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Online learning is preferred nowadays by many people due to its flexibility and convenience. It is easy to integrate with the busy lifestyles that people have and still help them achieve their set learning goals. According to Roper, seven factors determine the success of a person in online learning (2007). The first step in ensuring successful online learning is by developing a time-management strategy that will guide the learner throughout the course. Most of the students interviewed said that have a well-established timetable and following it proved a key factor to their success. However, self-discipline and motivation are required so as to follow the schedule strictly. Self-discipline also supported by Waschull (2005) who found out in his research that motivation and self-discipline were the key factors of success in online learning. Having a good time management strategy is essential in ensuring the student have adequate time to participate in the classroom activities. According to the research by Roper, timetables gives students the flexibility they need to manage their learning as well as other responsibilities in their lives. It ensures that one is not overwhelmed by trying to multitask between learning and other personal responsibilities. However, one needs to be highly self-discipline to ensure that they follow their timetable strictly and hence avoid falling behind their schedule.

Online discussions are also another key step in succeeding in online learning. Roper claims that interaction between students that occurred online was beneficial to most of the students he interviewed. The students claimed that the threaded discussions created meaningful online relationships that helped them in their learning. A student can post a question, response or comment to another student in the platform provided. Also, some students found that use of emails outside the provided platform for discussion was useful. These students can use emails to contact each other and discuss the class contents with no restrictions as those placed in the discussion platforms. Instructors also play a crucial role in encouraging the online discussions. They can ask questions that will provide a richer dialogue between students which will have a positive impact on the students’ general performance in the course.

Retention is an important part of learning the process. Online learning students encounter this challenge and can develop various ways to overcome this. One way that students can apply what they have learned online is by practicing in the online threaded discussion. The students discuss in the online forums and can be able to practice with their fellow students and retain the learned concepts. Another way students learning online can do is to apply the new concepts to what they are familiar with. That way, they can retain the new concepts easily through practice.

Students enrolled in online courses should use their instructors maximumly. They should ask their instructors any question they have so as to have a better understanding of the material. However, they should also ask their fellow students through discussions done online, live chats and emails. Asking questions gives a student a better understanding of the material being taught and can help in the course of learning. Successful students spend a lot of time crafting and researching questions, hence making them clear to the instructor or fellow students.

Learning online can result to low motivation for students as there is no direct contact with classmates or instructors. It is hence important for these students to ensure that they stay motivated throughout the course so as to succeed. Every student can use their way to keep themselves motivated, but most students interviewed by Roper said that they kept their eyes on the prize to stay motivated. Other students aimed at getting the highest grades to keep their motivations up while others were driven by their dreams of graduating. However, every student has to come up with specific ways of keeping themselves motivated.

Success in this course will need one to apply the tips given by Roper in his research. In this course, I will come up with a proper time management strategy to follow. A good time table will not only help me set up adequate time for my course and hence not get behind my schedule. Online discussions will also be a key part of my plans when learning online. I will engage myself with my classmates and instructors in the online forums to maximumly understand the concepts being learned. These online discussion forums will also be a place where I can practice on these concepts through questions, responses, and comments on various posts from my fellow course mates or instructor. I can also apply the use of emails or live chats to interact more with my classmates and practice more. I will also keep myself motivated by targeting a grade ‘A’ in my course. 

In my weekly plan, I will spend three hours daily on my studies for six days a week. In every week, I will ensure that course work, exercises, assignments and discussions are all covered in my weekly timetable. Every evening from Monday to Friday will be reserved for online lessons. These lessons will take a period of two hours. Online discussions will be slated every day except Sunday for one hour during weekdays and two hours on Saturday. The discussions will be exactly one hour after the online lessons are through. Exercises and assignments will be done from Monday to Wednesday every week for one hour after the discussions are through. This timetable will ensure that I spend enough time on my studies to understand the concepts being taught.

As I have a full-time job, I will allocate one hour to relaxing after work, and then set on studying for two hours the online lessons from 6:00 pm. After the online lessons are through, one hour will be set aside for supper, and the online discussions will start at 9:00 pm. The assignments and exercises will be done at 10:0 pm after the discussions are over.





2:00 pm – 4:00 pm


Online Discussions

4:00 pm – 6:00 pm



6:00 pm – 8:00 pm

Online lessons


9:00 pm – 10:00 pm

Online discussion


10:00 pm – 11:00 pm

Assignment/ Exercises


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