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Planning My Birthday Party

Parties are one of the things that nearly every person enjoys. Parties ought to make people relax, have fun, and unwind from the daily hassles of life. Whether one is inviting his neighborhood for a cocktail party or it is one’s birthday party, throwing a great party mainly lies on how well it was planned in advance. One should find a reason as to why people should celebrate. As for me, my upcoming birthday will the reason for throwing the party. Luckily, my birthday will coincide with a Saturday, and I know that a lot of people will show up. I am looking forward to be treated like a queen. The party means everything to me. As a host of this party there are several aspects that I will put into consideration in order to make it to be successful.

Firstly, I will figure out the logistics. At this point, the day to throw the party is certain. The guests whom I plan to invite will be notified two weeks into my D-day. My best friend and I will compile a list of the guests who will be invited for the party. The theme of the birthday party will be based on color. After that spread the word concerning the party. This might be attained by sending text messages to people of contacting them via popular social media such as Twitter and Facebook. The first step in throwing a party ought to be concluded by coming up with a budget for the party. Parties can be ridiculously expensive, but planning one’s budget helps in scrapping off unnecessary items hence managing the cost of the party to affordable levels.

Planning about the food as well as entertainment will be given special consideration, the reason being, most of my friends like eating lot, and provision of food in this party will make them stick around for a longer time. The food will include anything that ranges from chips, fruits, or dessert. I hope my guests will overwhelmed by the sweet smell of the cookies, drinks, and cakes when they walked in. The sound of the music will reverberate through the silence of the neighborhood. After I have adequately planned for the food, the next think I will plan about is the drinks that the guests will take. The drinks selected in the party will be those that accommodates all types of guests, and they will be purchased prior to the party’s kick-off. The next step will be coming up with the type of music that will be played during the party. Music is as well as an important aspect in making guests stick around for a while longer. I will hire a professional DJ to do the task of compiling a list of the songs to be played. The venue of the party will be decorated in a manner that will match with the theme of the party.

On the day of the birthday party, I will delegate a number of tasks to my close friends so as to make them feel that they are more involved. Nevertheless, this will not include delegating odd tasks to them such as cleaning toilets, as this may make my friends to feel like I do not treasure them. After that, I will undertake the duty of making sure that the entire place is both tidy as well as functional. The arrangement of place to set up the party will be such that there is ample space where people can move around and socialize. My siblings and cousins will help me decorate the venue for the party so as to make the setting more appealing to the eyes of all the guests. When the guests arrive, I will see to it that they are entertained as they mingle with each other and make merry. This will include making an assessment of whether the music is good for the guests or whether there is a resource such as drinks, which is running low. I know the party may get messy, and a lot of clean-up will be required. To handle this issue, I will ask a few friends to remain behind and help with the clean-up, or outsource some people to do the cleaning at a fee.

In conclusion, throwing this party will be a very tedious exercise that will call for a lot of planning, as well as management. Nevertheless, I am looking forward to entertain my classmates, friends, as well as other guests in a manner that they will live to talk about it. I like it when all the attention is focused on me, and people are pampering me with gifts, and I will utilize that day to enjoy all this. After all, it will be my big day!

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