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Sports medicine is an area that focus on helping the athletes to improve on their performance and recover from the injuries the acquire while in their practice and competition It also helps in prevention of injuries that the athletes get that the athletes are prone to when in their activities. Sports medicine is a fast growing field in the health care as many regular people are helped by specialists in the sports medicine. The purpose of the research is chiefly to uncover more about sports medicine for the purpose of those with interests in careers in the field. It also intends to disclose the requirements into the field and the rewards that people in the field get.

           Doctors that work in games pharmaceutical accentuate improving wellness levels and general wellbeing of the bigger populace through eating methodology and activity. As we know from secondary school English class, aged Greeks commended players. Herodicus is once in a while alluded to the first specialist of sports drug. Other antiquated Greeks in charge of helping competitors were Hippocrates who invested time treating wounds and helping players in rivalry and Claudius Galen, who was an essential doctor for combatants. Throughout the following few hundreds of years, the thought and practice of games pharmaceutical everything except vanished.

          It wasn't until the early twentieth century that games medication began to wind up prominent. One of the first doctors in charge of games solution was A.v. Slope, who won the Nobel Prize of Physiology in 1922. Dr. Slope was honored the prize for the disclosure identifying with the creation of hotness in the muscle. Amid the 1968 Summer Olympics, Dr. J.c. Kennedy sorted out a group of specialists to go with the players to verify they were nurtured. Dr. Kennedy was likewise the originator of the Canadian Academy of Sports Medicine.  What sets games prescription separated from different zones of pharmaceutical is doctors are proactive in the treatment alternatives of players. Games pharmaceutical doctors don't hold-up until a damage happens, however we expect to constantly minimize chance in competitors to accomplish best comes about.

          Sports medicine has been a much important area since 1991 after formation of American Medical Society for Sports Medicine. The American Medical Society for Sports Medicine (AMSSM) was shaped in 1991 to fill a void that has existed in games solution from it’s soonest beginnings (Drez 10). The organizers, who are among the most unmistakable and master suppliers of essential forethought games medication, understood that while there are a few doctor associations which help games prescription, there was not a gathering particular for non-surgical games pharmaceutical doctors - as of recently. The AMSSM was framed to fill that void to offer a discussion for the games pharmaceutical doctor (Minigh 21). Again and again the most convincing purpose behind the development of the AMSSM is to encourage a collegial relationship among committed, equipped games solution doctors with a typical base of ability.  In 1992, the AMSSM opened participation to qualified games prescription doctors from different claims to fame. Partner enrollment is accessible to masters (i.e. orthopedists, radiologists, specialists, and so forth.) who qualify under the same point criteria framework. Associate part conveys all the profits as Active participation except for voting and serving on the Board of Directors.

         The development of sports medicine has been affected by various factors such as inventions, wars and economic crisis in divergent nations across the globe. Inventions have impacted the development of the sports medicine through development of modern facilities that sports medicine specialists use in their careers (Sherry 29). On the other hand, the field has had drawbacks as a result of wars and economic crisis which have affected development of sport medicine facilities and development of sports as a whole. This has reduced the number of individuals required to perform divergent activities in the field.

         Today, sports medicine has employed approximately three million people across the globe.  Damson states that “Due to the current adjustment and development in the sports, the number of people employed in the field has continued to rise by over 5%”. These are especially in the countries that have put huge investments in sporting activities. Sports medicine career have a variety of fields that include; physical therapy, psychologist, surgery, physicist and coaches. These are the most prevalent areas as they are his mot utilized (King 13).

    Entry into these careers mainly requires a degree or diploma in a specific field in these careers. Licensing should also be given by the relevant authorities for one to be allowed to care for the sportsmen and women. There is also a need for adequate training to enable the given person together adequate practical knowledge for caring for the injured person. While studying the sports medicine one should mainly focus on the medical aspect of physicals activities. Most activities in sports medicine deal with care for individuals who have injuries through treatment and diagnosis.

            In United States, there are numerous of colleges and Universities that offer programs in sports medicine. Some of them include; Adams state college, Albion College, Allen community college, Anderson University, Appalachian state University and Andrew College. The chief path of getting into this career is closely associating with the institutions that offer the programs in the job. This may take a minimum of two years for the training, and one can advance to other levels such as degree and masters (Aciero 41). 

            The major skills required for one to achieve success in the field include the ability to socialize with people from diverse cultures and races, being committed and being disciplined. Patrice stated “One is required to use most of his time in a career.” The scholarship, loan and grant programs in sports medicine include; Aventis outstanding Medical student scholarship,   Bill Smith memorial scholarship, Bob stags memorial scholarship and Berma F. and Willie Carter scholarship in training the athletics.  Other qualifications that should be considered include; health and physical well-being and educational qualifications with at least a diploma from a registered institution (Schepsis 69).  The common method of entry into this career is through educational training in colleges and Universities.

             The beginning salary in a career is $ 30,000. The average salary for a career is $39,866 for her less paid physicists while the top paid is $259,815 or more. Exceptional salary in a career is $ 300,000. The expenses I incurred in meeting the career include training expenses, expenses for the equipment required in the training and other personal utilities I required in the training.  He career mainly focuses on care for athletes and other sports people with injuries by offering hem treatment and diagnosis. Other benefits I realize from the career include; experience in health issues and physical fitness of the body (Schepsis 54). However, the job is associated with some shortcomings as one has little time for recreation. Much of the time is spent in the job, and hence one has less time for his recreation.

            The job market in Broward County has been affected by economic downturn by reducing the level of returns. It has hence resulted in a reduction in the number of people required in the job. Companies offering positions in the career include; Asics, Alas Wearable, Arhrex, Athos and Aquatic safe Concepts. He job is of benefit to the whole community as the specialists can offer assistance to any people in the society who suffer from any complications.

            There are great chances for advancement in his career as institutions that offer the programs have advancement programs. According to Evans, “One may require additional training as a job has various capacities that depend on once level of training”. Additional advancement also requires extra duties as one becomes more equipped in divergent areas that relate to the job.

        The interview involved one physical therapist working with Asics Company. The main questions asked in an interview included; what are the main benefits in the career? What are the qualifications? What are the main challenges in the career? And what are the core roles for those in a career? The main lessons learned from the interview were that this career requires people who are dedicated. The career has a wide range of benefits for the people who venture. The main surprises I came across are the wide market for jobs in the field and the wide range of benefits. This led to my interest in venturing into the job to realize my objectives.





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