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WORKING FROM HOME PROGRAMS: HILTON@HOME PROGRAM  Telecommuting is one of the modern-day trends that have been adopted by organizations worldwide. The hotel industry has also embraced this system evident by global hotel chains such as Hilto...Read More

~Posted on Mar 2019




 Telecommuting is one of the modern-day trends that have been adopted by organizations worldwide. The hotel industry has also embraced this system evident by global hotel chains such as Hilton. Hilton@home is a work-at-home program that has been hiring reservation agents among other positions. Hilton flaunts this program in their words as “a work-at-home environment that encompasses principles of flexibility, individuality, and stimulating work”. Some of the work-at-home positions offered by Hilton at home include; call center jobs, customer service, and sales networking.

Hilton@home program aids the company to provide round-the-clock services to its guests and attend to over 34 million calls annually without the need for employees being in an office. Work-at-home employment is mostly part-time hence employees work in the evening and weekends for a minimum of 20 hours and a maximum of 30 hours. Such positions usually require sales experience. Training and meetings are done by the company to propagate productivity (Brunelli & Brunelli, 2016).

          Work-at-home program benefits/motivation to employees

Work-at-home programs can help telecommuter employees in multiple ways. Companies perceive this as a means of mutually saving time and costs. It’s also a method that seeks to encourage employees to work efficiently. Here is a brief look at the merits of these programs to employees;

Less fuel and other car expenses – Telecommuting helps employees curb transportation fees or costs related to cars since they don’t need to drive to work. By doing this, they create a more eco-friendly environment that is safer because there are no gas emissions ("5 Benefits of Telecommuting For Employers and Employees - 1MFWF", 2014).

  More time for oneself and family- Telecommuters can be able to spend more time with their family, and this makes them happier. They also get time for hobbies and sports which make them more productive.

       Telecommuter Employees also enjoy lower child-care expenses since they have more time to take care of their kids

Work at home jobs can come along with several employee benefits alongside a competitive pay and incentives to motivate them. Benefits are crucial in the modern society, particularly when one has a family ("Work at Home Jobs with Employee Benefits", 2016). Here are some of the numerous benefits packages that work-at-home employees can enjoy;

•    Medical, vision and dental plans

•    Emergency assistance

•    401k retirement plans for long-term employees

•    Discounts on products they market

•    Life insurance

•    Computer equipment from employers

•    Tuition reimbursement

•    Disability insurance

•    Travel privileges and paid vacation

Hilton at home provides their employees with global hotel discounts, paid time off and 401k savings plan among other significant benefits. These benefits differ from one organization to another and seek to motivate employees to increase productivity and improve performance of the company hence realization of the business’s overall objectives and goals


Work-at-home benefits to the company

Work-at-home programs are beneficial to the employers in many ways. Here is a glimpse at how these programs can help companies;

      -Telecommuting programs decrease companies’ need for office space. An organization can employ as many workers as possible without worrying about increasing the space in the room.

      -Work-at-home programs enhance employee performance by improving the work-life balance of employees through increasing their scheduling flexibility and eliminating their commute time.

      -Organizations can enjoy lower office costs since there are fewer people in the room. Bills are tremendously cut off.

     - The company can also enjoy reduced health insurance costs. Telecommuter Employees are happier and healthier as they have flexible schedules that allow them to have enough time to exercise, take care of their children, rest and run other errands (Us, 2016).

          Challenges of Telecommuting

Work-at-home programs may sound enticing but if examined critically, the demerits begin to outweigh the benefits. Here is a glimpse at some demerits;

      Lack of career advancement- telecommuter employees might exceed the responsibilities and goals of their position, but this might be useless in cases where the organization’s office culture doesn’t take into consideration such employees for promotions and other forms of relevant career development.

      Loss of company culture- telecommuters may miss out on events that office co-workers bond over. Separation can as well demoralize them as much as the company culture fades.

      Poor communication- face to face communication is the most efficient way to communicate. Telecommuter employees are denied this as well as other important announcements and conversations in the office hence rely on other means for updates

      Overwhelming schedule for employees- telecommuters may get an always-on mentality and less freedom especially if they are in a different time zone from their employers. The never-ending schedule has a negative impact on productivity.

      Poor interpersonal skills- working from home programs can lead to poor relationships as they work remotely at home. Being less interactive or social without building a networking schedule makes employees less productive online.

      Measures should be taken by employers to ensure telecommuter employees are taken seriously career-wise and meet with co-workers from time to time to mingle. Companies should also use efficient means of conveying relevant information to employees and allow them to attend official events.

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