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Marriage equality is an important issue that is affecting real people in society today. There is progress made in the recent past with states and also, federal governments considering striking the balance and bringing the issue of marriage equality for public and civil debate. However, there is still a high level of biases and inequality that has an adverse impact on the quality of life of some citizens (NeJaime). Every American's dream is to have the chance and means to realize their dreams and also live at liberty according to the 6th Amendment that provides for freedoms and rights of the citizens. It is also imperative that all individuals have the chance and the means to enjoy life, celebrate love and get into lasting and binding relationships with all the other members of society. Therefore, there is a need to allow gay, marriages in society because marriage equality matters and is significant in every civilized society.

It is wrong to deny the same-sex couples an opportunity to marry since they have the same reasons for marriage as is the case with the heterosexuals. Homosexual couples want to marry for legal security, provide greater protection for their children, celebrate their commitment in public and for the reason that they are in love. These are the fundamental reasons why the heterosexuals marry as well and therefore, it beats logic to deny the same-sex couples the same opportunity to get into marriage as well;. It is discriminatory to deny such couples the same rights as the others are offered (NeJaime)

It is wrong to deny the same-sex couples the opportunity to marry since it denies them of the privileges that the others that marry enjoy. Such opportunities include the legal benefits that come with marriage (Corvino and Maggie, 94). Married partners access all the union entitlements, responsibilities, and protections that come with marriage. The marriage certificate allows the partners to prove easily their legal rights of challenged. The capacity and ability to quickly and efficiently establish one’s relationship status are particularly more important to same-sex couples because of the existing prejudice against them which translates to the denial of their legal rights (NeJaime). Other benefits accrue to married couples. Allowing the same-sex couples to get married would lead to inclusion to a universal and valued institution of marriage and as a result, provide them and their families the real social and cultural benefits that come with the wedding. It is unlawful to deny any individual of their legal rights and therefore, they need to be at liberty to marry as well.

There is the need to treat all Americans equally and with dignity under the law and also in the social sphere. It is, therefore, imperative that they are allowed to marry since it is their right to be treated just as the heterosexuals are dealt with as well. Denying the same-sex marriage is a form of legal inequality and also denies some people their choices and freedom to choose (Evan, 100). Therefore, denying such individuals their right to marriage is a violation of their fundamental human rights. In fact, the struggle among the same sex couples to access their fundamental freedoms and right to marriage is a form of second class status in society that can only be understood in the context of the civil rights movement of the people of color in the country. It is no different from the other cases of segregation and discrimination against individuals that had been predominant in the history of United States (Evan, 100).

The banning of gay marriages has no constitutional basis. There are rare cases that arguments against gay marriage cite its unconstitutionality, and it's because there is no basis for banning it contained in the laws of the country. Moreover, the constitution explicitly denies any state from depriving any individual from their liberty without the due process of the law being followed. It also cites that no citizen should be denied the opportunity to be protected by the legislation of the country. The homosexuals and otherwise are all citizens, law-abiding and equally, pay taxes, therefore, deserve these rights and legal protection as every other citizen of the country (Evan, 100).

Gay marriages are also not against the law since they do not infringe on the rights, freedoms and liberties of others in society. Unlike denying them the right to marry, the homosexuals do not get in the way of the heterosexuals. Just like the racial integration in the country had no adverse impact on the white majority, allowing the same-sex marriages will not affect the heterosexuals in any way. In fact, gay marriage holds a promise of more advantages than disadvantages (Corvino and Maggie, 93).

One of the major benefits of same-sex marriages is that it will lead to a reduction in divorce rates. Many individuals end up in divorce because they are unhappy in the marriage or that they were forced to seek companionship out of individuals of the opposite sex despite the fact that they are moiré inclined to same-sex individuals. In such cases, the divorces may be painful as the heterosexual person may feel betrayed and lied to by their partner. It is a situation that would have been averted if the homosexual individual was allowed to express their sexual orientation freely without experiencing any form of discrimination or bias. It may reduce suicide cases and also the trauma that is faced by some of the homosexuals. A lot of the American youth are facing discrimination and bias in society and also in institutions of learning due to their sexual orientation (Corvino and Maggie, 88). Due to the perceptions that majority, not the heterosexuals hold against their homosexual counterparts, it makes it difficult for the young gays to assert their sexual orientation. Those that cannot cope with the pressure of the stigma that comes with being a homosexual may at times result to committing suicide. There is, therefore, the need for the legalization of gay marriage and also building of laws and institutions that protect their rights and also protect them from any form of discrimination.

Straight couples have more tights than the gay couples in the United States due to the conformist attitude among individuals and also the predominant marriage inequality experienced in the country. Many people want to stay within the comfort zone of the universal style of doing things without considering the possibility of change and the advantages attached to the modification (Corvino and Maggie, 87). Having the heterosexual marriages being the predominant ones, there is a social, order and social conformity that is attributed to marriage and it is this that affects their decision-making processes. The social conformity is what results in the resistance to change. As a result of social conformity, there is the majority of the people that oppose same sex marriage leading to the opposition of laws allowing for its legalization. America being a democracy, the majority rule is usually the rule of the day and therefore, they have concentrated on focusing on allowing the rights and freedoms of the traditional forms of marriages which were heterosexual. Moreover, gay marriages have been an issue kept in the dark without much debate on it being in the public sphere. In fact, the majority of gay individuals even to date remain silent about it and do not want to let others know since they are afraid of going against the social order (Corvino and Maggie, 90). There is also a significant stigma attached to homosexuality, and therefore, it is not debated among individuals which lead to allocation of marriage benefits to the heterosexual marriages.

The banning of gay marriage is predominantly based on religious beliefs in the United States. There is, therefore, the need to separate the religions from the legal processes and laws of the country (Gordon, Emily, and Jason Pierceson, 105). Religious perspective primarily held by the majority who are Christians that homosexuals are sinners should not have a place in the federal legislation of a country. Legalizing of gay marriages will also not have any adverse effect on religion and therefore it is not ideal that the religion tampers with such a fundamental right of an individual. Furthermore, there is religious freedom as is allowed by the Constitution of the United States and therefore, it is wrong to have some religions impose a law on then rest. It is because some religious organizations and individuals want to allow the gay marriage. There are denominations such as Unitarians and the Progressive Synagogues that support same-sex marriages, and therefore, it is an infringement of their freedom of worship by opposing gay marriage based on the views of another religious community. Laws prohibiting same-sex marriage deny such denominations and religious groups supporting it from accessing their equal legal recognition of their religious practices. It is, therefore, unfair to impose some religious doctrines on individuals that do not believe or ascribe to them allowing the same-sex marriage will be a step in the right direction at restoring and enhancing the religious freedom in the United States. 

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