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Banning of the movie “The Interview”

Seth Rogen as well as Evan Goldberg's Kim comedy "The Interview" on the assassination of Jong-un death has been the subject of contention. This film was initially scheduled to be released in October, although after North Korea pronounced the film as an "act of war" along with threatening to respond mercilessly if the US government neglected to stop the film's release. In the movie, a journalist along with his producer (Franco and Rogen) are able to get a meeting with Kim Jong-un, a dictator in North Korea and are directed by the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) to assassinate him. This essay looks at why the movie was banned in the American theaters.

In late November, an association recognizing themselves as the "Guardians of the Peace" were able to hack into Sony and release a large volume of private information, including secret organization archives, the names, social security numbers as well as the home addresses of staff individuals, various unreleased Sony movies, and the script for the imminent James Bond motion picture, Specter. The programmers later made it apparent that the assault was a reaction to the film The Interview. For some individuals, the most indefensible bits of information were the private messages that were exchanged through email between the staffs at Sony. Hollywood maker Scott Rudin and Sony co-director Amy Pascal were demonstrated to have made supremacist jokes about President Obama, and the whole world had the capacity to read Rudin's portrayal of Angelina Jolie as an "insignificantly gifted spoilt imp". Screenwriter Aaron Sorkin was likewise demonstrated to have rejected female-drove Hollywood roles as being less challenging in comparison to the male equivalents.

North Korea had a strong contempt for the film because it featured the assassination of Kim Jong-un, where he is killed following the crash of a rocket into a helicopter that he was clinging to. According to North Korea, to permit the creation of such a film on the assassination of a sovereign head of state ought to be viewed as the most undisguised support of terrorism and as well a demonstration of war. On December 16, things took another darker turn when the hackers, "Guardians of the Peace," threatened to perpetrate violence against cinemas that would be screening the movie, and called upon the 9/11 terror attacks. The United States intelligence would later confirm that it was North Korea who was behind the attack.

The banning of the film was as a result of the threat by North Korea to perpetrate violence in American cinemas in case they showcased the movie. The threat was perceived as having a great potential following the hacking of Sony’s systems by the “Guardians of Peace” group. Safeguarding the lives of the American people is a priority to other interests of corporations, and that explains why the movie was banned.

In conclusion, it is better for film producing companies such as Sony to be sensitive on the content they produce since it may not be good to every person. It is evident that the purpose of Sony was to produce a political satire in opposition to the totalitarian regime of North Korea as well as make people enjoy this comedy. Sony was not intending to condone terror activities to North Korea but only to produce an entertaining film to their viewers.

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