed to the subjects in detail. The best way to deal with this is by visiting course hero. You will find all kinds of subjects and what they contain. By exploring the website, you get an insight into the subjects are well us identify where your interest lies.

5. Need writing guidelines. Most of the assignments you handle require following a specific structure. For example, most professors will ask you to format your paper using the APA or MLA citation style. You may not be aware of how to do this; however, with course hero, you can gain access to documents that have been formatted according to the formats you need. There are also specific documents available on course hero that guides you on how to format your work. By accessing these documents on course hero, your writing process is simplified.

6. Need to understand a complex concept. We all know that sometimes, if not all the time, we faze out of class when the professor is explaining concepts. Some concepts may pass you when you are in these moments. What's worse is that to Google these concepts may end up confusing you even more. However, course hero is meant for students and tutors; therefore, concepts tend to be simplified as much as possible. Your understanding of complex concepts is thus made possible.

Course hero scholarships

As the price of accessing coursework and textbooks, more and more people are looking for a way to cater to these expenses without having to dig deep into their pockets. Scholarships are one way of catering for these expenses. Course hero avails scholarships in the form of cash of up to $10,000. However, with offers of receiving that kind of an amount from an online platform comes with the doubt whether the scholarships are legitimate or not. We evaluate the course hero scholarships in detail, their application process, the qualification requirements, as well as whether they are genuine or not.

The only requirement to qualify for the scholarship is to sign up for a course hero account. From there, you need to fill the application form then submit. By doing so, you qualify for a $1,000 cash worth of scholarship. If you want to be eligible for a higher award, you need to upload 10 study resources. This will automatically qualify you for a $3,000 cash worth of scholarship. Apart from these, one needs to be 16 years or older, a permanent legal U.S resident, and must be enrolled in an accredited university or college in the United States.


The $1,000 scholarship requires you to fill an online application form. The form requires you to answer one question then fill in your name and your contact details. After clicking on the submit slot, you are redirected to a page that asks you whether you want to quit or proceed and qualify for the $3,000. If you continue, you will be required to upload ten documents, after which you submit the application.

Is Course hero scholarship legit?

Course hero scholarships are legitimate, as several people have benefited from the program. In addition, the award is usually advertised on legit scholarship websites like Not everyone is lucky to get one, but it does not hurt to try your luck by applying.

Online academic platforms have been a powerful tool in pushing our education system in the right direction, and course hero has played a crucial part in the process. With assistance from all over the country, it is possible to learn even away from class. Course hero has been a vital tool and will continue doing so in the foreseeable future.

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